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I’d like to wish all my readers a very happy, prosperous and productive New Year. I have had a wonderful year in 2010 and want to thank all my valued friends and customers for making it a success.

I just conducted an inventory yesterday and am ready to list all my available vintage cross stitch quilt kits below – I hope you will enjoy browsing through them.



Above is Bucilla #48758 “Imari” this kit is double and measures 80×96 inches – a lovely interpretation of the many traditional Japanese export china patterns – striking.

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Paragon 01175 “Country Garden”  This kit is a double/queen sized at 90×103 inches and is unopened. This pattern is based on decorative arts motifs from the 19th century.

PRICE: $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Paragon #01196  “Rose Brocade”   This kit is a double size 82×97 inches and comes complete with the original factory sealed thread kit

PRICE: $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD


Above is Paragon #01167 “Baltimore Bride’s Quilt”  double size 90×103 inches and unopened. I am working one of these at the moment and they make a striking statement in a traditional room!

PRICE:$185 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is a less well known pattern – I’ve only seen it once or twice. Bucilla #8813  ”The Bride’s Quilt”  It’s a double/queen 90×103 inches and although it is shown worked in one colour, I can picture it in the shades of green, scarlet and ochre which were used in so many 19th century quilts against a white background.

PRICE: $185 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD



Above is Bucilla #1678  “Crewel Heritage” this kit is factory sealed, unopened and is a double/queen measuring 90×103. The inset picture showing three vertical rows of vining motifs is the one contained in the package.

PRICE: $185 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD    SOLD


Above is Bucilla #2299, factory sealed and unopened, a big king/queen 96×103. Exquisite design!

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is Bucilla Berry Patch, sized at 108 inches square, this is a king sized quilt.  I bought this kit over 30 years ago at Mary Maxim in Paris Ontario, when I lived there.

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is Paragon 01145 “Friendship Quilt”  an unopened kit  in single size 72×103. The kit you receive will be 2 rows by 4 rows – the central vertical row will be omitted.

PRICE: $135 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


This one is a beauty and if the same colours as suggested are used, it will be striking – I am working one at the moment and loving it! The above is Bucilla #49233 and is a double/queen 96×102 inches.

PRICE $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


This kit has variably been called “Americana Eagle” or “Liberty” and is a Bucilla. It is factory sealed and a double/queen.

PRICE: $225 USD and $25 shipping  ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Bucilla’s “Regency” an exquisite and understated kit that is worked with two shades of neutral beige and some gold filament (if desired) on an eggshell coloured 100% backing. Double sized I think but the thread kit is for a king sized so you will have plenty.

PRICE: $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is Bucilla #3022, an unopened double/queen sized at 90×103.

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD

Above is Paragon’s #00164 “Remembrance”   I have two single bed sized kits (72×103) and there may be a third in my inventory – a complete range of threads needed and much more than what is needed – hence the third kit could be done using them.

PRICE:  for the two quilt top kits and the threads – $350 USD + $30 shipping. (An additional $100 if you want all three tops)  ON HOLD  SOLD


NOTE: I have an extensive collection of embroidery threads and may be able to supply some of your needs from my collection.  Just ask!

Bucilla King/Queen Vintage Cross Stitch Kit

Just two more for today as my patience is about exhausted in dealing with Blogger’s various current glitches. Uploading pictures has been slow and chancy to say the least!

Above is the vintage Bucilla cross stitch quilt kit “Jacobean Garden” which as you can see is a version of the Tree of Life pattern brought to the western world with the first shipments of Indiennes prints out of India in the early 17th century. It is derived from the palampores so very popular at that time as bedcoverings. It is a very lovely kit – the colours are soft and vibrant.
This kit(a king/queen) is a rare one and I only ever saw this one that I promptly acquired. No thread kit for this one but colours and quantities are listed.
Price $225 USD + shipping
Now I’m having problems getting this post to format in the way I prefer, so please bear with me as I finish up here…..
Below is a Bucilla Vintage Cross Stitch quilt kit that is derived from traditional 19th century quilts. It is a queen sized kit and we see it shown in one colour only – which would work up quickly. It might though, make more of an impact using the strong colours so popular in both Baltimore Album quilts and the red, green and ochre quilts made in the eastern seaboard and spread westward with settlement – again your choice as there is no thread kit with it.
PRICE: $185 + shipping


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