Hide and go seek


The thrill of the chase still moves me to poke around in corners to find vintage quilt kits that have eluded me; this week has been particularly successful, as i managed to get two kits that have been on my wish list for a very long time….

Above is the catalogue illustration for Bucilla’s Miss Wild Flower #3375 applique - this kit was available starting fall/winter of 1958-1959 and is sized at 84×100. All the quilt pieces and the binding are present and in good shape – the kit was started. but much remains to be done. Various flowers enjoyed their paarticular popularity and for about ten years up to this time, the combination of poppies, and small blue and yellow flowers was popular – I remember doing a crewel picture of a wheatfield with these flowers and at the same time my mother purchased heavy ecru linen and embroidered garlands of the same flowers with the addition of ears of wheat and when finished she embellished the hem with hand crocheted lace, crocheted directly on  the body of the table cloth. remarkable.

At any rate, i have this treasure on its way to me and pending its receipt and that it is in good condition, I will be happy to reserve it for you to purchase  – contact me – janet@novascotiaquilts.com to secure purchase

PRICE: BUCILLA #3376 Miss Wild Flower appl quilt kit 84×100, started and complete  $425USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking


This beauty has been on my wishlist for a long long time. This is Perky Pansies, put out by Progress but marketed by Lee Wards mail order house – this is a rare one! It would appear to have been started but has all pieces and instructions intact – same procedure – I will hold it for your purchase pending receipt and the opportunity to examine it closely to ensure it’s up to my standards.

PRICE: LEE WARDS/PROGRESS PERKY PANSIES 79×97 , started all pieces present. $450USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking

Contact me: janet@novascotiaquilts.com to arrange a hold pending delivery to me


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