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Vintage Bucilla Cross Stitch Quilt Kits

Today’s post is a selection of vintage Bucilla cross stitch quilt kits, many of which come with their complete vintage thread kits. Others I can supply with suitable colours and quantities of floss from my large collection of both vintage and more recent floss. Savings are assured with my thread kits and floss since the most recent price increases affecting cotton has placed new skeins of floss in the $1 range.

Bucilla cross stitch #1974 Berry Patch 108x103


Above is Bucilla #1974, Berry Patch a double/queen at 90×103 inches.

Bucilla Cross Stitch #2299 Songbirds double 80x96 finished size


Here is Bucilla #2299, Songbirds, a king at 108 x 103 – so springlike!!

Bucilla cross stitch #8736 Liberty or American Eagle with red and blue thread kit 90x103 double/queen


Of all the vintage cross stitch quilt kits that have passed through my hands, I think this has got to be my favourite. This beauty was based on the design of an applique quilt from the 19th century which is in the Smithsonian Institution’s collection of heritage American quilts.
At 90×103 and complete with it’s vintage thread kit in blue and red this is fine value!

 SOLD May 25/11


Bucilla cross stitch #2889 Cameo Rose started with thread kit 90x103 queen/double


Above is a view of this pretty kit Bucilla #2889, Cameo Rose, 90×103 which will come to you already started in beautiful careful stitches and with enough thread kit left to finish this lovely quilt.
All you add is love!!! And you can help me out here, gals , because I’m so-o-o tempted to work on it myself!!

Bucilla cross stitch #2889 Cameo Rose started with thread kit 90x103



Bucilla cross stitch #3328 Thistles 90x108


Above is Bucilla’s #3328, Thistles. This is a kit I’ve been wanting to acquire for years now!
Althoigh this 90×108 comes with no thread kit, there are three suggested colourways from which to choose and I can provide the large quantities needed from my personal supplies. Let me know which colourway you need and I will advise as to quantities needed and the cost.dered will ship at no extra charge)

Bucilla cross stitch #3022 Williamstown 90x103 with cadet blue thread kit


Above is Bucilla #3022, Williamstown sized at 90×103 and complete with it’s vintage thread kit in cadet blue – lovely!

Bucilla cross stitch #2009 Spanish Rose 90x103 with thread kit in old gold


And finally: Bucilla #2009, Spanish Rose a double/queen at 90×103 and complete with the vintage thread kit in old gold. And don’t you love the retro room decor – a little funky, but lots of fun – I know I get a giggle whenever I see it! The kit you are reading about is the full sized one in the bottom right hand with three motifs across, which is a more balanced look that the single bed size in te large picture.  


Remember – I can be reached at for information about availibilty and answer within hours of receiving an email request. I can put a hold on a kit for you, should you wish. Payment by mailed personal cheque or by Paypal.  





More vintage applique and cross stitch quilt kits

Seeing old friends back in inventory again is always great, but it’s even better when I find some items I’ve wanted to get hold of for years with little success because they so rarely appear on the secondary market: take a quick peek at what I have in stock and on its way to me


This one above – Cross Stitch American Eagle by Bucilla a double/queen kit is sometimes called Liberty on some packaging. This was a kit developed from a traditional pattern and was presented in time for the US Bicentennial in 1976.

PRICE: $225USD + shipping


Below is a picture of the wonderful vintage PeriLusta thread kit that goes with American Sampler

this beautiful Paragon #01171 double/queen cross stitch kit. I know the picture says it’s a single, but I just keep one picture on file. This kit is harder to find these days too, so I’m happy to have it in stock again.

PRICE: $265 USD includes the thread kit + shipping will be about $15USD


Above is the lovely Whig Rose  cross stitch Paragon kit back in stock – this time in a king sized kit – 108wide by 103 long – this will make a fabulous statement on your bed!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping


Above is “Acorn Harvest” by Bucilla #3218,  size 81×108 another traditional pattern based on 19th century heritage quilts.

