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Beatrix Potter, Holly Hobbie and Walt Disney’s Bambi – quilt kits and more!

The next few posts will concentrate on children’s and babies’ vintage quilt kits.  Today I wil be describing several kits I have in my current inventory that are classic themes from the past with current interest for collectors.

All three of these kits have accompanying themed decorative items suitable for your child’s retro nursery. 

Above is Paragon’s 1972 Holly Hobbie quilt top kit – this kit comes ready to quilt and can be as complex or as simple as you care to make it. This kit will finish to crib size or with the addition of a border or two will fit a youth or twin bed. Team it with the sampler shown below and this will be the beginning of a sweet decor for a little girl’s room.

PRICE: $175USD + $20USD as your share of shipping by insured and trackable mail

You heard it here – the next vintage decorating wave to hit North America will be the 70’s and 80’s -  vintage quilt kits will help move it along, and I certainly have lots of them!

The Paragon sampler kit above makes up to  11×14 inches and the frame, backing board and floss is complete in the package – Holly is entertaining a friend at tea in this darling picture. Quick and easy to complete.

PRICE: $25USD + $10USD your share of shipping by insured and trackable post – or ships free with the quilt kit.


Beatrix Potter is always a favourite!!! I have had all three of he quilt kits in this JCA series, but can’t find them readily these days on the secondary market  and can’t keep them in stock. They are no longer made.

At the moment I have this version: Mrs. Bunny rocking her baby to sleep in her arms with ihe the cradle at her feet – done in strong pastels this pre-quilted kit comes with the floss to embroider it – a lovely crib quilt or wallhanging!

PRICE: $175USD + $29USD your share of insured and trackable shipping

I have three beautiful leaflets for cross stitched decorative nursery items – above is a lovely growth chart

A collection of many cross stitch charts for various useful and decorative nursery items shown above, and below a traditional birth sampler to complete for your child or grandchild.


PRICE: each leaflet $8USD or buy all three for $20 – shipping free w9ith the above quilt kit or $3 for one, two or three leaflets


First released in the mid 1940’s, Walt Disney’s “Bambi” became a classic film and inspired many decorative and playtime items – here are two of them.

The first is a 40×60 quilt kit for embroidery – this prefinished 100% cotton  quilt comes complete with Peri Lusta embroidery floss. It is #0522Q and also has instructions in the sealed package.

PRICE: $175USD + $20USD your share of insured and trackable postage

The picture also shows a sweet growth chart – also by Paragon. The design is stamped on 100% cotton with a prefinished edge and is complete with peri lusta floss, a hanging cord and hanging rod – a measuring tape is ready to be fixed to the edge and full instructions to complete this growth chart are included in the sealed package.

PRICE $35USD + $10USD as your share of insured and trackable postage or ships free with the quilt kit








I’ve been trying to find this lovely vintage quilt kit – Progress “The Iris” #1403 in a double bed size, and have finally scored!!

This is a picture of the fabrics to complete the quilt and although the picture is not giving us the true colour, one can see that there is a lovely variety and that the kit will be striking when finished.

PRICE: $300 USD + $20 USD shipping     SOLD Feb 16/11


The sweet and nostalgic figure of Holly Hobbie was on so many items for children and adults both in the 1970s, and there has recently been a fresh interest in these items……..

This kit at  36×54 is crib or wall hanging size, or if you decide to put a border or two on it you can bring it up to a twin bed size or slightly smaller for a youth bed or cuddle quilt. I have a plentiful variety of the sweet small calicos that will enhance this little kit, as they date to the same time period – therefore they are vintage too.

Paragon produced this darling kit under licencse from American Greeting Card which held the copyright. The package is sealed so you know nothing is missing and the kit has been well protected – it appears there is backing material, polyester batt, embroidery thread for detailing and even a needle. I did one of these kits up a year or two ago and by putting in a lot of quilting, it made it look really grat. The kit is dated 1972 on the selvedge edge of the quilt top panel and to assure its authenticity I trimmed it off and appliqued it to the hanging sleeve.

PRICE: KIT ALONE  $185USD + $20 USD shipping  – if you want some vintage calico, we can discuss that.

                KIT MADE UP TO MY EXACTING STANDARDS – 6 to 8 months lead time  $385 USD + $20 shipping, extra if borders are to be added.

SOLD: March 15/11

Holiday Quilt Sale – save on favourable exchange rate

I want to remind folks in the United States of a currently very favourable rate of exchange. For close to a year the Canadian $ has been almost par with the USD. I’ve personally found this a lovely state of affairs as many of my purchases of fabric and quilting notions are made in the
United States. Fortunately, I have a stash that would supply me for several lifetimes, so I can forego purchases right now.
For residents of the United States, looking at purchasing Holiday gifts for their family and friends, I have some smaller quilts that currently are a very good deal. Check out for daily exchange rates. At the moment, for every $100 canadian purchase you make, you are paying only $81 US – and if you decide to purchase one of my completed quilts or commission a completely unique quilt for yourself I am prepared to offer free shipping in addition.
I think you will agree that this is a very attractive offer.

For example, my little Holly Hobbie 1972 Paragon quilt made from the original vintage kit is now priced at $235 Cdn or $190 USD. Pictured below, the little quilt is crib sized and has a hanging sleeve so it can be used as a wallhanging in the nursery, if you prefer.
SOLD Holly Hobbie Quilt June 2009
I have another crib quilt, again with a hanging sleeve that is called Beach Teddies. Ordinarily I don’t “do” what are called panels as I find they are so frequently of questionable quality, colour and design. This one, though, I fell in love with – from the nautical theme, the country colours and the very good design that Theresa Kogut is known for. This was “recreation” while doing a huge predominantly black Amish type quilt last summer and I was so delighted with the results. Usually panel quilts are only minimally quilted and often it is machine quilting. This one received my meticulous care and handquilting that brings out all the details. I will post a picture shortly. As always, 100% cotton materials – top, backing, batting and thread. Price: $195 CDN or as of today, $158 USD.
My last completed quilt is a small wallhanging or table topper I call Lavender Parterre. This is an all original design of mine that of course is hand appliqued and hand quilted. It would look exquisite as a table topper on a victorian tea table in your sunroom this winter, wouldn’t it?
SOLD APRIL 19/09 Price is $175 Cdn, or $140 USD.

I will soon post many new listings of vintage quilt kits: Doublestencil, Progress/Tobin, Bucilla and Paragon. I have finished my inventory now and have a handle on my treasure trove!! After the Christmas rush I hope to start inventory on my vintage and antique quilt tops – there’s another great project I’m sure you’ll be interested in.

Tomorrow I will post the schedule for my Holiday Open House weekends. Hope to see you soon out my way!

Quilt Making Again!

The other day, while waiting out another storm-related power outage, I decided to stitch down the binding on this sweet little vintage Holly Hobbie quilt. I had put the quilt aside, almost finished, in order to work on a couple of small commissions I need to get finished soon, but today I didn’t have enough light to work on these.

This lovely little kit was aquired some years ago and I had put it together over the winter and finished handquilting it and begun to bind it – so close, but not a finish until now. There is a regulation 4 inch hanging sleeve on back, with the piece of printed identifying fabric from the bottom of the panel attached – so its provenance goes with it.

It was a Paragon 1972 quilt kit containing a backing, batting and the quilt panel. It brought back nice memories of my daughter, who was a toddler at that time.

Anyway, it’s finished now and for sale. Price is $235 USD which includes shipping


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