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It’s finally beginning to warm up and it looks like spring is almost here. I still need the woodstove going many days, but in a few short weeks the world will start to look as green as this picture of my home in springtime a few years ago. I’ve raked the leaves off the bed of columbines near the steps and this week will sow some mesclun mix in a big terra cotta pot for the deck – where I will just step outside the door for fresh salad leaves. And, of course, pulling weeds will come next!


Meanwhile I’m going to treat you today to some classic Paragon Needlework applique quilt kits from the forties, fifties and 60’s. Some of these are extremely hard to find. I have seen them only once or twice in the secondary market and not at all recently. When these are gone, I am afraid they may be gone for good. All are in very good condition and have been stored carefully. Several have been started and have been done with great skill. Others are in mint condition, complete and ready for you to start.


Above is the illustration on the box front of Paragon’s #1057 Rose Wreath, sized 80×100. Quilt kits ceased to be packaged in a box sometime in the mid to late 40’s so I am judging the age of this kit to be at least 65 years old. It has been worked by a careful and very skilled quiltmaker and is ready for you to put on the finishing touches with embroidery and then quilt it. It will be an instant heritage quilt to add to your collection or to give to someone dear to you.

Here is a close up if the lovely work that has been done . There are twelve sweet, traditional rose wreaths

And above, an overview of the whole quilt – this one really gets the creative juices flowing, and every time I look at this kit I’m tempted to finish it myself – but I can’t keep them all!

PRICE: Paragon #1057, 100% cotton quilt kit for applique  80×100 - complete and ready to finish:

                                           $395USD + $30USD shipping, tracking & insurance = $425USD total

Contact me if you want more information


Next, Paragon’s Rose of Sharon #1130. This quilt kit has been started by a confident and capable quiltmaker, but these is still a lot to do on this one.  This is another rare one, measuring 90×105 or a queen size. This dates it in my mind to the late 60’s when people began to move toward  larger beds – in addition, the illustration is in black and white – a feature of the earlier kits’ packaging.

The fabrics used are careful reproductions  of much earlier fabrics found in mid to later 19th century quilts, as is the pattern.

This is the lovely vining border of rosebuds and leaves – classic in earlier applique quilts in North America.

Shown above, the pieces to make one of the lovely large blocks

And above in this picture you get a much clearer view of the lovely reproduction fabrics – double pinks and a dark green with chrome yellow detail – and the painstaking applique stitches – this is going to be a family treasure!!

PRICE: PARAGON ROSE OF SHARON #1130 90×105 100% cotton, started

                      $395USD + $30USD shipping, tracking and insurance = $425USD

  Contact me  for purchase details


Shown above is a baltimore album style quilt kit by Paragon  – this is Garden Bouquet sized 82×97 0f 100%cotton. The colour choices have been softened and updated to those popular in the early 1970’s and this lovely vintage quilt kit will make a statement in your home and be a treasure to pass on to your children.

PRICE: Paragon’s Garden Bouquet – sealed in plastic 82×97 $395USD + $30USD shipping, tracking and insurance = $425USD total

To put a hold on this lovely kit, email


And finally, two lovely patriotic quilt kits in applique, both by Paragon:

Above is Paragon American Glory 01147 this is worked on an ecru background in 100% cotton fabrics reproduced from 19th c quilt fabric and the design is a very old, traditional eagle and liberty bell in the traditional red, green and ochre so evocative of the mid 19th century.

 The specific kit shown above dates to pre-1963  and has been started, but in addition I also have an unstarted one.


PRICE FOR EITHER KIT: PARAGON  AMERICAN GLORY #01147, 82×97 $395USD + $30USD postage, insurance and tracking = $425USD total


And finally, an early patriotic quilt kit probably late 50’s early 60’s, this is Paragon’s American Eagle #01128 , size is 82×97 and again, I have one kit that has been started, and one still in factory folds in the original package. This kit features the eagle surrounded by 13 stars of the original 13 colonies and is edged by a swag border in the 19thc style. Applique is done in ochre for a subdued and subtle statement.

Either of these quilt kits could be finished in time for the July 1 holiday and would look lovely in your home.

