WHOLECLOTH QUILT KITS: wallhanging, crib and throw size


I’ve had several inquiries lately about wholecloth kits, and since I’m doing inventory at the moment I thought I might start posting my entire inventory – I’m checking and some items haven’t made it to a post yet. So here goes – I’m starting with the smaller kits – up to snuggle size 60×60.

First a few words about the quilt kits themselves – all of them were made in the USA before so much manufacturing went offshore. They have been made with the very finest of 100% cotton muslin and are for the most part based on the traditonal quilts found in museum collections and dating to the second and third quarter of the 19th century.

These quilts when finished may look delicate but they wear and wash well and look better with each passing year – I have made several to be used with babies, and know that the quilts are used on the floor, outside and all around the house and babies being babies they are washed frequently.

The next issue with these quilts is getting an adequate picture to show them to advantage – you need the light hitting the quilt at an oblique angle, as at sundown, but so often the pictures on packaging is dark and underexposed. It’s sufficient to say that very few pictures do these lovely quilts any justice at all.  Above is a small quilt I made for a customer and I think as a picture it’s as good as anything I’ve seen, but that is not saying much.

Now on to the vintage quilt kits:

Above is Benartex Feathered Star in the wallhanging version  40×40 in natural, complete with binding and backing.

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD

SOLD!!!  JUNE 2013



Above is Medallion Star by Spartex’s American Heritage Collection, size 42×42 in antique tea dye – the wallhanging is what is on offer – comes complete with backing and binding.

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD


Above is National Star by Penn Prints which was another line of Spartex/Doublestencil. I must apologize for the quality of the picture – the quilt top itself is beautiful in ecru and a lovely design – i’ve made this one and it’s lovely! Available in ecru, size approx 40×40 and back and binding in the package too.

PRICE $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD


Above is “Floral Bouquet”  sized at 40×48, this could be a baby quilt or a wall hanging. Part of the American Heritage Collection, it comes in natural. I can vouch for this one too since I’ve made it up – lovely! 

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD


Another beauty above – this is a very versatile design and size – carrying a nautical theme with anchors and rope  along with lots of crosshatching this kit measures 40×54 and is in ecru. Great for any  room in the house!

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD   ON HOLD Jan 30/13


Above is Benartex Floral Fantasy in natural, this kit measures 40×54 and is a lovely design.

PRICE: $150USD + $20USD postage = $170USD



And finally – above is American Heritage The Rising Sun 60×60 lap or snuggle quilt kit in antique tea dye. This is an unusual size  and makes a wonderful buy as it is complete with backing and binding too – all you need to buy are the quilting thread and the batting.

PRICE: $250 USD + $25 USD postage = $275      MARCH 27/13  ON HOLD


If you re interested in any of these lovely kits get in touch with me: janet@novascotiaquilts.com and please note that kits are mailed with adequate insurance and are trackable all the way.


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                                     Until the next time – good night!!!

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  • Rebecca Redwood:

    Dear NovaScotia,
    I just got a Tiara longarm and have a Sashiko machine. I am looking for small and large projects to work on in whole cloth: pillow size, blocks to put together for a larger quilt, crib size and large whole cloth size. I can not tell from your site what the American Heritage Rising Sun quilt pattern looks like but I like the idea of receiving the whole kits at once.
    Can you give me more information on your avaialable kits?

  • janet:

    Hi Rebecca: I’ve been thinking about the questions you raised. For starters the “Rising Sun” quilt is sold now and I’m unlikely to have it in stock again in the near future as it was a rare one. In general, you can either scroll backwards through my posts to get an idea of what is in stock, as I usually mark those kits which have sold. Anolther way of checking my listings is to visit the page
    where I try to keep my inventory current.
    You haven’t mentioned whether you wish a supply of quilt tops to practice on, or if you are ready to roll with your machine quilting and seeking new challenges. If you are looking for practice pieces, you may be advised to buy up cheaper finished tops from estate sales, thrift stores and etc. My stock is restricted to vintage and antique quilt kits which tend to be rare and of high value. In addition, having been marketed to quilters at a time long before machine quilting had become a possibility, it would be less harmful to their inherent value to handquilt these kits.
    However, that being said, I know that machine quilting is being done with these vintage kits, and although the two techniques are quite different in look and feel, machine quilting can and is being done well with these kits.
    Don’t hesitate to call on me if I can be of further assistance. I hope I have answered your questions.

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