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Recently I have sold five wholecloth quilt kits! I’m delighted, of course, that my customers are choosing these lovely kits, but I’m at a loss at the moment to re-stock. I spent the day contacting all my sources and came up empty – none available at the moment. In addition to these three possibilities below, I currently have several Benartex queen sized kits in stock – Floral Bouquet, and Feathered Pineapple come to mind – ask me about them:

Today I want to post about the versatility of several vintage quilt kits I have in my inventory. One is designed as a wholecloth quilt kit and the other two can be finished in the wholeloth style or with applique as well. Two of these lovely kits are available with coordinating wallhanging or baby’s quilt. More details below:

This interesting kit is  inspired by a mid-nineteenth century quilt in the Smithsonian’s Museum collection. It is a Baltiimore Album style quilt measuring 88×114 inches . This size kit does not come with backing, but the wallhanging/baby’s quilt kit shown above the bed in the picture  is available in stock too and comes with backing. All coloured fabrics are contained in the kit.

PRICE: Floral Album queen/king size 88×114  $395USD + $30USD shipping tracking and insurance

                 Floral Album baby’s quilt/wallhanging 40×40  $175USD + $20USD shipping and tracking

                          COMBINED SHIPPING for both kits $30USD tracking and insurance included

  contact: to order with your personal cheque, an international postal money order or your Paypal account



Another Spartex/Doublestencil is the lovely Pennsylvania Folk Art II Kit. I have this design available in double/queen which comes with no backing, and in the baby’s quilt/wallhanging size of 43×47, complete with backing. These kits could be done using the fabric for applique as shown and supplied, or you might decide to choose your own fabrics. I have seen both quilts done as a wholecloth quilts and I’m inclined to prefer this very simple and subtle treatment.

PRICE: Pennsylvania Folk Art II  double/queen kit $250USD + $30 USD shipping, insured and trackable

                  Pennsylvania Folk Art II baby quilt/wallhanging $175USD + $20 shipping, insured and trackable

                                Combined shipping for the two items: $30USD w tracking and insurance


And last: the very lovely, formal and classic Hagerstown Feather , which was produced by Penn Prints, another name under which Spartex/Doublestencil traded. So all three kits are from the Spartanburg, South Carolina textile mill, made of finest quslity 100% American made and grown cotton. This firm is long out of business, the mill that was the lifeblood of this small southern city silent and vacant now.

These kits  rarely shows up in the secondary market and I have acquired very few in the last year or so.  Interest remains high in these classic vintage kits, judging by he inquiries I receive.

PRICE: Hagerstown Feather double/queen size top  $250USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking


Contact me: to order and arrange payment by personal cheque, international postal money order or your Paypal account – I offer great customer service with a friendly personal touch.


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Happy Easter and happy spring!!   Janet


WHOLECLOTH QUILT KITS: wallhanging, crib and throw size


I’ve had several inquiries lately about wholecloth kits, and since I’m doing inventory at the moment I thought I might start posting my entire inventory – I’m checking and some items haven’t made it to a post yet. So here goes – I’m starting with the smaller kits – up to snuggle size 60×60.

First a few words about the quilt kits themselves – all of them were made in the USA before so much manufacturing went offshore. They have been made with the very finest of 100% cotton muslin and are for the most part based on the traditonal quilts found in museum collections and dating to the second and third quarter of the 19th century.

These quilts when finished may look delicate but they wear and wash well and look better with each passing year – I have made several to be used with babies, and know that the quilts are used on the floor, outside and all around the house and babies being babies they are washed frequently.

The next issue with these quilts is getting an adequate picture to show them to advantage – you need the light hitting the quilt at an oblique angle, as at sundown, but so often the pictures on packaging is dark and underexposed. It’s sufficient to say that very few pictures do these lovely quilts any justice at all.  Above is a small quilt I made for a customer and I think as a picture it’s as good as anything I’ve seen, but that is not saying much.

Now on to the vintage quilt kits:

Above is Benartex Feathered Star in the wallhanging version  40×40 in natural, complete with binding and backing.