PRICE: AMERICAN  EAGLE PARAGON # 01147   $395USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking = $425USD total


A WORD ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE: all purchases are given my personal attention – answering your emails, sending out billing information, checking, packing and shipping each parcel. All items are adequately insured, have tracking numbers and move to you by airmail, and I watch their progress keenly until I know they have arrived safely.

I have the largest inventory of vintage quilt kits of any business in North America and if an item is not in my inventory, leave your wish list with me and I will try to source it for you.

From time to time I can also provide other quilting supplies, like quilting thrad, 100% cotton Quilter’s Dream Request brand batting and wide quilt backs. This service is offered to those quiltmakers who live in areas not well served by local quilt shops.

Payments are accepted using personal cheques in USD mailed to me, or International Postal Money orders, again in USD, also mailed to me. If you prefer the speed and convenience of Paypal, just ask me to send an invoice to you and you can choose to pay from your bank account, Paypal balance or a credit card through Paypal. All shipments re made within a day or two of payment and there is no waiting for your personal cheque to clear.


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The next newsletter is coming out later this week – make sure you get it!!



QUILT SHOW AND SALE, Hall’s Harbour, NS, Sept 28 & 29, 2013



It hardly seems possible that what we started as an experiment so long ago has prospered and grown year by year to a two day show that has brought people from all over North America and from Europe too! Below are some pictures taken mainly at last year’s show, but one or two taken from  previous years too. All profits from commission on sales, free will offerings and bake table go to this lovely small heritage church and last year we cleared just over a thousand dollars. 


A photo of the lovely heritage church, dating from first settlement of the area – after a few years of worshipping in local homes, the church was built circa 1840 


The Sunday School/Fellowship room was built on about 25 years ago, providing a meeting room and washroom facilities. We sell smaller quilted items, knitwear, baked goods and quilters’ gently used items here, and have seating for enjoying chat, light refreshments and a little rest. The sale is staffed by myself, a couple of fellow quilters from the community and several members of the church who run the bake table, serve refreshments and talk about the history of the church and cemetery, and families in the harbour and surrounding area.  We are fortunate to have keen historians available during the show, as well as dedicated quiltmakers! 


Another view of the Fellowship Room, me watching a customer trying on one of the sweaters for sale last year. Her husband provided several of the photos used in this post – thanks. 


A still functioning and very ornate kerosene chandelier at the front of the church. Note too the beautifully handcrafted pews, painted and faux woodgrained with the original numbers. The beautiful wainscotting matches the pews and similar wainscotting is seen in some of the homes in the community that date to first settlement.  

The church also preserves the collection box which was sent along the pews on a stick by one of the church officers. Note the original wide plank floors under the carpet runner. The windows are unadorned by stained glass. 


An overview of the pews, covered in lovely quilts.  The Minister, Mike is checking one of them out. A wonderful assortment, mainly one of a kind, and there were several antique quilts and many vintage quilts  for sale too. Also quilts in all sizes from wallhanging, tabletopper, crib and youth bed quilts right up through twin, double/queen and king sized – something for everyone and at reasonable prices with 20% going to the church – a win/win situation. 


Mark your calendar now and be sure to attend, and hopefully show some quilts or consign us some of your unused quilting gizmos and goodies. We’re waiting to welcome you and you’ll have a wonderful day out among friendly people in an area of fabulous natural scenery. Visit us!!  

To find out more or arrange to enter your quilts and goodies, contact me 




All sorts of things turned up in the inventory I recently did of my stock of vintage applique, cross stitch and wholecloth kits.  One of the most striking things I began to notice as i went through container after container of kits was the large number of cross stitch quilt kits I have with their floss kits attached or vintage skeins of embroidery floss that the owner had purchased and put with her kit. So, without further rambling comment, I’m going to show you loads of pictures and tell you how you can own one of these lovely kits cmplete with floss so you can start working on it as soon as it arrives.

(By the way, I managed somehow to get some pictures out of order – this picture below  goes with the description of ‘Remembrance’ a few jumps below – sorry!!)



Above, I’m showing a partially completed kit called “Lancaster”, by Bucilla  #3637 , in double bed size- this comes with sufficient floss in two shades of blue to finish this quilt top. In addition I have another unstarted kit that comes complete with the untouched floss kit in gold. Choose either!

