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We’re weloming Spring this month, and also St.Patrick’s Day, and after that Easter and Pesach. A lot is going on, not the least is saying goodbye to a very rough winter here in the northeastern part of North America.    


I’m trying something different this month as I work around the fact that I still have no access to rural broadband – my pictures will all be located on a page on my website, so open that page to view them, and also the text of the newsletter: 


I’ve been slowly sifting through my inventory, and getting it organized nd updated. The other day I opened a small tote box , thinking it contained kits and only kits – I was looking for some very old kits for crib sized quilts and there were indeed some inside and I’ll show you them later , but there was much much more!!       


                                              WHAT JANET FOUND IN HER TICKLE TRUNK!!!       



Just look at this beauty!!! a classic and very hard to find design, Progress #1294 Poppies; ready to quilt, this colourful classic will finish at 79×97. It dates to the early to mid forties I would guess from the low identification number.       

It is skillfully worked, clean and strong, and spot free  with the exception of a silver dollar sized water stain, which should come out, or at least be minimized by washing after the quilting is completed. This is too good an opportunity to miss – I have never seen this kit on the secondary market, let alone been able to acquire one in kit form. It’s ready to quilt!!       


PRICE: $350USD     contact   


The next item to come out was this brillianty coloured and artistically executed  “Improved Nine Patch” quilt top. I haven’t spread it out to measure it but I suspect it is around 74 inches wide and perhaps 90 long. Cotact me if you need exact measurement  –  This was standard double bed size  at the time the quilt top was made, likely in the 1930’s – it has been stored well, is strongly constructed and ready to quilt and make a striking statement in your home.       


A gorgeous bright grass green stylized floral print is the unifying fabric in the top and the pieced 9 patches are made of a stunning selection of florals, and novelties in an array of brilliant colours.       


Don’t quote me on it, but it appears that each block is unique! 




And below – is this a “God’s block” ? – the mistake that many women deliberately inserted into their quilts to show that only God was perfect.     



Below, an overall view, but doesn’t quite show the whole top – when bound the quilt will have a lovely scalloped edge.       


It’s very hard to join this particular type of block as it tapers to a point and those tapering points can develop a life of their own – this is a pretty good meeting. I wouldn’t want to have to do too many of these – lol!       





 Next I pulled out this popular quilt top – Paragon’s 01171 American Sampler - it’s partially finished and comes complete with coloured illustration and stitch chart. No floss was with this kit, but I can supply more than enough Peri Lusta floss – an exact match using vintage floss – to complete the kit. Colours as shown below- this is a double/queen – and is in excellent condition, nicely worked.       

 PRICE: $165USD  contact me:   


  Next out of the box was the lovely Bucilla 2299 “Songbirds” – this was in a tyvek bag – no picture or instructions, but had the unopened originsl floss kit with it. I am able to supply a picture, instructions and stitch charts from my files and so can offer this complete kit in double/queen size.     

   My price reflects a considerable saving over my usual price for a full size cross stitch quilt kit that comes with floss kit as well.     

PRICE: $225USD   



 Next out was a rarely seen treasure: a completed Whig Rose by Paragon 01153 in a twin bed size – this beautifully worked classic design is hard to find snd is modelled on the traditional “Whig Rose”  applique quilts so popular in the last half of  the nineteenth century.       

PRICE: $125USD   



 Next, I pulled out a small box, clearly old – looks to have been  printed in the 1930’s or even earlier. The ABC company was one of the very early needlework mail order kit companies. This little treasure contains everything you will need to make a charming yoyo  “boudoir pillow” in lovely thirties prints and the classic nile green from that period. Instructions included.   

    PRICE: $45USD   


Below is an overview of the group of children’s quilt kits that I was looking for – they are sitting on a lovely hand embroidered crib spread in heavy cotton.   


There were two of these packages – each package containes 12 blocks. Vogart put these blocks out from the 1940’s through the 60’s – so it’s hard to accurately date these.   


The completed blocks are done in colours that make the houses very reminiscent of the Christmas cottages of papier mache made in Japan between the two world wars – lovely, naive and colourful, with a slightly art deco air!   


As I mentioned,the kits are identical, some blocks are finished and some are not, but there is a supply of floss sufficient to complete them. Instructions and stitch chart included too.   

You can choose to purchase one and specify whether you want the one that is finished and awaiting sewing together and quilting, or the one with the blocks started and floss acompanying.     

    Or, you can choose to buy both sets at a discount and either make up for twin babies with sashes, or make up as one  crib quilt using no sashes – your choice!   


PRICE: $65USD for one set of blocks  or  $125 USD for the two sets   



This next one is a very early Bucilla kit called Sleepy Time Pals – this comes with a pre-pieced background top of  narrow stripe ticking similar to vintage coveralls – the top is stamped for applique and embroidery – two little toy animals in nightclothes headed off to bed – colours are red and yellow and the stamped applique pieces are provided – you find your own floss. The kit (early  1940’s I think) is an ample crib size or could be used as a wallhanging or as a play mat.   



My final offering today is shown below.   


 This  beautifully finished hand embroidered crib spread is from a kit : Paragon 0177 came with Peri Lusta floss for the embroidery and is ready to use just as soon as you hand hem it. It dates from the late 40’s or early 50’s and has been carefully stored for over 60 years. No foxing or stains of any sort, no fading and no funny odors. Fabric is strong and embroidery is not fraying or faded either. This would also make a lovely wallhanging .   

PRICE: $125USD   



1) You will pay no shipping on this months featured items, and no shipping will apply to additional items you order from my regular inventory as well.   

2) If you buy more than one item including items from my regular inventory, you will receive a 10% discount on all your purchases, and of course no shipping – you can save big with this option!   

3) Contact me: to complete your purchase by personal cheque, international money order or Paypal.   

4) Shipping promptly after payment is received – no waiting for your cheque to clear.   


               SEE YOU NEXT MONTH.                                                    JANET   

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