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At the Quilt Show – Quilts at the Harbour – a few years ago – do try to attend if you are around the Hall’s Harbour area the last weekend in September – the 28th and 29th - it’s always a fun time!


A FEW WORDS ABOUT SHIPPING: This past winter has seen an astronomical rise in shipping costs in both Canada and the United States. Of course this impacts sellers and buyers both! I know I look twice these days at costs  for shipping when thinking about buying online. A good rule of thumb is – how easily can I source this item locally? Can I source it locally at all? And finally if I can source it will the cost of gasoline to go and get it be just as expensive as having it shipped? I regularly order a 6 month supply of fair trade organic coffee from a local roastery who give a discount for larger purchases and will ship direct to my local post office – otherwise it would be a round trip of at least 70 miles and the use of several hours of my time – so buying online can be a real saving!

With a specialty item such as vintage quilt kits, your chances of sourcing the item you want in the local marketplace can be slim. My inventory, which is the largest in North America, offers you lots of options.

I have always charged less for shipping than the actual cost to do so, and have in the past offered free shipping to any address in North America. I am doing so again - it runs from today until midnight May 31, 2013. Buy one or several with no charge for shipping which includes insurance, tracking and airmail post. You won’t be sorry you did – this offer applies to any item currently listed on this site.



A few typical items are shown below – browse all my entries for more, or use the easy search option on the site if you have a specific item in mind.









Please contact me to reserve any kits you want to purchase – – you can ask for a Paypal invoice, or you may choose to mail a personal cheque in USD or an internatonial postal money order in USD.

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It’s finally beginning to warm up and it looks like spring is almost here. I still need the woodstove going many days, but in a few short weeks the world will start to look as green as this picture of my home in springtime a few years ago. I’ve raked the leaves off the bed of columbines near the steps and this week will sow some mesclun mix in a big terra cotta pot for the deck – where I will just step outside the door for fresh salad leaves. And, of course, pulling weeds will come next!


Meanwhile I’m going to treat you today to some classic Paragon Needlework applique quilt kits from the forties, fifties and 60’s. Some of these are extremely hard to find. I have seen them only once or twice in the secondary market and not at all recently. When these are gone, I am afraid they may be gone for good. All are in very good condition and have been stored carefully. Several have been started and have been done with great skill. Others are in mint condition, complete and ready for you to start.


Above is the illustration on the box front of Paragon’s #1057 Rose Wreath, sized 80×100. Quilt kits ceased to be packaged in a box sometime in the mid to late 40’s so I am judging the age of this kit to be at least 65 years old. It has been worked by a careful and very skilled quiltmaker and is ready for you to put on the finishing touches with embroidery and then quilt it. It will be an instant heritage quilt to add to your collection or to give to someone dear to you.

Here is a close up if the lovely work that has been done . There are twelve sweet, traditional rose wreaths

And above, an overview of the whole quilt – this one really gets the creative juices flowing, and every time I look at this kit I’m tempted to finish it myself – but I can’t keep them all!

PRICE: Paragon #1057, 100% cotton quilt kit for applique  80×100 - complete and ready to finish:

                                           $395USD + $30USD shipping, tracking & insurance = $425USD total

Contact me if you want more information


Next, Paragon’s Rose of Sharon #1130. This quilt kit has been started by a confident and capable quiltmaker, but these is still a lot to do on this one.  This is another rare one, measuring 90×105 or a queen size. This dates it in my mind to the late 60’s when people began to move toward  larger beds – in addition, the illustration is in black and white – a feature of the earlier kits’ packaging.

The fabrics used are careful reproductions  of much earlier fabrics found in mid to later 19th century quilts, as is the pattern.

This is the lovely vining border of rosebuds and leaves – classic in earlier applique quilts in North America.

Shown above, the pieces to make one of the lovely large blocks

And above in this picture you get a much clearer view of the lovely reproduction fabrics – double pinks and a dark green with chrome yellow detail – and the painstaking applique stitches – this is going to be a family treasure!!

PRICE: PARAGON ROSE OF SHARON #1130 90×105 100% cotton, started

                      $395USD + $30USD shipping, tracking and insurance = $425USD

  Contact me  for purchase details


Shown above is a baltimore album style quilt kit by Paragon  – this is Garden Bouquet sized 82×97 0f 100%cotton. The colour choices have been softened and updated to those popular in the early 1970’s and this lovely vintage quilt kit will make a statement in your home and be a treasure to pass on to your children.