PRICE: $200USD + shipping – SOLD Feb16/11


Another lovely vintage cross stitch kit by Bucilla – #2323 “Briar Rose” a double/queen at 90×103

PRICE: $200 USD + shipping   SOLD MARCH 5, 2011


Above another Bucilla #3022 Williamstown a double/queen too, 90×103

PRICE: $200USD + shipping  SOLD Feb16/11


Above is a rare find – this is the rarer version of two  applique kits done by Bucilla – this one is #1587 and is a double

As you can see, the  colours of the appliques are lovely vintage percale

PRICE: $300USD + shipping SOLD Feb16/11


After a bit of a wait, I have managed to replace my Paragon Country Garden #01175, 90×103 a double/queen – this one won’t stay in stock long, judging by my past experience!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping     


This kit is another Paragon cross stitch kit called Renaissance. It is a king size at 108 wide and 103 long. I had never seen this kit before and I’ve been collecting for years!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping  SOLD FEB 16/11


This is also a kit I had depaired of ever finding. Now, granted it came out of package with the front colour picture lost, but it has 4 pages on instructions, thread list and graphs and I think it’s fairly easy to see that it will be striking. It can be worked either in a two colour variation or in the traditional mid 19th century shades of two values of red, two of green and two of yellow. A treasure indeed!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping


And finally – nother that is new to my inventory. I’m thrilled to have this one. This is a Paragon cross stitch kit called “Iris” and is a double. The design and placement of the irises is very reminiscent of an applique pattern in te Mountain Mist Blue Book, and is very 30’s. I’m so tempted to hang on to this one and do it for myself. I need to be realistic though – too many quilts and too little time! Ah well.

PRICE: $225USD + shipping

So long for now – stay warm and safe – it was still  light way after 6PM today – spring is just around the corner.


Some recent acquisitions and some that are pending….

Recently, I’ve sold many of the vintage quilt kits I have in my inventory; and at the moment I’m very busy sourcing and acquiring new items to re-build inventory.

Thank you to all the patrons who have enquired about specific kits. My advice at the moment is that if I get back to you that I have a specific item, move quickly. This morning I sold another  vintage Tobin/Progress applique Tree of Life kit  that had just arrived at my house, and wasn’t even posted yet! A scarce item, but I will try to replace it. I have another return customer who has asked me to source a kit that isn’t in my inventory at the moment – so that is another way to avoid disappointment.

I thought I would show you several vintage cross stitch kits, the first three I have just acquired and are in transit. The last one I’m in negotiations about at the moment, but have not yet formally acquired. I am not quoting price as I like to receive the item and be sure it is everything I expected before pricing it.


Above: Paragon #00169  Iris,  double size, no thread kit – stunning

Above is Bucilla’s # 3218  Acorn Harvest, a double measuring 81×108; no threads

Above: Bucilla #2323  Briar Rose size 90×103; no threads but I have an alternative suggested thread numbers for those who would prefer a more subtle colouration – lovely tones of rose, not in your face at all.

The quilts below I hope to confirm purchase on soon.

 Above: Paragon – sorry I don’t have a number for this one yet – it is a king 108×103 – beautiful! Acquisition confirmed on Feb 15/11

Contact me if any of these offerings interest you and I hope to have them in my hands soon to inspect and formally offer for sale.

Meanwhile, stay warm and comfy as winter starts to wind down.



More Vintage Cross Stitch Quilt Kits

My final search for overlooked vintage cross stitch quilt kits took place today and I think I have them all listed now.

Above is the lovely Paragon Whig Rose 01153 single bed size 70×103 and it comes complete with the matching ruffled and embroidered  bolster cover 0153B. There is a lovely, ample thread kit with it, as shown below:

PRICE: quilt top and bolster kits complete with thread kit     $165USD+ $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD

In addition, I found a finished top, carefully and neatly done and ready to be quilted following the wash out lines that are stamped on - it is sealed, so I will only open it to ascertain size and therefore price if someone enquires – this is a special find!  THIS LOVELY TOP IS STILL AVAILABLE!


