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Most of my life I have been a terrible packrat and collector and I have come to the realization that I need to start weeding out my collections – have made a New Year’s resolution to do that and it may be easier than the second one to get fitter and lose some weight. I need to concentrate specially my collections of vintage quilt kits, both cross stitched (Paragon and Tobin)and applique and Doublestencil Smithsonian whole cloth and wholecloths embellished with needleturn applique.
In addition I have a huge supply of fabrics, mostly 19th century reproduction, amish-style solids and 1930’s both repro and genuine feedsack. As well I have a fair supply of 1970’s and 80’s tiny flowered calicos. Time to get sewing on my own planned projects so I will only rarely now be accepting commissions to hand quilt others’ quilt tops and now and then will accept a quilt restoration if I am intrigued enough. I am hoping my new commission clients may be interested in letting me surprise them after choosing colours and type of quilt – my creative juices are currently becoming frustrated! I have many antique and vintage quilt tops to be finished too.
As well, I have collected and dealt in Nova Scotian Folk Art for at least 30 years and am planning on keeping only a few sentimental pieces such as the fine Elmer Killen carving of a man and team plowing, which was left to me in my mother’s estate.
I also have smalls of all sorts to go.
Basically I’d suggest you contact me with your wish list and we’ll see what we can find – once the snow is gone and the tourists are here again I will be open 7 days a week and expect my collections to move fast, so perhaps checking out my inventory now is a good idea!
I am reaching the point in life where I want to do more of my own design projects and am also embarking on teaching online as my main occupation, so it makes sense to downsize. As well I am looking at some fairly extensive maintainance for my almost 200 year old home so reducing the stuff that will need to be pushed around from place to place makes a lot of sense to me!!!.


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