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Season’s Greetings!


It’s a cold, bright day here in Hall’s Harbour, with a little snow on the ground – enough to make it pretty but not enough to affect holiday travel.

I’m spending the day carrying wood and finishing up a couple of knitting projects I had put on the back burner in the run up to Christmas, while I snack on Christmas goodies. I’m also reading a lot of new books that arrived a few days ago – always a great joy!

I want to thank all of my customers who have helped to make this a successful year. I recently launched a monthly newsletter which appears to be well-received and which gives an early heads-up on new acquisitions and special offers only for newsletter recipients.  Sign up with me (email me at if you wish to receive this monthly letter. I’m planning my best sale ever in the New Year for recipients only.

Meanwhile, if you treasure the lovely vintage quilt kits I feature, you can’t go wrong spending your Christmas gift cash here with me – I’m offering 10% off your first purchase and 20% off additional purchases up until midnight January 6 which marks the feast of epiphany and the end of Christmas! And I’m also extending my free shipping until then!

Please enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. May you have the blessings of health, contentment and peace in the coming year. All the best!!!


Bucilla Applique Quilt Kit #8525 – Colonial Bouquet

I’ve been mulling over the content of my upcoming January 2013 Nova Scotia Quilts Newletter and thinking of topics, new acquisitions (I have a few hot ones I won’t reveal here on the site until newsletter members have had first dibs on them!), and what sort of special offer I can make that will help you in the long, cold and financially tight months after the Holiday season. 

I’m thinking at some point in those dreary winter months I should have a “Sale of the Year” with prices chopped  – wouldn’t that be nice?

Thing is, though that only newsletter subscribers are going to even know there is a special offer available.

Would you like to know? Last month I offered 15% off the first kit and 20% off the next ones of equal or lesser value. Pretty good – but I can do better – and I’m planning to! If you’d like to know what the code is for the special offer and which new acquisitions are up for grabs, just send me an email – – and put “Sign me up” in the message and I’ll add you to the list. No obligation and I will never reveal your name or email to anyone else. You can unsubscribe at any time, too. Give it a try – get in on the sale of the year.

And don’t forget that right now shipping for all of North America is free, and that applies to everyone.


Below is the cover shot of an earlier Bucilla applique quilt kit # 8525 – probably dating to the early 1960’s, in double/queen size.  

 As you can see, one has been started, and the remaining stamped fabrics to complete this one have been lost. I do, however have a second kit, also in the lovely shades of rose, and this one is complete and unopened.

 I’m offering several purchase options on this duo:

Prices: the pair as described $595USD + $40USD Postage.

                 the complete and unstarted kit $395USD + $30 shipping

                the started and missing coloured fabric to complete -  $225USD + $30USD shipping - you will need to find matches 

 Above and below are shots of the stamped applique fabric, plus the binding and stems.

Remember to sign up for the newsletter and keep informed of the big members only sale coming up soon –  to tell me you want to sign up!

Keep warm folks, and if you’re on the Atlantic seaboard watch out for the snowstorm coming. Now back to carrying wood in to the house!

Cheers – Janet!



From time to time, I have one or the other of these pretty vintage Bucilla Applique quilt kits in stock.Above is Dogwood #3128, and pictured below is Dogwood Blossoms #1587. Both these kits, which are prized by collectors and date to the early 1970’s don’t stay in stock long.

I’m pretty sure I have one or possibly both of these vintage quilt kits in stock, and plan to do an inventory between Christmas and New Year, but will check sooner than that if you request it.

PRICE:  $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425  for either of these lovely kits


I was talking to a good customer of mine yesterday who is working on one of the Bucilla vintage kits because she loves and misses the dogwood flowers seen in her native Kentucky – so of course, I had to send her the pictures I have posted below!

I recently acquired this completed quilt top: this treasure is waiting to be handquilted and is marked for stunning and profuse quilting of feather garlands on a background grid and should be a striking addition to your home.

This Progress kit is called Dogwood Medallion and is #1354 and was put out in 1943, it will finish to 79×97 as all the Progress kits do. It was shown as “Apple Blossom” in the Herrschner’s catalogue. 

I suspect because America had just entered the war after the attack on Pearl Harbour late in 1942, that production was soon cut short and this may be part of the reason why this lovely vintage kit is so scarce today. I have waited years for this one and don’t expect another to come my way!

PRICE: $450USD + $30USD shipping with tracking and insurance


 Remember, until December 31 you will have free shipping within North America for all purchases.

In addition, any of you who received the December Nova Scotia Quilts Newsletter can use their special code for a significant reduction on any purchases.

Why not sign up for the newsletter now – send me an email – – with “sign me up” as the title line and you’ll have access to special offers, and see new acquisitions before they appear on the website.


A little Christmas cheer in the way of our first real snowfall today – but now it’s raining and very sloppy.  I’ll check with you all soon!

