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Pre-inventory sale!

If there’s one thing I hate doing it has to be inventory, so the logical thing to do is have a sale before I have to count and check and recheck.

Soooooo – if you’d like to get hold of two or more of my ‘gettoing scarcer”vintage kits, tell me your best price for each one you want and if I agree with ou – then the treasures are yours!

Get a group of gals from your quilt group together for even bigger savings – it pays to think big!!

This is an example of some of the rare and lovely cross stitch quilts I have by Paragon, Bucilla, Lee Wards, and several other makers

In addition I have many rare and lovely vintage applique kits such as the beauty below and of course I have a choice variety of wholecloth quilt kits in all sizes and your choice of ecru or antique white.

Below ios one of the loveliest wholecloth kits I have – it can be used as a tablecloth or drape it around your xmas tree next year – thin angead!

Basically all my pre-inventory stock is shown in back pages of this blog.I have been following the market and finding good items are hard to find and prices for all desirable vintage items have skyrocketed in the secondary market. Prices are volatile and getting more so – waatch for a coming soon article onn the issues in the secondary market for vintage quilt kits. And watch too for a special article on “waifs and Strays” once I have looked through my inventory.

Have a lovely early spring day – where I am we atre shovelling today!


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