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I finally finished appliquing the top of this original quilt I am working on. Ahead of me is a lot of hand embroidery to detail the flowers and leaves and then I will be ready to sandwich it with batting and backing, and proceed to hand quilt it.
This quilt will definitely be a one of a kind piece of folk art reflecting my coastal heritage in this corner of Atlantic Canada where the schooner Bluenose and msny others like her made a name for themselves and a living for those who sailed in them.
Although I will, I hope, make many more quilts, this one will be my best – without question, my best! I am considering various options for displaying, publicising and exposing this quilt so that many people can see it – thee are several options, including Province of Nova Scotia Art Purchase programme, purchase by a private collector, purchase for raffle, or as part of an entry to Early American Life’s programme that publicises craftspeople and artisans who work in traditional methods. Perhaps first of all I need to finish it and go from there!!
In the New Year I am planning to limit my commissioned work to weekdays, leaving weekends and holidays to my own projects – so perhaps I will get it finished.
Meanwhile, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and productive New Year! Best to everyone!


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