PRICE: Paragon’s Garden Bouquet – sealed in plastic 82×97 $395USD + $30USD shipping, tracking and insurance = $425USD total

To put a hold on this lovely kit, email


And finally, two lovely patriotic quilt kits in applique, both by Paragon:

Above is Paragon American Glory 01147 this is worked on an ecru background in 100% cotton fabrics reproduced from 19th c quilt fabric and the design is a very old, traditional eagle and liberty bell in the traditional red, green and ochre so evocative of the mid 19th century.

 The specific kit shown above dates to pre-1963  and has been started, but in addition I also have an unstarted one.


PRICE FOR EITHER KIT: PARAGON  AMERICAN GLORY #01147, 82×97 $395USD + $30USD postage, insurance and tracking = $425USD total


And finally, an early patriotic quilt kit probably late 50’s early 60’s, this is Paragon’s American Eagle #01128 , size is 82×97 and again, I have one kit that has been started, and one still in factory folds in the original package. This kit features the eagle surrounded by 13 stars of the original 13 colonies and is edged by a swag border in the 19thc style. Applique is done in ochre for a subdued and subtle statement.

Either of these quilt kits could be finished in time for the July 1 holiday and would look lovely in your home.

PRICE: AMERICAN  EAGLE PARAGON # 01147   $395USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking = $425USD total


A WORD ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE: all purchases are given my personal attention – answering your emails, sending out billing information, checking, packing and shipping each parcel. All items are adequately insured, have tracking numbers and move to you by airmail, and I watch their progress keenly until I know they have arrived safely.

I have the largest inventory of vintage quilt kits of any business in North America and if an item is not in my inventory, leave your wish list with me and I will try to source it for you.

From time to time I can also provide other quilting supplies, like quilting thrad, 100% cotton Quilter’s Dream Request brand batting and wide quilt backs. This service is offered to those quiltmakers who live in areas not well served by local quilt shops.

Payments are accepted using personal cheques in USD mailed to me, or International Postal Money orders, again in USD, also mailed to me. If you prefer the speed and convenience of Paypal, just ask me to send an invoice to you and you can choose to pay from your bank account, Paypal balance or a credit card through Paypal. All shipments re made within a day or two of payment and there is no waiting for your personal cheque to clear.


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Additional Pictures for Paragon cross stitch #01179 Renaissance

kit is in immaculate condition


I just took advantage of a slight break in the weather on this humid and drizzly spring day – everything is finally popping into bud and you can practically hear the grass grow!
reverse side of package insert Paragon Renaissance #01179

Unfortunately it was too wet to take this pristine quilt kit outside so I must apologize for the darkness and shadow in the pictures. I would rather have had enough natural light to avoid flash – but Hey Ho! what can you do? And we do need rain – smile.  

Paragon cs #01179 Renaissance 90x103 colour package insert


I hope the pictures do show the crisp and clean condition of this beauty! Fresh and sweet smelling too!  


I have just heard from the customer for whom I was holding this kit; she has bought the kit and tells me this story:

“I started that quilt when I was 18, back in 1971.  I did all the embroidery and my grandma did  the quilting. My goal was to do a quilt for each of my kids and this one was to be my daughter’s.  In 2006, the quilt was stolen in a home burglary.  After that, I did another embroidered quilt top to replace the Renaissance quilt, but always missed that first quilt.  I got the idea to look for a kit like the original one and found your website.  I was super excited to find one, only to learn that it was sold a week prior.  However, you looked for another for me and I am buying it now.  I can’t wait to get it and get started.  It will help me to feel whole again! 

By the way, a big Thank You!” 

I’m thrilled to have been instrumental in finding this lovely vintage kit for this lady!

Paragon Garden Bouquet applique, and Paragon Renaissance vintage cross stitch quilt kits back in stock!

I’m happy that I have two rare and sought after vintage Paragon quilt kits back in stock:
Below is the lovely Garden Bouquet #01188 - an album style applique kit that is adapted from an antique quilt in a well known Museum Collection. The colourway of blues, greens and a small amount of rose pink is as lovely today as it was 40 years ago.

Paragon Garden Bouquet quilt kit for applique double/queen


Pictured below are the materials, including binding and embroidery floss for highlights.

Paragon Garden Bouquet - double/queen - materials for applique and binding



This lovely and very rare Paragon  cross stitch kit in double/queen size (90×103) is #01179 Renaissance.    

