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RARE, HARD-TO-SOURCE VINTAGE APPLIQUE QUILT KITS (and an unusual Shaker Tree of Life Kit from 1990)

I was hoping to do a rather long and picture heavy post, but it’s either me, wordpress or a reluctant computer which is preventing me posting the number of pictures I have loaded in my gallery for you. So, I’ve decided to do this post –  only one lovely early Paragon kit I’ve been holding on to hoping to finish it myself.   If I can I will make several more posts to accomplish what I had originally planned.

Here is the package picture for Rose of Sharon (Paragon 01130). This was, I suspect, manufactured in the mid to late 50’s because at that time, most of the cover pictures were shown in black and white.

The kit has ben started and then carefully stored and as far as I can see all pieces are intact and the fabric is claen and strong. The handwork has been done by an experienced needlewoman.

The prints are a very nice reproduction of prints seen in applique quilts of the nineteenth century – Paragon used this same pattern in several other kits of that period – namely the American Glory kit, which I also have in stock.

The colours are indeed olvely, aren’t they? Looking at this, I am wanting still to finish it for myself, but I can’t do every quilt I want to do! The quilt is based on historic precedence – many of this type are seen in museum collections.

I have decided to put a very attractive price on this beauty – I’m trying to reduce my inventory of what I call orphans and waifs – started quilt tops that need someone to take them in and love them and finish them as a future heirloom. And so, I am ready to send this beauty out to you carefully packed, mailed with a tracking number and suitable insurance:

PRICE: PARAGON ROSE OF SHARON #01130, size 80×100 100% cotton circa 1955, already started

$275USD + shipping $30USD = $305USD in total


Contact: to secure this beauty – payment is easily accomplished and the kit ships on receipt of payment – no waiting for your cheque to clear!


Wholecloth quilt kits: Up to the moment listing of wholecloth quilt kits

A group of quilters has contacted me for a complete list of my current inventory as they are hoping their next project will be a wholecloth quilt. What a fabulous idea for a small group and what a way to improve your handquilting skills with all the support a group can give.  In addition, I already have a handy tutorial here: and I discuss washing your finished pre-stencilled quilt so as to remove the markings here: In addition I offre ongoing personalised mentoring for quilters who purchase any of my stock. There really is a sisterhood among quilters!!

So, below, if you and your friends are thinking of a similar project soon, you’ll find something for every skill level – with this variety you’ll be able to choose enough of a challenge, but not too much. I’m happy to put together a group order, and can offer 10% off each individual’s order; and a larger shipment makes sense too in terms of there being less cost overall than if each parcel went out one by one. Shipping, as always, will include insurance and tracking.



There are two design families from which to choose – above is Welsh Beauty and below is Garden Bouquet – both by Benartex, these kits come complete with binding and backing and are in antique white – a lovely creamy colour! You can purchase one or the pair of these lovely projects which are sized at 18 inches. A lovely way to introduce yourself to handquilting a wholecloth and you have a nice finished item very quickly. When ordering specify which pair or which single you wish.

PRICES:  ONE PILLOW TOP with binding and backing 18inches in white: $37.50USD

PAIR TOPS  w binding and backing 18inches in white: $75USD shipping extra let me quote



Sorry – just a teaser here – I’m hoping to have several of these lovely items – 45inches in diameter – in stock soon in both white and natural – contact me if you wish me to put a hold on one for you…..

OCT 8/13!!!GREAT NEWS!!!!

I have been able to source these enchanting kits just in time for you to complete one before christmas!!  I will have one in antique white and one in natural and they come complete with backing and binding – all you need are the batting and the quilting thread, which I also carry. Can go out to you as soon as they arrive if you secure yours now!

PRICE: tablecloth or Christmas tree skirt complete approx 40 inches in diameter  - $150USD + $20USD postage



Doublestencil’s Cana Lily in natural 40×40 inches  SOLD

Doublestencil’s American Heritage Collection: Medallion Star 42×42 in natural

Above: Benartex Anchors Aweigh 40×54 available in both natural and antique white

Another Benartex wholecloth kit is shown above: This is Floral Fantasy which also is sized at 40×54, which is a perfect size to grow with baby into early childhood. This kit is available in natural.

