Lovely Country French Accents – Pierre Deux, les Olivades etc

Ordiarily I don’t feature anything except vintage quilts and quilt kits on this site, but in my studio, for many years I have sold Folk Art, other textiles, antiques and vintage items of a wide varity – last night a lady emailed me asking about Pierre Deux/country french fabric handbags and I promosed to send her some pictures. After having internet connection issues all day due to driving rain, I’m finally keeping that promise!.


First there are three purses of french country design. The first is a large nd very simple flat tote in a lovely sunny yellow with a navy, hite and green foulard print. 


This bag is laege wnouh to carry a writing portfolio and file folders and accessories, and would be ideal for a working woman who wants a slightly softer but still simple look in a small briefcase. Plenty of room for an iPad too.

The bag is zippered secureky and has a flat pocket on the outside too. In excellent used condition, this bag was last used by me to carry files, lists, tin box with cash float etc for the annual two day quilt show I convene at the small local church. I got many compliments on this lovely bag.

This well made classic tote is a product from the Indian textile industry – they invented the block printing on fine cotton in the 15th century using vibrant dyes. These ‘indiennes’ took Europe by storm when trade opened up to the east in the late 1500’s and the rest is history! Fine cotton woodblock prints  formed the backbone of the textile revolution in southern France and in the Netherlands, and from those two countries spread across the globe.

PRICE: Classic Tote $35USD plus shipping $10USD which includes tracking and insurance


The next bag is a nicely sized barrel shaped purse in a deep blue background with small foulard style print flowers in green with yellow centres on white. Zip top and a compartmented side pocket for smaller items – this bag is lightweight but roomy enough to carry a day’s worth of necessary items with you on your travels. Made in the USA for Les Olivades which is olng out of business and was an up market shop in France that featured textiles and clothing. Tp of the line nd in very good used condition – no dirt, no wear and npo staining on the interior of the purse.

PR(ICE: barrel shaped mid sized bag: $45 USD + shipping of $10USD includes tracking and insurance


This last bag is my favourite I think – it’s small, but can carry in it’s messenger style over the body strapped pouch a small notebook, billfold, coin purse, pen, chequebook and your keys in addition to a small cell phone. Great for giving yourself a pulled togther look with just shorts and a tee shirt for those quick runs to the store and post office.

This bag is the real thing – Pierre Deux – and that firm is sadly now out of business – the two Pierres retired long ago and their successors have given up the trade, as times change and finances get tighter. Too bad.


And for any of my friends who’ve been asking about other french country goodies I have two more items – a set of four beautiful reversible placemats – from France of course, and because I used a flash the colour in my pictures is not true – they are a lovely brilliant claret with creamy white floral print, and again in an ‘indiennes’ pattern – timeless!


PRICE: never used, placemats – set of four in claret print and a stripe on the other side.$50USD plus shipping of $12USD insurance and tracking included


Last, here is an amplw toddlers size 3 to 4 shirt for your favourite little girl, Again, this sweet vintage shirt was never used and is fully washable – a classic and quite a departure in taste from the pink and purple ‘princess’ outfits to be found in all the malls – a classic look for a classic little girl!

PRICE: little girl’s foulard print navy shirt size 3/4 by Les Olivades  $25USD plus shipping of $5USD with tracking and insurance.


If you wish to reserve any of the above items, contact me  I am happy to accept personal cheques, USPS international postal money orders or can send you an imvoice from Paypal – all paymnts in USD please.


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