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Vintage Applique Quilt Kits: Bucilla #3128 “Dogwood” and Bucilla #1587 “Dogwood Blossom”


Today has been just a lovely day, much more like midsummer than early fall, and it’s so nice to have the door and windows open while enjoying going back and forth to do chores that won’t be as pleasant once winter is here!

I’m reminded that shopping for the Christmas season will be upon us before we know it, so I will get busy on listing all the items in my vintage quilt kit inventory.

Below are the two lovely Bucilla applique quilt kits that have Dogwood flowers as their subject.

Above is Bucilla #1587 “Dogwood Blossoms” size 84×100. This a lovely wreath-style quilt kit in immaculate conditi

Above is Bucilla’s other kit featuring Dogwood flowers: this is Bucilla #3128 “Dogwood” and this kit, too, is in excellent condition.  This kit is also 84×100 in size and is a trellis-like design. Beautiful colours in both kits – either will become an  heirloom treasure.


Get in touch with me:  to discuss purchase. I will be happy to put a hold on either of these lovely vintage applique kits.

Talk to you soon – JANET


My inventory is complete and I am today starting to post the items I have currently for sale. I thought I’d start with these very desirable vintage applique quilt kits.
Please contact me immediately if you are interested in purchase as there is an eager group awaiting today’s post:

Above is Paragon #01147 American Glory. This is a factory sealed  90×103 (double/queen) kit in  traditional gold, green and red small prints and is based on a 19th century quilt in the Smithsonian collection. This is a rare treasure.   


SOLD May 25/11

but back in stock as of April 2013

PRICE: $395USD + $30USD postage with insurance

and tracking

CONTACT: to arrange






the fabrics included in the sealed package Bucilla Living Rose #3285


Above is a picture of the applique fabric for the Bucilla #3285 Living Rose kit.This kit is  seldom found in the secondary market these days – should you wish to see a picture of a completed quilt made from this kit, check out the picture on my previous post. I was fortunate to find this quilt from a kit and will be offering it as soon as I develop my inventory of completed quilts for sale.

Bucilla Living Rose Applique #3285 front package illustration


Above is the picture on the front of the kit package – unfortunately it is in black and white so doesn’t do justice to the lovely fabrics and embroidery.
PRICE: $400USD + $30USD shipping  = $430USD
The best find in many years is this kit  shown below: Bucilla #8814 Pansy Garden in the very desirable rose colourway – a generous 90×103 double/queen size.

contents all present in Bucilla #8814 Oansy Garden in rose colourway


Pansies seem to be the longtime favourite of women who make quilts from kits and have been number one over the years from the early 1920’s right up to the moment.

Bucilla #8814 Pansy Garden picture from package front, double size


At the same time I was negotiating for this kit, I saw a finished quilt made from this kit but in the purple/lavender colourway. I was unable to purchase that quilt as it was way over my price limit!! I guess you can’t win them all!
PRICE: $425USD + $30USD = $455USD
The kit below Bucilla #3329 Buds and Bows is another charmer.

Bucilla #3329 Rosebuds and Bows 90x103 - double/queen


This is a generously sized 90×103 double/queen with fancy quilting in the blank centre medallion and a big bouquet of pink and yellow roses in each corner. The drop has smaller bouquets with a lovely pink ribbon connecting them all.   

PRICE: $375USD + $30USD shipping = $405USD   


This is Bucilla #3128 Dogwood. This is a rare kit and seldom comes on the market.   

illustration of finished Dogwood #3128 from package front


The kit is composed of a trellis work of lovely two tone pink blossoms with green leaves and brown stems. The embroidery details suggested are very delicate and designed to enhance the effect.   

The drop is to be quilted – a simple and understated treatment that gives all the drama to the top of the bed.   

This kit has been started – in fact it’s close to half completed and by a sure and skilled hand. Your chance to pick up where the unknown  quiltmaker left off  some 50 years ago and complete a family treasure. The quilt will finish to an ample double bed size – 84×99.   

Bucilla #3128 Dogwood - actual kit in my inventory - double


PRICE: #425USD + $30USD shipping = $455USD for the unstarted, factory fresh kit 

if you are interested in the started kit, contact me  


Contact me:  for further information   

Until the next post – keep warm if you are on the northeastern seaboard and think  SPRING    

News For Lovers of Vintage Quilt Kits!

First I’d like to wish everyone a happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

A Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you!!

 And next my latest news. Over the last week, I’ve shipped a dozen lovely vintage quilt kits off to their new owners. Since the New Year, the number of kits shipped has reached 35. I want to thank all my customers, new and old for their confidence in me.
Needless to say I’ve been scrambling to acquire more treasures and have also done a careful inventory, pulling together my collection from various totes and trunks and am just about ready to show you my fresh offerings.

Bucilla Dogwood 3128 applique kit


 So today I am giving you a little preview of the listings I’ll be posting here over the next week or two. 

