A running record of my current inventory

On this page, I will  be keeping a list of the vintage kits I currently have in inventory, along with a link to the post in which they are described. I hope this will be helpful for you.

For more information, or to purchase, contact me: janet@novascotiaquilts.com

It may take a few weeks for it to be complete, but after it is, I will be regularly deleting kits that are sold, and adding kits that are new. Enjoy!



#01188 Garden Bouquet


#01128 American Eagle


#01147 American Glory 



#01057  Wild Rose Wreath


#01130 Rose of Sharon


Holly Hobbie 34×55 dated 1972 – polyester/cotton printed panel with floss and batting and backing



#01171 American Sampler with floss kithttp://www.novascotiaquilts.com/2011/03/vintage-progress-and-paragon-cross-stitch-quilt-kits.html

#01167 Baltimore Bride’s Quilt  with  floss kit, double


#01164 Remembrance with floss kit


#01193 Rosebud with floss kit


#01172 Colonial Plymouth, no floss kit


#01199 Oak Leaf with floss kit


#01111 Tradition, no floss kit

#0111 Tradition, partially finished w floss to complete


#01153 Whig Rose 108×103 King sized



#01153 Whig Rose  72×103 completed and ready to quilt

#01198 American with floss kit

#01142 Snowflower, no floss kit


#01179 Renaissance, no floss kit


#01178 Tulip Time, no floss kit


#01189 Americana (cross stitch  version of American Glory Appl) with floss kit



Virginia Reel – cross stitch and piecing complete w floss


Baby Quilt Kit w pillow, by Sister Berta Hummel w all floss, lace etc to finish




#1492 Tree of  Life

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  • You have a quilt cross stitch kit #3633 listed here and it is named DAISY GINGHAM. I have called Bucilla Company and they will not do anything to help me now. I first called on 11-30-2011 and unfortunately I did not write the lady’s name down that I talked to who told me she would mail a copy of the instruction sheet to me. I still haven’t received it so I called again today. This lady I just talked to didn’t help me at all. All I need is a copy of the instruction sheet that came with the kit for a full size Quilt. I am 80 years old and ran across the unfinished quilt top during a major house cleaning of the house I have lived in for over 46 years. I have had it in my “stuff” probably for over twenty or 30 years. I would like to finish it . I have checked for floss and have found the right colors and have matched the ones I was using perfectly. She wouldn’t help me because she their kit numbers don’t have just 4 numbers in them. Said I had to have the bill of sale and had to have bought it from them.Who keeps a receipt for 20 or 30 years??!! Please how can I just get a copy of the instructions sheet? I guess I will just have to struggle along the best I can do. Thanks, for any help you can be . Patty Mundell

  • janet:

    I answered Patty privately – in general, if I have an opened copy of a specific kit I will get a professional copy made of the instructions/chart for x-stitch etc. Due to the cost of copying, envelope, mailing and gas to take me to those [places where I can get this done, I’m afraid there is a charge to cover this service. If the kit is unopened, it’s value will be decreased so I must decline to do so.

  • Hi, A customer has sent me a quilt top to quilt. It was cross stitched by a deceased relative. We are trying to determine the date for it to decide who stitched it. I have determined that it is the Bucilla Briar Rose quick cross stitch quilt top. Stitched in yellow, orange, green and blue. The family thinks it is from pre 1930. My thought is that it is newer. Would you have any idea on this?
    I enjoy your website, lots of great quilts. You are good at finding the good stuff! Thanks, Carolyn

  • janet:

    Hi Carolyn: The kit isn’t as early as that – it seems to have been available in the 1970’s. It’s lovely isn’t it?
    Keep watching – I am always acquiring new stock as old stock of mine sells.


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