Progress #1492 Tree of Life applique quilt kit back in stock!


It’s back in stock!!!! This is one of America’s favourite vintage kits and I have found another so I can tell you I have it in stock and ready to ship!!

This lovely kit, dating from the 1950’s is of 100% cotton, and the colours are as fresh and bright as they were some 60 years ago. Ready for you to applique and fnish, and then to proudly display in your home, the quilt kit finishes to 79×97 – a double/queen size.

The above shot shows you the lovely range of solid colours and vintage prints ready for you to cut and applique – comes complete with stitch charts and directions to complete.

PRICE: #1492 Progress Tree of Life, 79×97:  $395USD + $25 shipping with insurance and tracking= $420USD

Contact me: to arrange purchase, using personal cheque, International Postal Money Order or instantly pay with Paypal for rapid shipping

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4 Responses to “Progress #1492 Tree of Life applique quilt kit back in stock!”

  • olga:

    I am interested in getting the stencil pattern for this quilt, not necessarily the kit.

    I love the pattern, but would like to choose my own fabric. Is that possible?


  • janet:

    Hi Olga: This pattern – Tree of Life – had it’s roots in the cotton handprinted cottoins which began to reach Europe from the Indian sub-continent in the 1600’s’ as trade routes opened up. Prio o that time, fine cotton was a rare item and most clothing and bedcoverings were made of wool, linen or a mixture of those fibres.

    These ‘palampores’ as they were called were a premium priced im and were pirchased only by the wealthy.
    The Tree of Life concept has been part of many ethnic and georg==graphical groups for seeral thousand years.
    When Progrees began to market various traditional designs for applique quilt kits in the 1950’s, Tree of Life was among those designs.
    Unfortunately all their records and patterns disappeared when Progress and their later copany name, Tobin went out of business in the 1970’s.

    It appears that a group of Amish quiltmakers , probably in Ohio, drafted this pattern some time ago and would therefore seem to have the copyright to the pattern.
    I can only suggest you acquire some good photographs
    by searching the internet and possibly also look for the background pieces to a damaged kit – if you can find one.
    I do have complete kits in my inventory and I am about to announce a special pre-inventory sales promotion .

  • janet:

    Hi Patricia: I do not have pattern only for Tree of Life #1492. I have a kit – undamaged and complete for the applique project and I also have an “orphan” package of the appliques for the kit. I would be happy to sell either to you if you want to contact me at

  • Jennifer:

    I just found the backing for this quilt. No fabrics. I didn’t know what it was until I saw this post. Do you still have the separate fabrics?

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