Above is Paragon American Sampler #01171  – I have both the single size 70×103, and the double which is out of the package and barely started. Appropriate thread kits for each size and they are very ample. Peri Lusta stopped manufacturing 30 to 40 years ago and is simply not available at all any more.

PRICES: Single sized with thread kit $150USD +$25 shipping;   Double with thread kit $195USD+$30 shipping   BOTH KITS ON HOLD    SOLD



Bucilla Royal Heritage in single size 72×103 is started but only just. It is shown here in neutral colours but the thread kit accompanying it is royal blue and a somewhat lighter variegated blue. It has been started in very careful and nice stitching.

Price $175USD+$25 shipping   ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Monticello -  by Bucilla #8026 – a lovely simple pattern in a single bed size. I might be able to supply threads depending on the colour chosen.

PRICE: $150USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD

Contact me for further info


I’d like to wish all my readers a very happy, prosperous and productive New Year. I have had a wonderful year in 2010 and want to thank all my valued friends and customers for making it a success.

I just conducted an inventory yesterday and am ready to list all my available vintage cross stitch quilt kits below – I hope you will enjoy browsing through them.



Above is Bucilla #48758 “Imari” this kit is double and measures 80×96 inches – a lovely interpretation of the many traditional Japanese export china patterns – striking.

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Paragon 01175 “Country Garden”  This kit is a double/queen sized at 90×103 inches and is unopened. This pattern is based on decorative arts motifs from the 19th century.

PRICE: $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Paragon #01196  “Rose Brocade”   This kit is a double size 82×97 inches and comes complete with the original factory sealed thread kit

PRICE: $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD


Above is Paragon #01167 “Baltimore Bride’s Quilt”  double size 90×103 inches and unopened. I am working one of these at the moment and they make a striking statement in a traditional room!

PRICE:$185 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is a less well known pattern – I’ve only seen it once or twice. Bucilla #8813  ”The Bride’s Quilt”  It’s a double/queen 90×103 inches and although it is shown worked in one colour, I can picture it in the shades of green, scarlet and ochre which were used in so many 19th century quilts against a white background.

PRICE: $185 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD



Above is Bucilla #1678  “Crewel Heritage” this kit is factory sealed, unopened and is a double/queen measuring 90×103. The inset picture showing three vertical rows of vining motifs is the one contained in the package.

PRICE: $185 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD    SOLD


Above is Bucilla #2299, factory sealed and unopened, a big king/queen 96×103. Exquisite design!

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is Bucilla Berry Patch, sized at 108 inches square, this is a king sized quilt.  I bought this kit over 30 years ago at Mary Maxim in Paris Ontario, when I lived there.

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is Paragon 01145 “Friendship Quilt”  an unopened kit  in single size 72×103. The kit you receive will be 2 rows by 4 rows – the central vertical row will be omitted.

PRICE: $135 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


This one is a beauty and if the same colours as suggested are used, it will be striking – I am working one at the moment and loving it! The above is Bucilla #49233 and is a double/queen 96×102 inches.

PRICE $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


This kit has variably been called “Americana Eagle” or “Liberty” and is a Bucilla. It is factory sealed and a double/queen.

PRICE: $225 USD and $25 shipping  ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Bucilla’s “Regency” an exquisite and understated kit that is worked with two shades of neutral beige and some gold filament (if desired) on an eggshell coloured 100% backing. Double sized I think but the thread kit is for a king sized so you will have plenty.

PRICE: $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is Bucilla #3022, an unopened double/queen sized at 90×103.

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD

Above is Paragon’s #00164 “Remembrance”   I have two single bed sized kits (72×103) and there may be a third in my inventory – a complete range of threads needed and much more than what is needed – hence the third kit could be done using them.

PRICE:  for the two quilt top kits and the threads – $350 USD + $30 shipping. (An additional $100 if you want all three tops)  ON HOLD  SOLD


NOTE: I have an extensive collection of embroidery threads and may be able to supply some of your needs from my collection.  Just ask!


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