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Progress 1553 Majestic now in stock


I’ve found another treasure!! I had only seen pictures of this  kit online, but the other day I was delighted to find this one among a group of vintage kits I had been offered, and of course I purchased it.

Progress #1553 Majestic applique quilt kit - view of fabrics for applique


 The fabrics for applique are a great mix of subtle cotton percale solids combined with small scale floral prints, and as you can see by the picture of the finished quilt on the front of the package. 

 Progress #1553 Majestic is a rare take on the commoner “Tree of Life” kit, also made by Progress (#1492)  - both are based on the Palampores or block printed bedspread sized panels exported by the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company from the Coromandel Coast of India. These  “indiennes” prints as they were called caught the fancy of late 17th century Europe due to both their novelty and the fact that they were  extremely high quality  cotton woven goods  such as  had never been seen in Europe or even imagined – they are seen today still as made in both The Netherlands by den Haan and Wagenmakers, and in Provence by Souileado and Les Olivades and many smaller  firms.  

I was researching the central chintz panels that are currently available yesterday, as I have a large box of “indiennes” samples from den Haan which is calling out for me to make a medallion quilt from it. Den Haan and Wagenmakers       features a  chintz panel, and Margo Kreuger of Reproduction Fabrics   has recently launched a line of three different panels – exciting!! 


Progress #1553 Majestic applique quilt kit


Progress #1553 Majestic is a double sized vintage quilt kit for applique and measures 79×97 when finished – everything needed is in the unopened package! 

PRICE: $395USD + $20USD shipping = $415USD – SOLD


Lavender Sachets are ready!

At last my supply of fresh lavender buds has arrived, and a few bolts of lovely ribbon. This morning I am making sachet bags to fill from my sealed supply of fragrant lavender buds as your orders come in. This way you will have the full advantage of the lovely delicate scent.
When you have a choice between using fresh renewably grown lavender and the heavy, chemical laden scents of the air fresheners commercially available and nationally advertised, of course you will want to choose the gentler, kinder solution. Try keeping one or two in your linen closet, in your bureau drawers or a couple in an open dish in an area you want to smell fresh and appealing.
The refillable sachets are made of fine reproduction quilting materials based on European and American vintage and antique fabrics. If you wish, I can make them up using vintage feedsacks, 1970’s calicos and a few oddments of 50’s fabrics I have. I am also waiting for some offcuts and remnants from French General( in Los Angeles to arrive in my mailbox, and I have ordered lots of fabric from Moda’s French General Rouenneries line – luscious repro fabric reflecting the early 1800’s French fabrics printed in Rouen . I will also be able to make sachet bags using traditional fabrics sourced in Provence.

Just state your colour preferences and let me choose for you, or if you have a specific fabric in mind, contact me to see if I can supply it or something very like it.
My lovely refillable sachets are plump with this year’s fresh lavender and come to you sealed in a plastic bag to preserve their freshness. The sachets shown in this post are some I made up for a Xmas basket draw my community group are preparing for a concert to be held in a few weeks time in our local hall.
Contact me to place your order.
PRICE: 3 for $27.50 plus $5 postage = $32.50 US dollars

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