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RARE, HARD-TO-SOURCE VINTAGE APPLIQUE QUILT KITS (and an unusual Shaker Tree of Life Kit from 1990)

I was hoping to do a rather long and picture heavy post, but it’s either me, wordpress or a reluctant computer which is preventing me posting the number of pictures I have loaded in my gallery for you. So, I’ve decided to do this post –  only one lovely early Paragon kit I’ve been holding on to hoping to finish it myself.   If I can I will make several more posts to accomplish what I had originally planned.

Here is the package picture for Rose of Sharon (Paragon 01130). This was, I suspect, manufactured in the mid to late 50’s because at that time, most of the cover pictures were shown in black and white.

The kit has ben started and then carefully stored and as far as I can see all pieces are intact and the fabric is claen and strong. The handwork has been done by an experienced needlewoman.

The prints are a very nice reproduction of prints seen in applique quilts of the nineteenth century – Paragon used this same pattern in several other kits of that period – namely the American Glory kit, which I also have in stock.

The colours are indeed olvely, aren’t they? Looking at this, I am wanting still to finish it for myself, but I can’t do every quilt I want to do! The quilt is based on historic precedence – many of this type are seen in museum collections.

I have decided to put a very attractive price on this beauty – I’m trying to reduce my inventory of what I call orphans and waifs – started quilt tops that need someone to take them in and love them and finish them as a future heirloom. And so, I am ready to send this beauty out to you carefully packed, mailed with a tracking number and suitable insurance:

PRICE: PARAGON ROSE OF SHARON #01130, size 80×100 100% cotton circa 1955, already started

$275USD + shipping $30USD = $305USD in total


Contact: to secure this beauty – payment is easily accomplished and the kit ships on receipt of payment – no waiting for your cheque to clear!


One-of-a-Kind Handstitched Quilt

Presenting Janet’s Indigo Baskets! This is a small quilt that would look great as a wallhanging, a baby’s crib quilt, a tabletopper or just thrown over a chair. It is 40 inches square.
Celebrating summer fun days with patriotic colours suitable for 4th of July or anytime you want a festive touch, it is made of fine 19th century reproduction fabrics, carefully pieced and appliqued by hand and covered in tiny precise handquilting stitches.
You will not see this design and particular choice of colours everywhere you turn since the choices are entirely my own, and my designs are not mass marketed. The back is of unbleached muslin with a 4 inch regulation hanging sleeve and personalised label. Giving the quilt’s provenance, the label will bear your name as the commissioning client. The only place where machine stitching has been used is on the binding, which is machine sewn for strength and then turned over to the back and hemmed by hand. The machine stitching is invisible.
To see more detail click any of the above pictures for an enlargement.
My price, which includes shipping to your door, is $525 USD payable by cheque or Paypal. Contact me for further details or with any questions you might have.


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