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD

SOLD!!!  JUNE 2013



Above is Medallion Star by Spartex’s American Heritage Collection, size 42×42 in antique tea dye – the wallhanging is what is on offer – comes complete with backing and binding.

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD


Above is National Star by Penn Prints which was another line of Spartex/Doublestencil. I must apologize for the quality of the picture – the quilt top itself is beautiful in ecru and a lovely design – i’ve made this one and it’s lovely! Available in ecru, size approx 40×40 and back and binding in the package too.

PRICE $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD


Above is “Floral Bouquet”  sized at 40×48, this could be a baby quilt or a wall hanging. Part of the American Heritage Collection, it comes in natural. I can vouch for this one too since I’ve made it up – lovely! 

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD


Another beauty above – this is a very versatile design and size – carrying a nautical theme with anchors and rope  along with lots of crosshatching this kit measures 40×54 and is in ecru. Great for any  room in the house!

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD   ON HOLD Jan 30/13


Above is Benartex Floral Fantasy in natural, this kit measures 40×54 and is a lovely design.

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD



And finally – above is American Heritage The Rising Sun 60×60 lap or snuggle quilt kit in antique tea dye. This is an unusual size  and makes a wonderful buy as it is complete with backing and binding too – all you need to buy are the quilting thread and the batting.

PRICE: $250 USD + $25 USD postage = $275      MARCH 27/13  ON HOLD


If you re interested in any of these lovely kits get in touch with me: and please note that kits are mailed with adequate insurance and are trackable all the way.


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                                     Until the next time – good night!!!

The Traditional Wholecloth Quilt – kits to create an heirloom

Recently I’ve had some inquiries about traditional wholecloth quilt kits, and at the same time I’ve been completing a new inventory of kits I currently have in stock.
It turns out I haven’t really promoted these lovely kits for several years now, and have quite a few in stock at the moment. Below I will feature two Benartex kit designs that I have in stock…

Benartex - Anchors Aweigh by Holice Turnbow 40x54, includes back and binding


Above is the lovely “Anchors Aweigh” crib or youth bed size wholecloth quilt kit by Holice Turnbow – this is such a versatile size for a quilt – it makes up fairly quickly, can be used in many settings and because it is an off-white or ecru fits well into many decorating schemes and is very easy to wash and keep fresh.  

It’s my understanding that the Holice Turnbow designed kits by Benartex are still available, if somewhat scarce, but I’ve not found any indication that the Spartex/Doublestencil kits are still being made. Occasionally one will turn up in the secondary market. My next post – next week I hope will feature some of these kits.
The machinery to produce the very wide printed tops is now vintage if not antique and it has become increasingly difficult to find or make parts for this machinery as it wears out.

Benartex - wholecloth - feathered pineapple - available 86x106 and 40x40


Above is a picture taken from the front of the Benartex package, showing the “Feathered Pineapple” design – a classic 19th century design I currently have available in both a king/queen size at 86×106 and also in a baby size at 40×40 - the smaller size would make a luxurious tabletopper for afternoon tea and of course would look lovely over the back of a sofa, thrown over a cupboard door or as a wallhanging. Picture it enhancing a christening robe for a darling baby!  


Keep in mind that I’ll be happy to provide tips to help you succeed in making yourself a lovely heirloom quilt that is true to 19th century traditions, and can also source wide backing material and the Quilter’s Dream cotton batting to ensure your quilt drapes beautifully. Contact me: to discuss shipping one of these scarce and lovely kits to you!  

Enjoy this long weekend coming up – summer is passing all too soon! Next week I will feature more wholecloth quilt kits, this time by Spartex/Doublestencil!  

Best regards ~ Janet  

More vintage applique and cross stitch quilt kits

Seeing old friends back in inventory again is always great, but it’s even better when I find some items I’ve wanted to get hold of for years with little success because they so rarely appear on the secondary market: take a quick peek at what I have in stock and on its way to me


This one above – Cross Stitch American Eagle by Bucilla a double/queen kit is sometimes called Liberty on some packaging. This was a kit developed from a traditional pattern and was presented in time for the US Bicentennial in 1976.

