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Vintage Bucilla Applique Quilt Kit – Pansy Garden #8814


Bucilla Pansy Garden #8814 Applique Quilt Kit 90×103

Today I want to show you a lovely vintage applique quilt kit. This kit is one I’ve only had in stock once before and it wasn’t long before it flew out the door. 

This time, the kit is available in the alternate colour choice, which is two lovely shades of rose.
Bucilla Pansy Garden #8814 Applique Quilt kit

Having seen it now in both colour choices I would be hard pressed to choose my favourite, but think it may be the rose colourway. Although this kit has been opened, it is unstarted and in beautiful condition and of course, includes the pre-made binding to complete it. Bucilla #8814 Pansy Garden, 90×103 applique quilt kit. 

PRICE: $400USD + $30USD shipping = $430USD
Contact me to purchase and I will place a hold on this item



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