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Vintage Applique Quilt Kits: Bucilla #3128 “Dogwood” and Bucilla #1587 “Dogwood Blossom”


Today has been just a lovely day, much more like midsummer than early fall, and it’s so nice to have the door and windows open while enjoying going back and forth to do chores that won’t be as pleasant once winter is here!

I’m reminded that shopping for the Christmas season will be upon us before we know it, so I will get busy on listing all the items in my vintage quilt kit inventory.

Below are the two lovely Bucilla applique quilt kits that have Dogwood flowers as their subject.

Above is Bucilla #1587 “Dogwood Blossoms” size 84×100. This a lovely wreath-style quilt kit in immaculate conditi

Above is Bucilla’s other kit featuring Dogwood flowers: this is Bucilla #3128 “Dogwood” and this kit, too, is in excellent condition.  This kit is also 84×100 in size and is a trellis-like design. Beautiful colours in both kits – either will become an  heirloom treasure.


Get in touch with me:  to discuss purchase. I will be happy to put a hold on either of these lovely vintage applique kits.

Talk to you soon – JANET

Vintage Bucilla Applique Quilt Kit – Pansy Garden #8814


Bucilla Pansy Garden #8814 Applique Quilt Kit 90×103

Today I want to show you a lovely vintage applique quilt kit. This kit is one I’ve only had in stock once before and it wasn’t long before it flew out the door. 

This time, the kit is available in the alternate colour choice, which is two lovely shades of rose.
Bucilla Pansy Garden #8814 Applique Quilt kit

Having seen it now in both colour choices I would be hard pressed to choose my favourite, but think it may be the rose colourway. Although this kit has been opened, it is unstarted and in beautiful condition and of course, includes the pre-made binding to complete it. Bucilla #8814 Pansy Garden, 90×103 applique quilt kit. 

PRICE: $400USD + $30USD shipping = $430USD
Contact me to purchase and I will place a hold on this item


News For Lovers of Vintage Quilt Kits!

First I’d like to wish everyone a happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

A Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you!!

 And next my latest news. Over the last week, I’ve shipped a dozen lovely vintage quilt kits off to their new owners. Since the New Year, the number of kits shipped has reached 35. I want to thank all my customers, new and old for their confidence in me.
Needless to say I’ve been scrambling to acquire more treasures and have also done a careful inventory, pulling together my collection from various totes and trunks and am just about ready to show you my fresh offerings.

Bucilla Dogwood 3128 applique kit


 So today I am giving you a little preview of the listings I’ll be posting here over the next week or two. 

I want to remind you that my kits are stored in a clean dustfree and pet free environment in plastic totes. Although I cannot guarantee that the sources I acquired these kits from were tobacco smoke free, I have an extremely sensitive sniffer and there’s no trace of smoke on any of them. I am a non-smoker, my house is a smoke free zone, and I no longer share my home with any pets. So that’s about as good as it can get! 

quilt made from Living Rose bucilla 3285

 As unstarted quilt kits get harder to find, I have been considering acquiring some finished quilts that have been made from kits – above is a treasure that was made from Bucilla’s Living Rose 3285 Applique kit. It is 74×88 and I also have the kit itself – unstarted and measuring 84x 100. Pricing to come when the finished quilt and the kit are listed. If you want to discuss price or put a HOLD on any of these items shown today get in touch: 

bucilla pansy garden 8814 rose colourway

 The kit shown above – bucilla 8814 “Pansy Garden”  is a double size and I had given up the idea of ever having it in stock again. The kit came in two colour choices and this one is the rose coloured choice – striking!!! 

Watch this spot as I begin to list my treasures and be sure to contact me to put a hold on anything you are interested in purchasing – these kits don’t last long! 

Enjoy your day – and may the luck of the Irish be with you!!! 

Hugs – Janet 

PARAGON REMEMBRANCE 01164 cross stitch quilt kit



As promised, I am starting to list the vintage quilt kits I have on hand to add to those already listed.
Remember, all my vintage quilt kits ship free anywhere in North America and we share 50/50 anywhere in the world other than North America.
A pair of twin sized Paragon Remembrance cross stitch quilt kits including vintage Peri-Lusta floss!!
Size 72×103 inches each 
 The Remembrance pattern is adapted for cross stitch from a 19th century traditional applique quilt in the red, green and ochre colours which were so popular at that time and spread throughout the United States as settlers moved west into the plains and the foothills of the southwest and northwest. This is a slightly folky, but still quite formal pattern and would look lovely in a guest room furnished in mid 19th c antiques. My fingers are itching to open these kits and start stitching, so please put a hold on them and save me from myself – hehe!!!
On counting up the skeins of floss it is apparent that the original buyer, who purchased these beauties in 1958 ( 52 years ago! receipt enclosed), was the careful sort and she purchased more than she would need. Peri-Lusta floss in these quantities is simply no longer available at any price so the new owner will be incredibly lucky not to have to substitute. Below is a picture of one of the  4 smaller bags of floss – as well there is a huge ziplock bag with as much again as all 4 together!!
My price for a set of two twin sized cross stitch quilt kits with a more than adequate supply of Peri-Lusta floss to complete both quilts is $350 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING
Remember, until December 31, 2010 shipping within North America is free and shipping elsewhere will be split 50/50 between the customer and myself. You will receive as a free bonus, a set of 3 lavender sachets/     Be sure to ask about layaway and gift certificates.

more than enough vintage Peri lusta threads


Be sure to check back often as I post still more lovely vintage kits in lots of time for Christmas giving. Free shipping!!   


More Vintage Cross Stitch Quilt Kits…..

Gradually I’m getting all my vintage quilt kits listed for sale. Time to reduce my collections!

Above is a single sized paragon cross stitch quilt kit based on a traditional applique pattern. There was a strong revival of interest in heritage quilts at about the time of the US Bicentennial in 1976, which also heralded a resurgence in quiltmaking that has not died down at all more than a quarter of a century later. This may be just the project you are looking for to dress up a spare room bed or give to a young girl. It’s small enough to be doable, but with a good choice of colours will make a strong statement in a traditionally furnished room.
PRICE: $135USD + shipping

Another lovely vintage cross stitch quilt top. This one is a large double/queen – definitely a queen and quite possibly a king. The colourway shown is the 1970’s popular choice of blue and green but perhaps it will suit you to use for traditional colours – since there is no thread with this kit, that will be your choice.
PRICE: $185USD + shipping

This is another double/queen by Bucilla for cross stitch. This vintage quilt kit is a classic design with lots of green to tie the bright songbird colours together. This will make a lovely statement against many styles of interior decoration. Very tempting!! This vintage cross stitch quilt kit probably dates to the late 70’s.
PRICE: $175 + shipping

Yet another classic, this time a vintage cross stitch quilt kit in king sized. I bought this in the late 1970’s from Mary Maxim’s in Paris Ontario and have had it stored away since then. Lovely colours make this a choice that will look good in most bedrooms and will provide a focal point.
PRICE $175 + shipping

And finally, a somewhat more recent but still vintage cross stitch kit, from the early 1980’s I think, and again by Bucilla. The colours suggested are lovely and although the pillow shams are not in this kit and I have not been able to find a pair to match, this is still a striking quilt kit. The price is certainly one that invites purchase of this hard to find kit. Again a queen/double size.

PRICE: $160 USD + shipping


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