Paragon #01179 Renaissance - double 90x103 vintage quilt kit for cross stitch


I have just unfolded and photographed this lovely kit and find it smells sweet and fresh and has not a mark on it! The paper fronting the package has a good clear picture of the quilt in colour on front and the reverse of the sheet has all the instruction  and the thread requirements – this is going to be a treasure for someone! Wish I could keep it for myself, but there is already interest in it!    

PRICE: Paragon Renaissance #01179 double/queen $230USD + $20 shipping = $250USD tacking and insurance included    






Today’s post will feature vintage cross stitch quilt kits from Paragon, with one entry from Progress. Both Paragon and Progress have a fine reputation for quality materials and good design. In some cases I also have the original thread kits from PeriLusta and these are no longer being manufactured, so rarely show up on the secondary market. In some cases where there is no thread kit I may be able to help out with supplies in the large quantities called for and at a somewhat better price than the current nearly a dollar a skein that many stores are asking.         


Paragon cross stitch quilt kit 01167 Baltimore Bride's Quilt 90x103 with thread kit


Above is Paragon #01167, the very popular  and hard to source Baltimore Bride’s Quilt in a double/queen 90×103. It comes complete with the authentic PeriLusta thread kit which is almost never seen now.

Progress #1524 Windsor Rose double 90x103


Here we have the lovely Progress #1524 Windsor Rose in a generous 90×103 – a double/queen.               



Paragon #01171 American Sampler – several sizes available & blue/green thread kit


I want to tell you that I currently have the ever-popular Paragon #01171  American Sampler available in both double/queen and king sizs and have several thread kits in the blue/green colour choice which is the one shown in the large picture ab0ve shipping = $295USD SOLD


Paragon cross stitch 01175 Country Garden 90×103 double


Back after a little searching is this lovely cross stitch quilt kit based on the early 19th century formalized urn with floewers. This is Paragon #01175 Country Garden in the double/queen size of 90×103.     shipping = $245SD          



Paragon cross stitch 01169 Iris double 90×103


This lovely quilt kit is rare – I had not seen this one until I saw it  on the secondary market and snapped it up. This is Paragon #01169 – Iris Garden, again in a double/queen  90×103. I may have sufficient thread in the various colourways to supply you, but it will be DMC, not the vintage PeriLusta – we can discuss this.      




Paragon cross stitch 01153 Whig Rose king size 108x103


 So dainty and delicate and so so traditional, this is the exquisite Paragon #01153, Whig Rose and in the very ample king size 108×103, which turned the other way would fit a queen . Again I might be able to supply threads.          

PRICE: $ D + $20 USD Shipping = $270USD          


Paragon - cross stitch 01164 Remembrance - 72x103 thread kit in gold, brown available


Above is the single bed size (72×103) Paragon #01164 Remembrance. I have the brown and gold colourway thread kit, but personsally I find the red green and ochre colourway truer to the traditional 19th century quilts this kit is based on. Your choice.          

PRICE:  $200USD + $20USD shipping = $220, with vintage thread kit an additional $30USD*********************           


Paragon – 01193 cross stitch – Rosebud – partially completed with threads double 84×102


Here is a lovely vintage Paragon #01193 Rosebud sized for a double – 84×102. It has been about half completed and has with it all the thread (and more!) necessary to complete it. Like all quilt kits that have ben worked on, it has a few “beauty spots” that in my experience with completing several will lighten cpnsiderably on the firsat washing once quilted and on subsequent washings fade to the poinnt of disappearing.          



PRICE: $260USD + $20USD shipping = $280

Paragon 01199 Oak Leaf cross stitch vintage quilt kit double/queen with thread kitparagon cross stitch quilt kit #00172 Plymouth - double


Above  is Paragon #01199 Oak Leaf in a double/queen which is complete with thread kit  – a classic pattern ewhich has roots in the 19th century.          

PRICE: $275USD + $20USD shipping = $295          




paragon cross stitch quilt kit # 00172 Plymouth-double


 Above is the sweet Paragon #01172 cross stitch kit called Plymouth which again has 19th century design roots and comes in an ample double/queen. There is no thread kit but I may be able to supply floss in the quantities nneeded.          

PRICE:  $ 225USD + $20USD shipping = $245          


These lovely kits won’t last long: email me if you see something you like           


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