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Back in Stock! Progress 1492 Tree of Life and Progress 1403 The Iris – Vintage Applique Quilt Kits

Progress 1492 Tree of Life - fabrics for applique


GREAT NEWS!!! Announcing that two classic 100% cotton, Progress vintage applique quilt kits are back in stock!!!

Progress 1492 Tree of Life 100% cotton vintage quilt kit finished size 79x97


Above is the classic Progress Tree of Life pattern, and a photo of the lovely vintage fabrics to be used in completinmg it  - I have people asking for this so often! Now’s your chance, as  once I list the Tree of Life  it is quickly snapped up. The kit is in fresh, unopened condition and ready to go out to you as soon as I receive your personal cheque. 


Contact me: to ensure that I put a hold on this treasure! 


Below is the other quilt kit I’m posting about today: Progress The Iris 100% cotton vintage applique kit, in pristine unopened condition. 

Progress 1403 The Iris applique quilt kit 100% cotton 79×97, finished size

The kit is indeed unopened, but I am using one of my stock file photos so you can see the lovely range of 100% cotton fabrics used for the applique: in all, there are 11 shades for the flowers and two shades of green for foliage. 

Progress 1403 The Iris applique quilt kit - fabrics for applique


The last time I had this kit in stock, it sold within days, so contact me soon to put a hold on it so you can add it to your collection. 


CONTACT ME: to reserve this lovely kit 


News For Lovers of Vintage Quilt Kits!

First I’d like to wish everyone a happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

A Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you!!

 And next my latest news. Over the last week, I’ve shipped a dozen lovely vintage quilt kits off to their new owners. Since the New Year, the number of kits shipped has reached 35. I want to thank all my customers, new and old for their confidence in me.
Needless to say I’ve been scrambling to acquire more treasures and have also done a careful inventory, pulling together my collection from various totes and trunks and am just about ready to show you my fresh offerings.

Bucilla Dogwood 3128 applique kit


 So today I am giving you a little preview of the listings I’ll be posting here over the next week or two. 

I want to remind you that my kits are stored in a clean dustfree and pet free environment in plastic totes. Although I cannot guarantee that the sources I acquired these kits from were tobacco smoke free, I have an extremely sensitive sniffer and there’s no trace of smoke on any of them. I am a non-smoker, my house is a smoke free zone, and I no longer share my home with any pets. So that’s about as good as it can get! 

quilt made from Living Rose bucilla 3285

 As unstarted quilt kits get harder to find, I have been considering acquiring some finished quilts that have been made from kits – above is a treasure that was made from Bucilla’s Living Rose 3285 Applique kit. It is 74×88 and I also have the kit itself – unstarted and measuring 84x 100. Pricing to come when the finished quilt and the kit are listed. If you want to discuss price or put a HOLD on any of these items shown today get in touch: 

bucilla pansy garden 8814 rose colourway

 The kit shown above – bucilla 8814 “Pansy Garden”  is a double size and I had given up the idea of ever having it in stock again. The kit came in two colour choices and this one is the rose coloured choice – striking!!! 

Watch this spot as I begin to list my treasures and be sure to contact me to put a hold on anything you are interested in purchasing – these kits don’t last long! 

Enjoy your day – and may the luck of the Irish be with you!!! 

Hugs – Janet 


Recently I have been checking through my inventory and also reorganizing leaflets, patterns and books. I have located several items I knew I had, but could not remember where they were stashed. One of these items is this sweet little kit that proves to me that the nicest things come in small packages. The box containing this kit is about 4 by 4 inches and no more than an inch high. Dating to the 30’s and containing a lovely nile green backing and enough precut yoyo’s in prints and solids to complete the project, the colours are nile green, warm white, lavender and some green, yellow, coral and lilac prints. The kit was marketed by ABC Chicago (Ideal) and is the only one of its kind I have seen. It is in clean mint condition, along with quaint Art Deco instruction sheet, the only flaw being that two sides of the little box have broken down – I have not repaired this, leaving that as your choice. How darling this kit will look as part of a vignette of vintage sewing items beside your old Singer machine!

Price $89.95, airmail postage included.


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