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Bucilla Applique Quilt Kit #8525 – Colonial Bouquet

I’ve been mulling over the content of my upcoming January 2013 Nova Scotia Quilts Newletter and thinking of topics, new acquisitions (I have a few hot ones I won’t reveal here on the site until newsletter members have had first dibs on them!), and what sort of special offer I can make that will help you in the long, cold and financially tight months after the Holiday season. 

I’m thinking at some point in those dreary winter months I should have a “Sale of the Year” with prices chopped  – wouldn’t that be nice?

Thing is, though that only newsletter subscribers are going to even know there is a special offer available.

Would you like to know? Last month I offered 15% off the first kit and 20% off the next ones of equal or lesser value. Pretty good – but I can do better – and I’m planning to! If you’d like to know what the code is for the special offer and which new acquisitions are up for grabs, just send me an email – – and put “Sign me up” in the message and I’ll add you to the list. No obligation and I will never reveal your name or email to anyone else. You can unsubscribe at any time, too. Give it a try – get in on the sale of the year.

And don’t forget that right now shipping for all of North America is free, and that applies to everyone.


Below is the cover shot of an earlier Bucilla applique quilt kit # 8525 – probably dating to the early 1960’s, in double/queen size.  

 As you can see, one has been started, and the remaining stamped fabrics to complete this one have been lost. I do, however have a second kit, also in the lovely shades of rose, and this one is complete and unopened.

 I’m offering several purchase options on this duo:

Prices: the pair as described $595USD + $40USD Postage.

                 the complete and unstarted kit $395USD + $30 shipping

                the started and missing coloured fabric to complete -  $225USD + $30USD shipping - you will need to find matches 

 Above and below are shots of the stamped applique fabric, plus the binding and stems.

Remember to sign up for the newsletter and keep informed of the big members only sale coming up soon –  to tell me you want to sign up!

Keep warm folks, and if you’re on the Atlantic seaboard watch out for the snowstorm coming. Now back to carrying wood in to the house!

Cheers – Janet!

Bucilla Vintage Applique Quilt Kit #8525 Colonial Bouquet

Above is the picture on the front cover of this recently acquired pair of 90×103 double/queen vintage applique quilt kits by Bucilla #8525 Colonial Bouquet in the salmon pink colour choice. The first of this lovely pair is still in its original folds and is complete and unstarted. The second of the pair has been started by an expert hand, but unfortunately, the  pattern fabrics are no longer with the kit. It is possible to match the fabrics, but the double pink in the dark salmon may prove impossible to match exactly. I have lots of choices of repro 19th century double pinks to supply so maybe the second quilt will be a “scrappy” applique. Ask me.

Remember to click on the smaller pictures for enlargement in order to study detail. You have two choices for purchasing  – you can either choose to buy both kits together, either with or without some fabric matches chosen from my huge stash of period and repro fabrics, or you can choose either the unstarted

kit or the started one to purchase seperately.

As you can see, the unstarted kit has lovely fabrics and a large amount of binding and flower stems, both pre-made bias.

PRICE: the pair #8525 Colonial Bouquet, as described $595USD for both + $30USD  shipping = $625US


                 #8525 unstarted and all complete $395USD +  $20USD shipping = $415USD


               #8525 started and incomplete $225USD + $20USD shipping =  $245USD

Contact me – to discuss purchase – get me to put a hold on this lovely item – it won’t last!


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