Janet  (





Welcoming My Sister Site:

I’ve spent this morning digging through bags and bags of beautiful household linens and found large numbers of hand embroidered and handcrocheted lace edged tableclothes, napkins both matching and contrasting, doilies and tabletoppers, sheets, pillowcases and guest towels. In addition I’ve found hand crocheted lace pieces suitable for lingerie, shelf edging and embellishing plain pillow cases. I also pulled out my large collection of Maltese lace. The lace made in Malta for the tourist trade in the late 1800’s and early part of the 20th century is recognised as the most desirable of the bobbin lace, and although the making of this lace has resumed in Malta using fine cotton thread, the extremely fine linen and silk thread needed is no longer available and so the quality is no longer the same. 

In addition to lots of vintage and antique textiles, I have extensive collections of pottery, porcelain and faience, children’s wear,  quilting fabrics, patterns and needlework kits of all kinds and I am always happy to mail out to you most items I have in stock, other than very large or very heavy things. Check out and return often as stock is continually being added to as some sells out.

Back to vintage quilt kits in the next post – I have lots of new ones to list!  And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter featuring newly acquired vintage kits and special offers for list members only. Send a message to in order to sign up.

Have a great weekend!  Janet

Baby and Children Vintage Quilt Kits


  Email with ’sign me up’ as your message.  You will start receiving monthly newsletters with special deals and new arrivals before they are posted on my website.

The people who signed up in time for this month’s newsletter have the opportunity to buy at 10% off for the first item and 15% off for the second item, in addition to receiving the free shipping which ends on December 31. I haven’t decided yet on a promotion for January 2013!


Today, I am featuring a large number of baby and youth quilt kits dating from the 1940’s to the late 1970’s. One of these would be ideal for you if you are a granny-in-waiting!

Contact me about any of these kits if you wish me to put a “Hold” on it – these are one of a kind and in most cases there is a long wait to find another.


  ABOVE: a vintage 1975 Paragon crib quilt with everything needed to complete it, floss and all. And who doesn’t like Sister Berta Hummel’s sweet artwork of babies, animals and childen?

PRICE:  $175USD + postage of $25USD


ABOVE: another sweet Paragon  kit – crib sized 40×60 and again all you need to complete it, including floss - this dates to the late 50’s I’d say before the modernization of the beloved Disney characters. How easy it would be to accessorize your baby’s nursery with art work and toys with a Disney motif! i also have a darling grow char5t – contact me to ask about it.

Price: $175USD + $25USD postage


Holly Hobbie! Yet another Paragon kit – a classic from 1972 – this kit can be completed with just the centre panel to make a crib quilt or a wallhanging, or you may prefer to add a wide border and extend it to a youth/twin bed size. This is a fun project, and I can say that from personal experience since I completed one as a special order not too long ago. 

 PRICE: $150USD + $25USD shipping


ABOVE: A youth bed sized quilt kit by Bucilla – size 52×72 with Jack and Jill to be done in cross stitch with the floss provided in the kit – this is one of the early ones and likely dates from pre-1955 – another classic and I haven’t seen another of these recently.

PRICE $175USD + $25 shipping


This kit also comes with all needed floss – it’s called “Sweet Dreams”  and the kit is truly vintage – from the late 1940’s or very early 1950’s . Definitely a one-of-a-kind with the naive sentiments of another time!

PRICE: $175USD + $25USD shipping/postage


Now for a couple of beautiful and very traditional wholecloth quilt kits sized perfectly for a baby, these can also be used later on as a wallhanging when baby has outgrown them, and what can be more practical than an off white quilt you can throw in the washer and dryer on gentle and lukewarm whenever you need to? These lovely quilts can function as a play mat too, or at the beach or in the garden – they’re so practical!


ABOVE is an out-of-print classic Pennsylvania Dutch small kit – you are looking at the one portrayed hanging on the wall, although I do have this in stock in double/queen, too, if you are interested. This small quilt kit is 43×47 – a great size – and comes complete with the printed fabrics to cut out for applique. Or you can choose to do it without, making it completely a wholecloth.

PRICE: $175USD + $25USD shipping/postage


ABOVE: a classic by Holice Turnbow for Benartex – Anchors Aweigh – this kit is a wholecloth sized 40×54 equally suitable for a  boy or girl and will provide an ageless look in any room – it could equally function as a snuggle quilt on your living room sofa, or a classic table cloth to show off your lovely china.

PRICE: $175USD + $25USD shipping/postage

And finally, ABOVE, a classic Startex/Penn Prints baby quilt – called Ba Bear, this one is 40×50 inches and again will be a very versatile piece as it can be washed countless times and only improves with wear.

PRICE: $165USD + $25USD shipping/postage


I know how tight funds can get closer to Xmas – remember to quote the code provided in your monthly newsletter – if you aren’t signed up, better do it now! and “Sign me up!” in your subject line and you’ll be onboard for next month. And if you want one of these treasures, ask me to put a ‘Hold’ on it as they will go fast at this low price and with free shipping for this month only.


Thanks for looking and have a lovely day!      Janet



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