PRICE: $225USD + shipping


Below is a picture of the wonderful vintage PeriLusta thread kit that goes with American Sampler

this beautiful Paragon #01171 double/queen cross stitch kit. I know the picture says it’s a single, but I just keep one picture on file. This kit is harder to find these days too, so I’m happy to have it in stock again.

PRICE: $265 USD includes the thread kit + shipping will be about $15USD


Above is the lovely Whig Rose  cross stitch Paragon kit back in stock – this time in a king sized kit – 108wide by 103 long – this will make a fabulous statement on your bed!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping


Above is “Acorn Harvest” by Bucilla #3218,  size 81×108 another traditional pattern based on 19th century heritage quilts.

PRICE: $200USD + shipping – SOLD Feb16/11


Another lovely vintage cross stitch kit by Bucilla – #2323 “Briar Rose” a double/queen at 90×103

PRICE: $200 USD + shipping   SOLD MARCH 5, 2011


Above another Bucilla #3022 Williamstown a double/queen too, 90×103

PRICE: $200USD + shipping  SOLD Feb16/11


Above is a rare find – this is the rarer version of two  applique kits done by Bucilla – this one is #1587 and is a double

As you can see, the  colours of the appliques are lovely vintage percale

PRICE: $300USD + shipping SOLD Feb16/11


After a bit of a wait, I have managed to replace my Paragon Country Garden #01175, 90×103 a double/queen – this one won’t stay in stock long, judging by my past experience!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping     


This kit is another Paragon cross stitch kit called Renaissance. It is a king size at 108 wide and 103 long. I had never seen this kit before and I’ve been collecting for years!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping  SOLD FEB 16/11


This is also a kit I had depaired of ever finding. Now, granted it came out of package with the front colour picture lost, but it has 4 pages on instructions, thread list and graphs and I think it’s fairly easy to see that it will be striking. It can be worked either in a two colour variation or in the traditional mid 19th century shades of two values of red, two of green and two of yellow. A treasure indeed!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping


And finally – nother that is new to my inventory. I’m thrilled to have this one. This is a Paragon cross stitch kit called “Iris” and is a double. The design and placement of the irises is very reminiscent of an applique pattern in te Mountain Mist Blue Book, and is very 30’s. I’m so tempted to hang on to this one and do it for myself. I need to be realistic though – too many quilts and too little time! Ah well.

PRICE: $225USD + shipping

So long for now – stay warm and safe – it was still  light way after 6PM today – spring is just around the corner.


Crib and Child Size wholecloth and applique quilt kits

Yesterday I Listed several full sized quilt kits and today I will list a half dozen crib and child sized wholecloth and wholecloth/applique quilt kits also suitable for use as wallhangings or table toppers. Above is the Doublestencil Penn II kit. The wallhanging shown in the picture is the kit available. This pattern is based on an antique quilt, and is available in a light tea dye background colour.
PRICE: $100 USD + shipping

Above is Benartex’s Floral Fantasy, a design by Holice Turnbow. This kit finishes at 40×54 inches so is big enough to put on the end of your bed or snuggle up in on the sofa. Colour is ecru or eggshell.
PRICE: $100USD + shipping

This is Doublestencil’s “Floral Bouquet”, a lovely heritage pattern in eggshell, measuring 40×48 inches.
PRICE: $95 USD + shipping

Another traditional pattern – called Americana Star; this one, also in a tea dye shade, is 42×42 inches and is shown as the wallhanging behind the bed . It is truly lovely!

Above is “Tulip Garden” size 40×40 inches and a combination of piecing and applique. Of course. applique quilts in red, green and sometimes a touch of ochre are part of the quiltmaking heritage in North America. This is a very tempting kit – I would love to make this one up myself!!
PRICE $95 USD + shipping

Finally, this is Floral Album – another primarily red and green quilt with its roots in 19t6h century North American quiltmaking. The kit makes the wallhanging shown in the above picture.
PRICE: $95 USD + shipping
NOTE: All of the above quilt kits come complete – backing and binding included. All you add is batting and your loving stitches. For more information, contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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