June has seen some great finds of older and hard to source vintage quilt kits, both applique and cross stitch. There are still not many wholecloth quilt kits out there, but I’m hopeful I can source a few as stocks are low here at my quilt studio.

Some of these great buys are already here, while some ae still in transit. As alawys, people who subscribe to the monthly newsletter get first shot at purchasing these new arrivals – any trmaining will be p[osted on the website around the middle of next week.

As always, unless you are a resident of Canada, you will pay in USD. You can pay online using Paypal, or you can send me your personal cheque or a USPS International Postal Money Order in the mail. Items will be shipped out without waiting for payment to clear once it is received.

Email me: with your requests


After a long long wait, I again have this beautiful vintage dogwood applique quilt kit by Bucilla in stock again – all is present and in immaculate condition – the pieces have been cut out, but the kit is not started.

PRICE: BUCILLA #3128 Dogwood – a very desirable and pretty trellis pattern 79×97 $395USD + $30USD shipping, tracking and insurance

In addition to this unstarted vintage quilt kit, I also have in my inventory one that has been started – not all of the pieces are there, but I can supply some snips for you to use to hunt up good matches – with all the lovely solids out there put out by Kona and by Moda I know you will find good matches.

PRICE: for this little challenge you will save big – the started kit is yours for $200USD and $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking – I dare you!!! (smile!)


Above is a treasure from Bucilla – this is one of their early ones. The picture is of the front of the package – black and white indicates, along with the type of paper and print on the instructions that this dates back to late 40’s early 50’s. This is a double bed size  and is to be cross stitched – the background fabric for the central portion is a lovely shade of mid-blue and the overhang is white. floss is note provided but skein numbers are in the instructions; the binding in the lovely blue is there.

PRICE: BUCILLA’S AMERICAN PROVINCIAL #2868 90×103, complete with binding  $225USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking


Above is Bucilla”s Springtime to be cross stitched – this is a double bed size and comes with the floss kit factory sealed – it is a lovely, very feminine vintage quilt kit, but not over the top in girliness! What a lovely gift for a treasured daughter or granddaughter this would make.



Above is another winner from Paragon – a king sized quilt kit to be completed in your choice of colours since floss doesn’t come with it – I do however have loads  of floss in my stash, and might be able to come up with a suitable supply – just ask – this is a lovely retro 60’s look and would be a classic in your master bedroom.

PRICE: PARAGON TULIP TIME KING SIZED - 108×103  $250USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking


 Back in stock now – Regency by Bucilla in double bed size and complete with the lovely floss kit – this kit sometimes included gold metallic blending thread and this floss kit has it!  This vintage quilt kit echoes the serenity of federal decor beautifully and would enhance your lovely bedroom furniture.

                     $290USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and track



A vintage 1944 Paragon cross stitch Gingham Rose in double bed size of 80×100 – this design was later modified to accomodate the king sized beds introduced in the late 1950’s and was then sold through Herrschner’s catalogue. This one though is the classic one – now almost 70 years old. This one has no floss with it, although apparently the floss kit was available at the time – it shouldn’t be hard to source  new floss for it however.
PRICE: PARAGON’S GINGHAM ROSE 80×100  $250USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking= $275USD


Above is another very early and very hard to find quilt kit – also for cross stitch – this is Paragon’s American Calico and I suspect I also have the floss kit for it in my stored inventory….. I’ll take a look for it  if you ask for it! Right now my storage area is jam packed as I’m doing home repair and reno and it’s hard to find a spot to spread it all out!! This kit also likely dates to the mid to late 40’s and seldom appears in the secondary markt.

PRICE: Paragon’s American Calico double bed size $250USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking. Floss kit, if available an additional $65USD shipped free with quilt kit


Another lovely vintage cross stitch quilt kit by Paragon – this is “American Heritage” – this quilt top is to be worked in  rich and subtle colours that make a strong statement. The design is a classical ‘tree of life’ pattern drawn from the palampores imported from 1600 on into Europe and then also into the new world. This quilt will make a beautiful statement in any bedroom without being overly feminine. In addition to this factory sealed kit I can also provide one that has been started and comes with all the floss to complete this project!

PRICE: Paragon’s American Heritage, sealed kit double size, with sealed floss kit too $290USD + $30 postage, insurance and tracking=$250USD

                             OR choose the started kit plus floss  for $290USD + $30USD shipping  



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