PRICE: LANCASTER unstarted, in gold:  $290USD includs floss kit + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking

                 LANCASTER partially completed with floss: $290USD + $30 shipping, insurance and tracking


Above is shown Bucilla’s Regency $3376, a lovely classic pattern based on a 19th century quilt. This double bed sized kit comes complete with the floss kit, wich includes a gold blending filament to enhance the design. This filament was not found in all the floss kits, and is impossible to source new now – I know, as I tried to help a quilter source some and had no success.

PRICE: Bucilla #3376 “Regency” double  $290USD floss kit included + $30shipping, tracking and insurance


Below, there is a photo of one of two identical single bed sized (72×103) kits  Remembrance that come complete with floss – one of them has been started and the other is unopened – the floss must have been seperately sourced, since it is Peri Lusta which was the gold standard in floss and is no longer being produced.

I’m not positive, but I may also have a double bed sized quilt kit in this pattern – contact me –  if you’d like me to look and see if I do……………..

PRICE: a pair of “Remebrance” single sized quilt kits with floss  $375USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking



 Here is “Songbirds” which has got to be one of the prettiest kits around! double bed size and unopened floss kit.

PRICE: Songbirds   $290USD, floss kit included + $30USD shipping, tracking and insurance 


 Another sweet kit – lots of roses – Briar Rose – in the pink colourway floss kit included as shown on this double bed sized quilt kit.

PRICE:  Briar Rose double size with floss  $290USD + $30 shipping, tracking and insurance


 Above is the Double bed sized Spanish Rose kit – meant to be embroidered in one colour, this comes with the gold floss kit.  A very special price for this lovely vintage quilt kit with floss.

PRICE: $275USD floss included + $30USD shipping, tracking and insurance


 Above is Bucilla #3218 Acorn Harvest in double/queen – 90×103 complete with floss kit in lovely autumn colours. This pattern follows a traditional oak leaf and acorn wreath pattern popular in applique quilts before 1900 

PRICE:  $290USD + $30USD shipping, traking and insurance


Above is the lovely vintage Bucilla cross stitch quilt kit Williamstown, and you can take your choice of either a deep red or a darker blue when you purchase it complete with floss kit. This kit is 90×103 so will fit a queen sized mattress.

PRICE:  Williamstown by Bucilla 90×103 complete with floss kit $290USD + $30USD shipping, tracking and insurance



Another great kit – this one is “Berry Patch” by Bucilla complete with a sealed floss kit. This double cross stitch quilt kit was manufactured in 1974. A lovely choice – this wil be an heirloom to pass down in your family if you hoose to make it.

PRICE:  Berry Patch by Bucilla double size complete with floss kit  $290USD + $30USD shipping, tracking and insurance


Another double bed sized quilt kit, this is “Gingham Daisy” by Bucilla #3633, and comes complete with the floss kit to complete it. A sweet quilt to make for a teen daughter or grand daughter, this one should be fun to do.

PRICE: Gingham Daisy #3633 by Bucilla $290USD + $30USD shipping, insurance and tracking





Below are two kits complete with floss in a size that is hard to find. These quilts, when fished will fit a twin bed in the case of Seven Seas, or a youth bed in the case of Jack and Jill. Both these kits are manufactured in the USA by Bucilla.

It’s hard to find a kit that is appropriate for a boy, and this one is very well suited, with its nautical motif and dark, strong colours for the embroidery – ideal for a young boy who has outgrown the babyish cartoon themed bedding popular these days. The quilt finishes to 64×90 so will be useful for a long time as a bed quilt. The floss supplied is shown below.

PRICE: Twin sized “Seven Seas” by Bucilla complete with floss $195USD + $25 shipping, insurance and tracking


And finally, a classic 1950’s kit by Bucilla: Jack and Jill, measuring  54×72 to fit a twin as a coverlet, or a youth bed as a quilt – this one also has the floss supplied in the package. This  is a natural for that retro decorated nursery!!!

PRICE: $175USD includes floss + $25 shipping, insurance and tracking


If you wish to find out more, or proceed to purchase – contact me   I accept personal cheques and ihnternational postal money orders in USD mailed to me, or can send you a paypal invoice. Shipping takes place after payment is received.





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