Another Holice Turnbow design is featured by Penn Prints, and Doublestencil – this is Ba Bear – a darling kit that will be a classic – available in both antique white oe natural, another view is shown on this post: BOTH BA BEAR KITS ARE NOW SOLD (APRIL 14/14)

A very traditional wholecloth, design based on a museum collection 19th century quilt – this is National Star by Penn Prints – which is another trade name of Doublestencil/Spartex. This bewautiful kit is in natural and sized at 40×40.  SOLD

Above is an all time favourite – my friend June, who has bought two other kits from me was in last night and was very tempted – as I am but I keep reminding myself I have too much on my plate already! This one is the small size shown hanging on the wall above the bed.; You have a choice here – the nice vintasge prints to do the applique are in the package, which is factory sealed. You can also choose a differnt colour scheme using your own fabrics or you can choose to go for a more suvtle look and dispense with the applique altogether.

And finally, this lovely and very traditional American Star in the American Heritage series by Doublestencil this wholecloth  kit is sized at 42×42 and is shown as the wall hanging in the above picture – comes in natural – wouldn’t this make a lovely tabletopper in a bedroom that has a wholecloth quilt on the bed? Such a versatile size, this would also make a lovely floor blanket for a crawling baby – either indoors or out – this quilt is so washable!

PRICE: Specify which kit is your choice – they are all priced at $150USD and are complete with binding and backing to match. Shipping to include insurance and tracking is extra – I will quote. Contact me


It’s rare to find this mid size in a wholecloth kit – this is only the second one I’ve had and I waited a long time to find it! This is Grape Wreath, again from Doublestencil’s American Heritage Collection and such a bargain as it comes complete with the backing and binding – just add your batting, needle and thread and you are on your way: 53×70 it is available in natural.

PRICE: GRAPE WREATH: 53×70 with backing and binding in natural $200USD, shipping will be qyoted


QUEEN SIZED WHOLECLOTH KITS: Pictured below are the queen sized wholecloth kits I currently have in stck – some are available in both antique white or natural. These kits do not come with the backing but the matching binding is always supplied.

Above is Penn Prints Hagerstown Feather – this is a classic and very formal quilt in a design based on a heritage quilt from the nineteenth century – size given as ‘queen’ which I assume is roughly 90x 108. Available in natural.

American Star 90×113 in natural from Doublestencil’s American Heritage Collection – another classic!  SOLD

Above, a  Holice Turnbow design by Benartex – Garden Bouquet 90×108 available in natural

Holice Turnbow hjas been the tp ranking designer of wholecloth quilts, working for both Benartex and Doublestencil. This is his lovely deign Welsh Beauty in a choice of antique white or natural. sized at 86×106 – a double/queen

And finally, another Holice Turnbow put out by Benartex, Feathered Pineapple,  and measuring 90×108, this is in natural

PRICE: Each of the above queen sized kits comes complerte with binding – no backing is supplied: $250USD and I will quote you shipping, including insurance and tracking



For some time now, I have been offering the supplies to finish these lovely kits – I keep a few factory sealed backs, and the thread and batting that I have found to work well with these kits in stock – this is as a service to quilters who, like me, may live far from a well stocked quilt shop and wish to purcyhase everything they need at once. Contact me should you wish to make use of this extra in customer service.


For those of you whose interest lies more along the lines of the lovely vintage applique and cross stitch kits I carry, regular posts about those beauties are coming next and my monthly newsletter for August will be going out shortly – please sign up to receive it – send me an email: – and tell me “Sign me Up!”



There! That’s done – the inventory is now updated and I will start to put in links to the posts for each item. In the meantime, if you enter into the search box the number of the kit and its manufacturer you should be brought to the correct post. So either click :

or contact me at:

to find out more or make a purchase.

I want to highlight several recent finds – these kits had been out of stock and are getting harder to find, but I was finally succesful!

  This kit above, which has been started with excellent stitchery, is Paragon’s American Glory, #1147 sized at 82×97. There is still lots to be done, and this kit is always so striking!

