Franklin Mint’s Thirteen Colonies Quilt Kit

Below is a picture of the Franklin Mint Thirteen Colonies album style quilt kit offered by them in 1984 – sized 86×102 this is an ample queen size and was designed by Chris Wolf Edmonds who was one of the foremost designers during this period of resurgence of interest in quiltmaking that followed the American Bicentennial.

I have been watching and waiting for over 10 years for an opportunity to acquire this rare and sought after quilt kit – but no luck; until just after Christmas when I found this ‘quilt kit in progress’ in the secondary market.

Still in the  sturdy original box (see picture below) this kit has 25 already completed blocks. All that needs to be done is to join the central blocks as shown, with the thin strips and then complete the side and top and bottom  appliques and sawtooth borders and prepare for quilting.

Of course, I’m suggesting hand quilting – the work done so far merits the extra effort of handquilting to make it into the heirloom it will become in your family.

Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, and still packed in the original very sturdy box.

Here is a shot of some of the clearly identified packets of pre-cut pieces – all materials needed to complete the quilt are present.

And just in case you wish to add these great templates that were used in the making of the album blocks  to your pattern collection – here they are ready for you to try your hand at replicating the blocks already made!

This partially completed kit is being offered for a limited time after which i will move it to my personal collection and complete it to pass on within my own family – I don’t really expect to find another one.

PRICE: Franklin Mint 13 Colonies Quilt kit 86×102 partially completed   $375  Note” Shipping fee in Norh America


Additional pictures added on April 1/12 – ENJOY!


Contact me if you wish more pictures:

ON HOLD  march 31/12  and SOLD – but….

in case you’d

 like to make your version from scratch, I can supply

 instruction booklet and templates – if you’re an

experienced quiltmaker, this is all you need! contact

 me: janet@novascotiaquilts to order today! Paypal or

 personal cheque or international postal money order

 in USD accepted.


10 Responses to “Franklin Mint’s Thirteen Colonies Quilt Kit”

  • I have acquired this kit comtaining everything but the pattern for #1, which is the floral wreath setting block. Would you be willing to sell a copy of that pattern to me?

  • janet:

    Hi Gayla – I’d be happy to make a tracing of that one missing placement diagram for you and send it to you – just get back to me by email – and we can get this arranged.

  • Kathy Clausen:

    I just purchased this kit at an auction today. Everything is there except the directions. I do quilt, so I think I can probably figure out how to put it together. I got a real bargain today when I bought this kit!

  • Hi, I love your vintage quilts. I was given a quilt top by a friend several years ago that she knew she would never be able to complete. It is a 1920’s kit. She had the center and 3 corners done and all I had to do is the 4th corner. I am not good at applique and it took me several months to finish but it is done and I love it now.

  • janet:

    Hi Lynda – you will have an heirloom to tresure now! Congratulations on your finish!

  • janet:

    Hi Kathy: What a treasure you found! When I had this kit in stock, I made copies of the instructions and the templates to keep on file since Franklin Mint has been of no help to people searching for the instructions etc and would be happy to copy these and send them along to anyone needing them for a small charge to cover the work, gas and postage. Contact me!

  • Susan Engler:

    Hi, enjoying your website. How much for the instructions on this quilt, Franklin Mint 13 Colonies. It looks like fun. I have not done applique before. I might try to finish it. I working on another Paragon Baltimore Bride’s Quilt for another wedding gift. Hope to be done by June!
    Stay warm

  • janet:

    Hi Susan: I’m contacting you by email to discuss logistics of getting the manual and nstructions to you – I’d love to see pictures of the Baltimore Bride’s Quilt kit – ot’s such a pretty one!

  • Pamela:

    I would like to find a kit which is early American or colonial American which is a bed spread. What do you have available

  • janet:

    Pamela emailed me to clarify that she is looking for a recent quilt pattern using an old style and theme – I suggested she visit a couple of forums on large quilt sites and see if anyone can help her.

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