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From time to time, I have one or the other of these pretty vintage Bucilla Applique quilt kits in stock.Above is Dogwood #3128, and pictured below is Dogwood Blossoms #1587. Both these kits, which are prized by collectors and date to the early 1970’s don’t stay in stock long.

I’m pretty sure I have one or possibly both of these vintage quilt kits in stock, and plan to do an inventory between Christmas and New Year, but will check sooner than that if you request it.

PRICE:  $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425  for either of these lovely kits


I was talking to a good customer of mine yesterday who is working on one of the Bucilla vintage kits because she loves and misses the dogwood flowers seen in her native Kentucky – so of course, I had to send her the pictures I have posted below!

I recently acquired this completed quilt top: this treasure is waiting to be handquilted and is marked for stunning and profuse quilting of feather garlands on a background grid and should be a striking addition to your home.

This Progress kit is called Dogwood Medallion and is #1354 and was put out in 1943, it will finish to 79×97 as all the Progress kits do. It was shown as “Apple Blossom” in the Herrschner’s catalogue. 

I suspect because America had just entered the war after the attack on Pearl Harbour late in 1942, that production was soon cut short and this may be part of the reason why this lovely vintage kit is so scarce today. I have waited years for this one and don’t expect another to come my way!

PRICE: $450USD + $30USD shipping with tracking and insurance


 Remember, until December 31 you will have free shipping within North America for all purchases.

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A little Christmas cheer in the way of our first real snowfall today – but now it’s raining and very sloppy.  I’ll check with you all soon!

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Traditional unbleached 100% cotton muslin quilt backings

the label on the quilt backs from Hearthside Quilts


Those of you  reading this who complete antique and vintage quilt tops, vintage quilt kits including applique and cross stitch, and who like to work wholecloth quilts  will be interested to hear that I recently acquired several of these 100% unbleached cotton quilt backs in a queen/king size – at 96×108 inches these backings will suit most of the larger kits and tops out there. No piecing, no sourcing of extra wide fabric and at a reasonable price too – there are only a few and when they are gone I’m unlikely to have more, so contact me if you would like to reserve these.  

Price: 100% cotton muslin, unbleached, made in the USA expressly for Hearthside Quilts of Vermont, sized at 96×108  each one   $40USD + $10USD shipping = $50     Shipping will be combined for multiple purchases  – NOTE! ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD! 

CONTACT ME TO RESERVE ONE OR MORE of these great backings!  



Most of my life I have been a terrible packrat and collector and I have come to the realization that I need to start weeding out my collections – have made a New Year’s resolution to do that and it may be easier than the second one to get fitter and lose some weight. I need to concentrate specially my collections of vintage quilt kits, both cross stitched (Paragon and Tobin)and applique and Doublestencil Smithsonian whole cloth and wholecloths embellished with needleturn applique.
In addition I have a huge supply of fabrics, mostly 19th century reproduction, amish-style solids and 1930’s both repro and genuine feedsack. As well I have a fair supply of 1970’s and 80’s tiny flowered calicos. Time to get sewing on my own planned projects so I will only rarely now be accepting commissions to hand quilt others’ quilt tops and now and then will accept a quilt restoration if I am intrigued enough. I am hoping my new commission clients may be interested in letting me surprise them after choosing colours and type of quilt – my creative juices are currently becoming frustrated! I have many antique and vintage quilt tops to be finished too.
As well, I have collected and dealt in Nova Scotian Folk Art for at least 30 years and am planning on keeping only a few sentimental pieces such as the fine Elmer Killen carving of a man and team plowing, which was left to me in my mother’s estate.
I also have smalls of all sorts to go.
Basically I’d suggest you contact me with your wish list and we’ll see what we can find – once the snow is gone and the tourists are here again I will be open 7 days a week and expect my collections to move fast, so perhaps checking out my inventory now is a good idea!
I am reaching the point in life where I want to do more of my own design projects and am also embarking on teaching online as my main occupation, so it makes sense to downsize. As well I am looking at some fairly extensive maintainance for my almost 200 year old home so reducing the stuff that will need to be pushed around from place to place makes a lot of sense to me!!!.


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