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Franklin Mint’s Thirteen Colonies Quilt Kit

Below is a picture of the Franklin Mint Thirteen Colonies album style quilt kit offered by them in 1984 – sized 86×102 this is an ample queen size and was designed by Chris Wolf Edmonds who was one of the foremost designers during this period of resurgence of interest in quiltmaking that followed the American Bicentennial.

I have been watching and waiting for over 10 years for an opportunity to acquire this rare and sought after quilt kit – but no luck; until just after Christmas when I found this ‘quilt kit in progress’ in the secondary market.

Still in the  sturdy original box (see picture below) this kit has 25 already completed blocks. All that needs to be done is to join the central blocks as shown, with the thin strips and then complete the side and top and bottom  appliques and sawtooth borders and prepare for quilting.

Of course, I’m suggesting hand quilting – the work done so far merits the extra effort of handquilting to make it into the heirloom it will become in your family.

Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, and still packed in the original very sturdy box.

Here is a shot of some of the clearly identified packets of pre-cut pieces – all materials needed to complete the quilt are present.

And just in case you wish to add these great templates that were used in the making of the album blocks  to your pattern collection – here they are ready for you to try your hand at replicating the blocks already made!

This partially completed kit is being offered for a limited time after which i will move it to my personal collection and complete it to pass on within my own family – I don’t really expect to find another one.

PRICE: Franklin Mint 13 Colonies Quilt kit 86×102 partially completed   $375  Note” Shipping fee in Norh America


Additional pictures added on April 1/12 – ENJOY!


Contact me if you wish more pictures:

ON HOLD  march 31/12  and SOLD – but….

in case you’d

 like to make your version from scratch, I can supply

 instruction booklet and templates – if you’re an

experienced quiltmaker, this is all you need! contact

 me: janet@novascotiaquilts to order today! Paypal or

 personal cheque or international postal money order

 in USD accepted.


100% cotton Progress Vintage Applique Quilt Kits for sale

I’ve carefully examined and inventoried a large group of vintage quilt kits I’ve just acquired.
Here is the information on a group of six Progress Applique Quilt Kits, dating from the late 50’s and early 60’s – these are classic in design and range from the very subtle Progress #1462 – Majestic Poppy, which I posted about last time: click this link to view lots of derails on this beautiful kit – I am finding myseld so-o-o tempted to start this one, but I’ll hold off and give my customers first dibs!
The others  are  classics in jewel bright, glowing colours enhanced by touches of hand embroidery.

Progress #1492 Tree of Life 79x97


Tree of Life – #1492 is a perennial favourite, and is hard to keep in stock. I have it on hand again, and am offering it in sealed condition!  

PRICE: Tree of Life, double    $395USD + $30USD Shipping = $425USD

Progress #1496 Americana (Eagle and Stars) 71x97 finished size


The above quilt kit, is another favourite, being a patriotic quilt which has been available in one form or another since the late 1800’s – this is a winner as it’s a more subtle, traditional quilt than the red white and blue ones and will suit a period room so well!  

PRICE: Americana, double, $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425 USD  


Progress #1507 Garden Flowers 79x97 finished size


This one is absolutely breathtaking!! One that seldom appears on the secondary market – I had it only once before, and had pretty much decided I wouldn’t find it again. but here it is!  

PRICE: Garden Flowers, double 79×97  $395USD + $30USD Shipping = $425 USD

Progress #1553 Majestic 79x97 finished size


I recently sold the Majestic I had listed, but bonus! it appeared in the large group I recently acquired. So here it is again folks – it is based on the classic chintz palampores that came out of the Coromandel coast of India in the late 17th century, and took Europe by storm – they are still being manufactured by den Haan and Wagenmakker in Holland and I have my eye on one!!!  

Price: Majestic  double 79×97 finished size   $395USD _ $20USD Shipping = $415USD 




Below is Progress #1403  The Iris, double sized finishes to 79×97. This is a lovely kit – very midcentury in feeling and showing lovely colour variations. This is the earlier version in cotton – the later one features 50/50 cotton polyester and is less desirable.  


PRICE: The Iris $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425USD  

To discuss details on any of these vintage quilt kits, or place a HOLD on one of them, contact me I am happy to accept mailed personal cheques and also am accepting Paypal these days. Shipping takes place the next business day after receipt of payment, and a tracking number is provided for your peace of mind. Contact me too about any requests for special orders you may have – I check the secondary market often and am always on the look out for kits for special requests.   


I’d like to wish all my readers a very happy, prosperous and productive New Year. I have had a wonderful year in 2010 and want to thank all my valued friends and customers for making it a success.

I just conducted an inventory yesterday and am ready to list all my available vintage cross stitch quilt kits below – I hope you will enjoy browsing through them.



Above is Bucilla #48758 “Imari” this kit is double and measures 80×96 inches – a lovely interpretation of the many traditional Japanese export china patterns – striking.

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Paragon 01175 “Country Garden”  This kit is a double/queen sized at 90×103 inches and is unopened. This pattern is based on decorative arts motifs from the 19th century.

PRICE: $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Paragon #01196  “Rose Brocade”   This kit is a double size 82×97 inches and comes complete with the original factory sealed thread kit

PRICE: $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD


Above is Paragon #01167 “Baltimore Bride’s Quilt”  double size 90×103 inches and unopened. I am working one of these at the moment and they make a striking statement in a traditional room!

