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Today I am announcing the beginning of a monthly newsletter. Signing up enables you to get the march on acquiring new arrivals to my extensive inventory and is especially helpful if you are looking for those hard-to-find kits that don’t remain in stock very long.

Paragon Holly Hobbie child's quilt - 1972 - in stock - price $175USD + shipping

Both of the quilt kits depicted here fit that description – Holly Hobbie never stays on the shelf long – although I have been fortunate in finding this one recently to replace the one I sold a while ago!

I haven’t been as lucky in replacing the Franklin Mint’s lovely 13 Colonies kit – it was published years ago in a very limited edition and seldom appears on the secondary market. Maybe I’ll see another one soon – fingers crossed!  I did, after trying unsuccessfully to determine if Franklin Mint had templates and instruction manual and could/would supply requests for same,  decide to keep files in my records in order to help out people who have the kit without instructions – contact me if you need them  -


The first of the monthly newsletters will come out in a week or so and I have lots of new arrivals to list in it!  See you then!!  JANET


I mentioned in my last post that I think I may have the largest inventory of vintage quilt kits in North America, and thought I should talk a bit today about what sorts of kits these are. 

I have collected several types of kits: I have wholecloth kits – also know as white work or bride’s quilts. An example of this type of kit is shown below. Many are based on historic 19th century patterns and others are more modern. For the most part, the full/queen sized quilt kits are no longer being manufactured as the machinery to print these very large quilts is obsolete and parts are hard to source.

Spartex/Doublestencil has gone out of business.

All these kits thst I carry were made in North America (Made in the USA! With a nod to Mr. Springsteen) from fabric produced domestically. They were manufactured by Paragon, Progress, Bucilla, and in the case of the wholecloths by Spartex/Doublestencil and Benartex. Most date from the late 40’s, on through the late 70’s and are 100% cotton. One or two, such as the Paragon Holly Hobbie was only made in poly/cotton so that is what I have.


I also have a very large inventory of quilt kits stamped for cross stitch and in many cases I have the embroidery floss kits that were manufactured to go with them. What a nice combination – vintage quilt kit and vintage floss too! Choices of several sizes: king, double/queen, twin, youth bed and crib sized.


The applique quilt kits that I have are all absolutely exquisite. Brilliantly coloured applique to be stitched onto either pure white or eggshell 100%cotton and beautifully designed – many from traditional patterns found in American Museums.  In most cases the pre folded bias binding is also included.

Just a couple of ‘teaser’ pictures – I will be doing a seperate post very soon in which I will feature some sweet baby quilts to be made from kits. Below is a Paragon kit based on artwork by Sister Hummel and dating to the late 60’s early 70’s – included is a little pillow. A nice set for a new grandchild!

I thought as another teaser, I’d show you one of my treasures – a kit marketed through Lee Wards – which has been out of business for a long time – it is dated 1967 and is beautiful pansies – all richly coloured applique pieces included.


And finally, after a long search to get this kit back in stock – here it is! A Beatrix Potter drawing was the basis for this one which comes with all floss needed to complete it on a pre-quilted quilt top – just darling! Ask about this one – it’s in transit to me as I write and I know it won’t last long. 

THIS JUST IN: My goodness! I was certainly right! This classic little quilt kit sold this afternoon after only a day on the site! An eager return customer had just finished a kit she bought from me and decided to check out my new stuff! Come back often folks, the real finds don’t stick around.

In addition to selling complete kits and some kits that have already been started, I have been asked many times if I can provide instructions, stitch diagrams or floss requirement lists or both – in many cases I can and I am happy to do so but find I must charge a fee to defray costs of gas, my time, postage  and photocopying. Contact me with your requirements and I’ll get back to you.

In addition, many people write asking if I can help them date or fill in background info on kits in their possession – I’d love to do so in general terms, but also in most cases will refer you to which is a subscription site owned by Rose Werner who has put many years of work into documenting quilts made from kits. I will not pass on to you anything that Rosie holds  under copyright – I’m sure you all understand.

So , please get back to me with your comments and questions and please refer to my list of inventory which is located in the “Bookmarks” box on the right hand side of the front page

Talk to you all soon!    Janet


Welcome to my home on the internet! And also to my home in real time in a very farflung corner of eastern North America!

By the early 1980’s, like many young well educated Maritimers, I had been living and working in central Canadsa for nearly twenty years. I decided it was time to at least return home during the summer months, and as I was working in a specialized educational setting, that was possible. So I pored over realtors’ catalogues and finally settled on a house with a small piece of land that was affordable and appealed to me. It had not been lived in for some years and had no plumbing or well but was basically sound and in original condition.

I had chosen an 1820’s cape style house near the Bay of Fundy fishing village and tourist destination of Hall’s Harbour – you can check the map below, but what it doesn’t tell you is that my area is high on a range of hills called the North Mountain, which shelters the farming land of the Annapolis Valley below it and historically provided access to sea routes for shipping produce.  The area has always been very isolated and ruggedly independent, but now in the ensuing 30 years since I chose to move home completely, has become much more accessible with paved roads and better maintenance. We still support only about 250 households, many of us aging and some of us only summer residents.




Below is a picture of my house, taken in winter early in the morning with the remnants of a hoar frost. My home is primarily heated with wood – both ecologically more sustainable than my alternates which would be coal generated electric, or oil heat and even more pertinent, much more affordable – for a little extra work I get to spend less than half what the alternatives would cost.

Moving back home meant I had to take whatever work was available in my region, and for some years I worked at jobs in elder care and in residential group home support for challenged young adults.

During that time, I developed a sideline business making completely handcrafted quilts and handknits, one of  the quilts  is shown below. I advertised to the tourist trade and until tourism in eastern Canada collapsed in the wake of the realities that followed 9/11, I had a busy and profitable small weekend business.

Somewhere in this time period, my daughter who was in the process of developing her marketing, seo and web design skills offered me the gift of a website – this one – and as website management became more  do-able for amateurs like me she set me up with access to the system which I use today.

At first I marketed my own quilts and handknits, and a small inventory of folk art and still receive orders through this source but over the years my strong interest in social history had led me to the magic of traditional quilts and more specifically to collecting the lovely quilt kits of the early to mid 20th century.

Before I knew it, I had amassed a very large inventory of these treasures, and in addition had also bought completed quilts from kits, and completed but unquilted quilt tops. I began receiving questions and requests about these kits, and as the tourism business slowed, I was able to channel my direction into promoting the sale of my carefully curated and extremely large inventory of vintage and antique quilt kits.

This is a highly specialized area of collecting, and I know of no other online store that carries the number, quality  and variety of quilt kits that I do – at  any moment I have on hand about 150 vintage kits, applique, embroidery, whole cloth and some carefully selected pieced kits. They come in a variety of sizes – from baby, youth, wallhanging size through twin, double and queen/king.

At the moment I am offering free shipping anywhere in North America with insurance and tracking, using the SEARCH function in the top left hand corner of my home page, browse according to specific interests or check my page with my inventory listings – there is a link to that on the right hand sides under favourites.

Feel free to contact me personal and very thoughtful service.


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