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Progress #1492 Tree of Life applique quilt kit back in stock!


It’s back in stock!!!! This is one of America’s favourite vintage kits and I have found another so I can tell you I have it in stock and ready to ship!!

This lovely kit, dating from the 1950’s is of 100% cotton, and the colours are as fresh and bright as they were some 60 years ago. Ready for you to applique and fnish, and then to proudly display in your home, the quilt kit finishes to 79×97 – a double/queen size.

The above shot shows you the lovely range of solid colours and vintage prints ready for you to cut and applique – comes complete with stitch charts and directions to complete.

PRICE: #1492 Progress Tree of Life, 79×97:  $395USD + $25 shipping with insurance and tracking= $420USD

Contact me: to arrange purchase, using personal cheque, International Postal Money Order or instantly pay with Paypal for rapid shipping

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Progress #53 Majestic applique quilt kit 79x97


Majestic is the rare and hard to find 20th century version of the lovely palampores sent to Europe out of the Dutch East India Company base in India during the late 1600’s. Later in the 1700’s both European and North American fabric houses were printing their versions of the indiennes and those very same versions are being reprinted this summer and offered for sale – exciting news – I’m considering getting one for myself from den Haan and Waagenmaker in Holland – they are neautiful!
PRICE: Progress #1553 Majestic applique quilt kit  $395USD + $20USD shipping – SOLD

Bucilla #8791 Garden Poppies - applique quilt kit 84x100


It has taken over a year to get this sought after kit back in stock, but amazingly I found two at the one spot and so can offer both the red poppy colourway and also the yellow version shown in the small picture in the bottom right hand of the package.
PRICE: Bucilla #8971 Garden Poppies  $395USD + $20USD shipping



THE YELLOW VERSION IS STILL AVAILABLE – and I am hoping I may get a lead on another red one soon. The postal disruption makes supply somewhat uncertain, so check back often.  

Progress #1492 Tree of Life applique quilt kit 79x97


Above is the very lovely vintage Progress #1492 Tree of Life applique quilt kit ,which I recently got back in stock. This kit harder and harder to find, is in 100% cotton fabrics – lovely!
PRICE: $395USD + $30USD shipping



NOTE:  In Canada, there is an ongoing interruption of Post Office services – no mail is being accepted  at the Post Offices and no mail is being delivered either. This frustating turn of events is expected to work itself out by the middle of next week.    

As my readers know, I had offered free shipping in North America and 50% off shipping to other countries. Therefore I have decided to extend this shipping offer until July 31st to enable my customers to take advantage of it.
If you wish to purchase an item, let me know right away so I can mark it as sold, and we will work out the logistics of receiving payment and getting your items shipped.



Back in Stock! Progress 1492 Tree of Life and Progress 1403 The Iris – Vintage Applique Quilt Kits

Progress 1492 Tree of Life - fabrics for applique


GREAT NEWS!!! Announcing that two classic 100% cotton, Progress vintage applique quilt kits are back in stock!!!

Progress 1492 Tree of Life 100% cotton vintage quilt kit finished size 79x97


Above is the classic Progress Tree of Life pattern, and a photo of the lovely vintage fabrics to be used in completinmg it  - I have people asking for this so often! Now’s your chance, as  once I list the Tree of Life  it is quickly snapped up. The kit is in fresh, unopened condition and ready to go out to you as soon as I receive your personal cheque. 


Contact me: to ensure that I put a hold on this treasure! 


Below is the other quilt kit I’m posting about today: Progress The Iris 100% cotton vintage applique kit, in pristine unopened condition. 

Progress 1403 The Iris applique quilt kit 100% cotton 79×97, finished size

The kit is indeed unopened, but I am using one of my stock file photos so you can see the lovely range of 100% cotton fabrics used for the applique: in all, there are 11 shades for the flowers and two shades of green for foliage. 

Progress 1403 The Iris applique quilt kit - fabrics for applique


The last time I had this kit in stock, it sold within days, so contact me soon to put a hold on it so you can add it to your collection. 


CONTACT ME: to reserve this lovely kit 


Progress 1553 Majestic now in stock


I’ve found another treasure!! I had only seen pictures of this  kit online, but the other day I was delighted to find this one among a group of vintage kits I had been offered, and of course I purchased it.

Progress #1553 Majestic applique quilt kit - view of fabrics for applique


 The fabrics for applique are a great mix of subtle cotton percale solids combined with small scale floral prints, and as you can see by the picture of the finished quilt on the front of the package. 

 Progress #1553 Majestic is a rare take on the commoner “Tree of Life” kit, also made by Progress (#1492)  - both are based on the Palampores or block printed bedspread sized panels exported by the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company from the Coromandel Coast of India. These  “indiennes” prints as they were called caught the fancy of late 17th century Europe due to both their novelty and the fact that they were  extremely high quality  cotton woven goods  such as  had never been seen in Europe or even imagined – they are seen today still as made in both The Netherlands by den Haan and Wagenmakers, and in Provence by Souileado and Les Olivades and many smaller  firms.  

I was researching the central chintz panels that are currently available yesterday, as I have a large box of “indiennes” samples from den Haan which is calling out for me to make a medallion quilt from it. Den Haan and Wagenmakers       features a  chintz panel, and Margo Kreuger of Reproduction Fabrics   has recently launched a line of three different panels – exciting!! 


Progress #1553 Majestic applique quilt kit


Progress #1553 Majestic is a double sized vintage quilt kit for applique and measures 79×97 when finished – everything needed is in the unopened package! 

PRICE: $395USD + $20USD shipping = $415USD – SOLD



The other day I was going through my inventory of vintage quilt kits and realized that I have many I haven’t yet posted. So I’ve just spent the afternoon taking photographs and noting down details about each kit. All these kits have been carefully stored and in some cases are still unopened from the factory.

If you see a kit you would like to purchase, email me and I will reserve it for you and give you payment details.

Above is a Paragon #01188 Applique quilt kit, 100% cotton and 82×97 or double bed size. It is a Baltimore style design in shades of blue and rose calico and solids – really pretty!! It is called “Garden Bouquet” and I’ve been waiting a long time to find this one aain!

Price: for Paragon Garden Bouquet $275 USD + $25 SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $300 USD




Above is Paragon’s vintage applique quilt kit “American Glory”  #00147; 81×97 inches worked in reproduction calico and pre-dating  the bicentennial in 1976 by quite a few years. All pieces are 100% cotton and are to be appliqued onto 100% ecru cotton. It should make a lovely statement on an antique bed.  This is a very rare quilt!
PRICE: $300USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of  $325  USDOO


Next up is a Progress Applique quilt kit called “Americana”  , 81×97 inches finished size. This kit is one a whie background with the eagle and stars appliqued in a lovely shade of ochre . Again, this kit was inspired by the bicentennial but appeared on the market some time before that date. Patriotic quilts had a new popularity at the end of the Second World War and the Korean conflict and haven’t yet waned in popularity. All materials again are 100% cotton and Progress kits are known for their quality.

PRICE $275 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $300 USD



The quilt kit below is another Progress #1507  full sized kit – 79×97 finished size. It makes a bold 70’s statement with the “Garden Flowers” in a central oval cartouche with swags in each corner on the border of the quilt. All 100% cotton and lovely calico prints. In immaculate condition too!

PRICE: $250 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $275 USD for “Garden Flowers”



The above , of course, is a classic and it has been out of stock for some time. At last I found one! Progress vintage Tree of Life Applique quilt kit 79×97 completely intact right down to the calico bias binding and carefully stored – you’ll love this one – 100% cotton materials.

PRICE: $275 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $300 USD.



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