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About a year ago, I was trying to identify a completed quilt I had acquired. I was positive I had a quilt that had been made from a kit. A friend who I consulted, who is a quilt historian and appraiser (hi Sharon Pinka) got some assistance from another historian and identified that kit for me. She also suggested that I take a look at Rosie Werner’s site. Rosie is also a quilt historian whose major area of interest lies in vintage quilt kits and who is gradually publishing her years and years of research on the subject.
Rosie’s annual subscription price is extremely reasonable for such a tresure trove of info and I recommend her site to all my friends. I certainly will be re-subscribing when my account comes due and I look forward to the files Rosie plans to publish in the  near future.
Her  listings cover  both applique and cross stitch embroidery, as well as crib quilts,  and are most extensive. She has one hundred listings under rose applique kits alone! Wow!!
I strongly urge you to take a look at Rosie’s site and consider a subscription to the service. You won’t regret it!!

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