Vintage Bucilla Applique Kits in Stock


Bucilla 8791 Garden Poppies 84x100 vintage appli9que quilt kit


Some time ago I sold my Bucilla Garden Poppies (#8791)vintage applique quilt kit and have been trying since then to source another, and finally I’m in luck!  In fact I was lucky enough to find two – one in the red colourway and one in the yellow. These lovely kits won’t last long, so act now if you wish to reserve one.    

PRICE: Bucilla 8791 Garden Poppies 84×100, red colourway $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425USD    

                Bucilla 8791 Garden Poppies 84×100, yellow colourway $395USD + $30USD shipping= $425USD    

If you wish to put a hold on one of these beauties, contact  I’ll be listing several other very desirable vintage Bucilla applique kits over the next few days.    

5 Responses to “Vintage Bucilla Applique Kits in Stock”

  • Robyn Jones:


    I am looking for one of these Bucilla Vintage Quilt Kit Garden Poppies #8971, in red, but would like to see the yellow also.

  • janet:

    Thank you for your inquiry Robyn: I’ve answered with details via email. Briefly, the yellow version is illustrated in the lower right hand corner of the cover illustration. I happen to have both the red and the yellow/orange version in inventory at this time, so can supply either choice.

  • Donna Zibert:

    I am inquiring about the availability of Garden Poppy.
    Would you please advise?

  • janet:

    Donna is happily awaiting the arrival of this lovely kit, which is on its way to her.

  • Linda Williams:

    Janet, Your site is absolutely wonderful, I wish I could order every kit you have. So thrilled that I found your site. It is the best.

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