I want to remind you that my kits are stored in a clean dustfree and pet free environment in plastic totes. Although I cannot guarantee that the sources I acquired these kits from were tobacco smoke free, I have an extremely sensitive sniffer and there’s no trace of smoke on any of them. I am a non-smoker, my house is a smoke free zone, and I no longer share my home with any pets. So that’s about as good as it can get! 

quilt made from Living Rose bucilla 3285

 As unstarted quilt kits get harder to find, I have been considering acquiring some finished quilts that have been made from kits – above is a treasure that was made from Bucilla’s Living Rose 3285 Applique kit. It is 74×88 and I also have the kit itself – unstarted and measuring 84x 100. Pricing to come when the finished quilt and the kit are listed. If you want to discuss price or put a HOLD on any of these items shown today get in touch: 

bucilla pansy garden 8814 rose colourway

 The kit shown above – bucilla 8814 “Pansy Garden”  is a double size and I had given up the idea of ever having it in stock again. The kit came in two colour choices and this one is the rose coloured choice – striking!!! 

Watch this spot as I begin to list my treasures and be sure to contact me to put a hold on anything you are interested in purchasing – these kits don’t last long! 

Enjoy your day – and may the luck of the Irish be with you!!! 

Hugs – Janet 

Some vintage floral applique kits


Recently, I have had some enquiries regarding my inventory of vintage applique quilt kits. It is time anyway for an update, as my most recent acquisition, the very vintage Paragon Rose Wreath kit has arrived and I have had time to look it over.

PARAGON #01057 Rose Wreath Applique Kit  all cotton 80×100

As far as I can see, all the applique has been done by an expert hand and it is ready for the embroidered touches. There is ample vintage DMC embroidery floss and the previous owner has noted in her own hand the numbers, each with a sample and a note of what colour goes where. She signs it and leaves her phone number – a sweet touch. The cardboard box front is in the box, along with the top, the floss, a vintage pair of embroidery scissors, and of course the bias binding that will complete your quilt. The quilting lines are all there, waiting to guide  your handquilting stitches. There is some slight foxing, due to it having been stored in a cardboard box, but that should be ameliorated if not eliminated by a wash in a gentle oxygen based product after the quilting is done and the quilt is ready for use.

The quilt kit dates from the time before plastic was used to package everything – I would guess mid to late 40’s, so we’re talking very very early. I was very lucky to find this one!!


PRICE:  $400USD+$25USD shipping = $425USD

If purchased between now and Dec 31/10, shipping will be free within North America


This all cotton applique kit by Bucilla likely dates to the early 70’s – still vintage but not as old as some I’ve been lucky to find……. It is a double/queen and everything is there, complete as the packaging is unopened it is in mint condition.

PRICE: $275USD+$20USD postage and shipping = $295USD

If purchased between now and Dec31/10 shipping in North America will be free


BUCILLA: #3128 – Dogwood  Applique, all cotton size 84×1–

This is another lucky find – it is unopened, so in immaculate condition and the binding is enclosed. Judging by the furniture style in the photograph, I would guess the kit dates to the 1960’s

PRICE: $375USD+$20USD shipping=$395USD

If purchased between now and Dec 31/10 shipping to North American destinations will be free


BUCILLA #8602 FASCINATION applique quilt kit 81×100 all cotton – this kit has been begun by an expert hand but there is plenty remaining for you to do! A beautiful vintage kit and not one that is seen often either.

PRICE $275USD+$20USD shipping = $295USD  SOLD

If purchased before Dec 31/10 shipping within North America will be free



A note about shipping – from Canada to any point in North America tends to be fairly expensive, so as a nod to getting the best value for your Christmas shopping dollars, I am waiving shipping to any point in North America right up until New Years Eve. So if you have asked Santa for one of my gift certificates (available in any denomination) you still have a chance to order after Christmas Day and still get that bonus!

In addition, any vintage quilt kit you purchase will be packed along with three free handmade sachets filled lovely fresh lavender – this is a $25 value in itself!



Migrating My Blog

Good morning everyone. This is the last day I can post using, and while my blog is migrating to WordPress I won’t be able to post. You will still be able to see me at, but I won’t be able to tell you about all my nice new acquisitions for a while.
Recently I have found a lovely small wholecloth quilt kit, suitable for a child or  as a tabletopper, sofa throw or wallhanging.
In addition, I have  a lead on another nice Dogwood applique quilt kit by Bucilla, and a wonderful Americana applique quilt kit also by Bucilla.

If you are interested in any of my recent acquisitions, drop a line to me: and I will get back to you promptly.

Meanwhile a few pictures to tempt you!
I will not price these vintage kits until they arrive and I can examine them for cleanliness and completeness, but you can put a hold on any of them and have right of first refusal on them.
Have a lovely spring weekend!

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