PRICE:$185 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is a less well known pattern – I’ve only seen it once or twice. Bucilla #8813  ”The Bride’s Quilt”  It’s a double/queen 90×103 inches and although it is shown worked in one colour, I can picture it in the shades of green, scarlet and ochre which were used in so many 19th century quilts against a white background.

PRICE: $185 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD



Above is Bucilla #1678  “Crewel Heritage” this kit is factory sealed, unopened and is a double/queen measuring 90×103. The inset picture showing three vertical rows of vining motifs is the one contained in the package.

PRICE: $185 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD    SOLD


Above is Bucilla #2299, factory sealed and unopened, a big king/queen 96×103. Exquisite design!

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is Bucilla Berry Patch, sized at 108 inches square, this is a king sized quilt.  I bought this kit over 30 years ago at Mary Maxim in Paris Ontario, when I lived there.

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is Paragon 01145 “Friendship Quilt”  an unopened kit  in single size 72×103. The kit you receive will be 2 rows by 4 rows – the central vertical row will be omitted.

PRICE: $135 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


This one is a beauty and if the same colours as suggested are used, it will be striking – I am working one at the moment and loving it! The above is Bucilla #49233 and is a double/queen 96×102 inches.

PRICE $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


This kit has variably been called “Americana Eagle” or “Liberty” and is a Bucilla. It is factory sealed and a double/queen.

PRICE: $225 USD and $25 shipping  ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Bucilla’s “Regency” an exquisite and understated kit that is worked with two shades of neutral beige and some gold filament (if desired) on an eggshell coloured 100% backing. Double sized I think but the thread kit is for a king sized so you will have plenty.

PRICE: $225 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD


Above is Bucilla #3022, an unopened double/queen sized at 90×103.

PRICE: $195 USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD

Above is Paragon’s #00164 “Remembrance”   I have two single bed sized kits (72×103) and there may be a third in my inventory – a complete range of threads needed and much more than what is needed – hence the third kit could be done using them.

PRICE:  for the two quilt top kits and the threads – $350 USD + $30 shipping. (An additional $100 if you want all three tops)  ON HOLD  SOLD


NOTE: I have an extensive collection of embroidery threads and may be able to supply some of your needs from my collection.  Just ask!


The other day I was going through my inventory of vintage quilt kits and realized that I have many I haven’t yet posted. So I’ve just spent the afternoon taking photographs and noting down details about each kit. All these kits have been carefully stored and in some cases are still unopened from the factory.

If you see a kit you would like to purchase, email me and I will reserve it for you and give you payment details.

Above is a Paragon #01188 Applique quilt kit, 100% cotton and 82×97 or double bed size. It is a Baltimore style design in shades of blue and rose calico and solids – really pretty!! It is called “Garden Bouquet” and I’ve been waiting a long time to find this one aain!

Price: for Paragon Garden Bouquet $275 USD + $25 SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $300 USD




Above is Paragon’s vintage applique quilt kit “American Glory”  #00147; 81×97 inches worked in reproduction calico and pre-dating  the bicentennial in 1976 by quite a few years. All pieces are 100% cotton and are to be appliqued onto 100% ecru cotton. It should make a lovely statement on an antique bed.  This is a very rare quilt!
PRICE: $300USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of  $325  USDOO


Next up is a Progress Applique quilt kit called “Americana”  , 81×97 inches finished size. This kit is one a whie background with the eagle and stars appliqued in a lovely shade of ochre . Again, this kit was inspired by the bicentennial but appeared on the market some time before that date. Patriotic quilts had a new popularity at the end of the Second World War and the Korean conflict and haven’t yet waned in popularity. All materials again are 100% cotton and Progress kits are known for their quality.

PRICE $275 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $300 USD



The quilt kit below is another Progress #1507  full sized kit – 79×97 finished size. It makes a bold 70’s statement with the “Garden Flowers” in a central oval cartouche with swags in each corner on the border of the quilt. All 100% cotton and lovely calico prints. In immaculate condition too!

PRICE: $250 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $275 USD for “Garden Flowers”



The above , of course, is a classic and it has been out of stock for some time. At last I found one! Progress vintage Tree of Life Applique quilt kit 79×97 completely intact right down to the calico bias binding and carefully stored – you’ll love this one – 100% cotton materials.

PRICE: $275 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $300 USD.



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More vintage Bucilla and Paragon quilt kits

Here are several pictures of cross stitch quilt kits I currently have for sale.
The first pictire is of the thread kit that goes with the cs quilt kit “Americana Eagle” by Bucilla – the kit is a double, cut size is 90×103.This quilt kit was produced by Bucilla as a premium with saved purchase vouchers from 16 Mule Team Borax during centennial year – 1976 – I can only guess at how many boxes of Mule team you had to buy!!! Lol.


Above is a very recent purchase I have made – this is a very rare one and I have been watching for it for a long time now! Again, this is a double/queen Paragon cross stitch kit dated 1974 #01119 measuring 97×97. No thread kit.
SOLD April 15/09 Price: $200

Thanks to all the folks who have come out and visited this weekend. Stayed tuned for a post Thanksgiving announcement of my Christmas Open House schedule!


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