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Rose Werner’s great website for collectors of vintage quilt kits

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About a year ago, I was trying to identify a completed quilt I had acquired. I was positive I had a quilt that had been made from a kit. A friend who I consulted, who is a quilt historian and appraiser (hi Sharon Pinka) got some assistance from another historian and identified that kit for me. She also suggested that I take a look at Rosie Werner’s site. Rosie is also a quilt historian whose major area of interest lies in vintage quilt kits and who is gradually publishing her years and years of research on the subject.
Rosie’s annual subscription price is extremely reasonable for such a tresure trove of info and I recommend her site to all my friends. I certainly will be re-subscribing when my account comes due and I look forward to the files Rosie plans to publish in the  near future.
Her  listings cover  both applique and cross stitch embroidery, as well as crib quilts,  and are most extensive. She has one hundred listings under rose applique kits alone! Wow!!
I strongly urge you to take a look at Rosie’s site and consider a subscription to the service. You won’t regret it!!

detail: paragon wild rose wreath




There! That’s done – the inventory is now updated and I will start to put in links to the posts for each item. In the meantime, if you enter into the search box the number of the kit and its manufacturer you should be brought to the correct post. So either click :

or contact me at:

to find out more or make a purchase.

I want to highlight several recent finds – these kits had been out of stock and are getting harder to find, but I was finally succesful!

  This kit above, which has been started with excellent stitchery, is Paragon’s American Glory, #1147 sized at 82×97. There is still lots to be done, and this kit is always so striking!

PRICE: $395USD and until December 31/11 the shipping charge of $30USD does not apply


Below is another treasure. This is Paragon’s Americana  #01189 in king size 97×97. It has been started, but only just and is complete with the floss kit. This is the cross stitch version of the applique kit above. Another stunner!

PRICE: “Americana” cross stitch by Paragon #01189 $350USD floss included and until December 31/11 the $30 shipping charge is waived


And above is another kit that has been out of stock for a while. This is Bucilla #3376 Regency in the double bed size and comes with the hard to find floss kit. Both items are unopened and factory fresh from about 40 years ago.



Free Shipping in North America until December 31/11

I want to announce my annual pre and post Christmas “free shipping in North America” offer – already one lady in the USA has taken advantage of this and I know many more of you will too!

I have an extensive inventory of classic vintage quilt kits – wholecloth, applique and cross stitch, along with a great selection of classic children’s quilt kits too – if you don’t see what you are looking for, get in touch since I am having trouble keeping up with listing them. In addition, I also have matching original embroidery floss kits to go along with many of the cross stitch kits.I also can provide you with gift certificates in any denomination, and of course, the offer of free shipping applies to items purchased with these certificates up to and until midnight December 31/11.

Please watch this space as I am planning to develop a page on this site which will list all kits currently in stock – and give you a link to the descriptive  posts. Now I must get back to work on one of the custom quilt orders which must be out by Christmas – this is a busy time!!


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