PRICE: $395USD and until December 31/11 the shipping charge of $30USD does not apply


Below is another treasure. This is Paragon’s Americana  #01189 in king size 97×97. It has been started, but only just and is complete with the floss kit. This is the cross stitch version of the applique kit above. Another stunner!

PRICE: “Americana” cross stitch by Paragon #01189 $350USD floss included and until December 31/11 the $30 shipping charge is waived


And above is another kit that has been out of stock for a while. This is Bucilla #3376 Regency in the double bed size and comes with the hard to find floss kit. Both items are unopened and factory fresh from about 40 years ago.



Free Shipping in North America until December 31/11

I want to announce my annual pre and post Christmas “free shipping in North America” offer – already one lady in the USA has taken advantage of this and I know many more of you will too!

I have an extensive inventory of classic vintage quilt kits – wholecloth, applique and cross stitch, along with a great selection of classic children’s quilt kits too – if you don’t see what you are looking for, get in touch since I am having trouble keeping up with listing them. In addition, I also have matching original embroidery floss kits to go along with many of the cross stitch kits.I also can provide you with gift certificates in any denomination, and of course, the offer of free shipping applies to items purchased with these certificates up to and until midnight December 31/11.

Please watch this space as I am planning to develop a page on this site which will list all kits currently in stock – and give you a link to the descriptive  posts. Now I must get back to work on one of the custom quilt orders which must be out by Christmas – this is a busy time!!

Some vintage floral applique kits


Recently, I have had some enquiries regarding my inventory of vintage applique quilt kits. It is time anyway for an update, as my most recent acquisition, the very vintage Paragon Rose Wreath kit has arrived and I have had time to look it over.

PARAGON #01057 Rose Wreath Applique Kit  all cotton 80×100

As far as I can see, all the applique has been done by an expert hand and it is ready for the embroidered touches. There is ample vintage DMC embroidery floss and the previous owner has noted in her own hand the numbers, each with a sample and a note of what colour goes where. She signs it and leaves her phone number – a sweet touch. The cardboard box front is in the box, along with the top, the floss, a vintage pair of embroidery scissors, and of course the bias binding that will complete your quilt. The quilting lines are all there, waiting to guide  your handquilting stitches. There is some slight foxing, due to it having been stored in a cardboard box, but that should be ameliorated if not eliminated by a wash in a gentle oxygen based product after the quilting is done and the quilt is ready for use.

The quilt kit dates from the time before plastic was used to package everything – I would guess mid to late 40’s, so we’re talking very very early. I was very lucky to find this one!!


PRICE:  $400USD+$25USD shipping = $425USD

If purchased between now and Dec 31/10, shipping will be free within North America


This all cotton applique kit by Bucilla likely dates to the early 70’s – still vintage but not as old as some I’ve been lucky to find……. It is a double/queen and everything is there, complete as the packaging is unopened it is in mint condition.

PRICE: $275USD+$20USD postage and shipping = $295USD

If purchased between now and Dec31/10 shipping in North America will be free


BUCILLA: #3128 – Dogwood  Applique, all cotton size 84×1–

This is another lucky find – it is unopened, so in immaculate condition and the binding is enclosed. Judging by the furniture style in the photograph, I would guess the kit dates to the 1960’s

PRICE: $375USD+$20USD shipping=$395USD

If purchased between now and Dec 31/10 shipping to North American destinations will be free


BUCILLA #8602 FASCINATION applique quilt kit 81×100 all cotton – this kit has been begun by an expert hand but there is plenty remaining for you to do! A beautiful vintage kit and not one that is seen often either.

PRICE $275USD+$20USD shipping = $295USD  SOLD

If purchased before Dec 31/10 shipping within North America will be free



A note about shipping – from Canada to any point in North America tends to be fairly expensive, so as a nod to getting the best value for your Christmas shopping dollars, I am waiving shipping to any point in North America right up until New Years Eve. So if you have asked Santa for one of my gift certificates (available in any denomination) you still have a chance to order after Christmas Day and still get that bonus!

In addition, any vintage quilt kit you purchase will be packed along with three free handmade sachets filled lovely fresh lavender – this is a $25 value in itself!




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