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Bucilla vintage applique quilt kit: Island Song 8099

In the early 1960’s, this lovely Bucilla applique quilt kit was designed for Bucilla by the talented Hawaiian quilt designer Junereal Darlene Tom. The kit came in three colour choices and this is the popular olive green version. The quilt finishes to approximately 84×100 and is, of course, 100% cotton.

PRICE: $395USD + $30USD Shipping= $425USD

To place a hold on this lovely quilt kit, contact

Bucilla Living Rose #3285 vintage applique quilt kit

front cover photo on vintage quilt kit Bucilla #3285 Living Rose 84x100


Today I am continuing to post my inventory of classic vintage Bucilla applique quilt kits. This one is “The Living Rose” which was offered in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.
The colours a bright and vibrant rose, coral and gentle red with two shades of green against a soft white background. The design is the traditional favourite of intertwining wreaths with a scattering of single blossoms in the middle of the quilt.
The colours ae unfaded and the instructioons are intact and include directions for hand embroidered embellishments. Lovely!
view of fabrics for vintage applique quilt kit Living Rose #3285

PRICE: $395USD + $30USD SHIPPING = $425USD  

a detail of the finished Bucilla Living Rose Vintage Applique Kit

Some years ago I was lucky to find an immaculate, completed but unused quilt in this pattern and snapped it up – I’m looking now to downsize my collections. Watch this space as I preview some of the lovely vintage quilts in am selling between now and Christmas. 

This finished  quilt will be shown for sale at the 13th Annual Quilts at the Harbour Sale here in Hall’s Harbour on the 24th and 25th of September. To give those of you who have no opportunity of seeing it there a chance to purchase it I am offering it, no shipping cost in North America, at the same price I will offer it there and in addition if one of you out there in cyberspace purchases, I will still donate 20% of the sale to the church where the quilt show is held.  

Currently vintage and antique quilts in immaculate condition are realizing far less than their modern counterparts and I can pass on the great value to you:  

PRICE: Completed quilt from a kit in immaculate and unused condition $650USD – what a great gift this will make!  


Vintage Bucilla Applique Quilt Kit – Pansy Garden #8814


Bucilla Pansy Garden #8814 Applique Quilt Kit 90×103

Today I want to show you a lovely vintage applique quilt kit. This kit is one I’ve only had in stock once before and it wasn’t long before it flew out the door. 

This time, the kit is available in the alternate colour choice, which is two lovely shades of rose.
Bucilla Pansy Garden #8814 Applique Quilt kit

Having seen it now in both colour choices I would be hard pressed to choose my favourite, but think it may be the rose colourway. Although this kit has been opened, it is unstarted and in beautiful condition and of course, includes the pre-made binding to complete it. Bucilla #8814 Pansy Garden, 90×103 applique quilt kit. 

PRICE: $400USD + $30USD shipping = $430USD
Contact me to purchase and I will place a hold on this item


Vintage Bucilla Applique Kits in Stock


Bucilla 8791 Garden Poppies 84x100 vintage appli9que quilt kit


Some time ago I sold my Bucilla Garden Poppies (#8791)vintage applique quilt kit and have been trying since then to source another, and finally I’m in luck!  In fact I was lucky enough to find two – one in the red colourway and one in the yellow. These lovely kits won’t last long, so act now if you wish to reserve one.    

PRICE: Bucilla 8791 Garden Poppies 84×100, red colourway $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425USD    

                Bucilla 8791 Garden Poppies 84×100, yellow colourway $395USD + $30USD shipping= $425USD    

If you wish to put a hold on one of these beauties, contact  I’ll be listing several other very desirable vintage Bucilla applique kits over the next few days.    


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