100% cotton Progress Vintage Applique Quilt Kits for sale

I’ve carefully examined and inventoried a large group of vintage quilt kits I’ve just acquired.
Here is the information on a group of six Progress Applique Quilt Kits, dating from the late 50’s and early 60’s – these are classic in design and range from the very subtle Progress #1462 – Majestic Poppy, which I posted about last time:  
 http://www.novascotiaquilts.com/2011/07/progress-1642-majestic-poppy-applique-quilt-kit-as-seen-in-hersschners-1962-63-catalogue.html click this link to view lots of derails on this beautiful kit – I am finding myseld so-o-o tempted to start this one, but I’ll hold off and give my customers first dibs!
The others  are  classics in jewel bright, glowing colours enhanced by touches of hand embroidery.

Progress #1492 Tree of Life 79x97


Tree of Life – #1492 is a perennial favourite, and is hard to keep in stock. I have it on hand again, and am offering it in sealed condition!  

PRICE: Tree of Life, double    $395USD + $30USD Shipping = $425USD

Progress #1496 Americana (Eagle and Stars) 71x97 finished size


The above quilt kit, is another favourite, being a patriotic quilt which has been available in one form or another since the late 1800’s – this is a winner as it’s a more subtle, traditional quilt than the red white and blue ones and will suit a period room so well!  

PRICE: Americana, double, $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425 USD  


Progress #1507 Garden Flowers 79x97 finished size


This one is absolutely breathtaking!! One that seldom appears on the secondary market – I had it only once before, and had pretty much decided I wouldn’t find it again. but here it is!  

PRICE: Garden Flowers, double 79×97  $395USD + $30USD Shipping = $425 USD

Progress #1553 Majestic 79x97 finished size


I recently sold the Majestic I had listed, but bonus! it appeared in the large group I recently acquired. So here it is again folks – it is based on the classic chintz palampores that came out of the Coromandel coast of India in the late 17th century, and took Europe by storm – they are still being manufactured by den Haan and Wagenmakker in Holland and I have my eye on one!!!  

Price: Majestic  double 79×97 finished size   $395USD _ $20USD Shipping = $415USD 




Below is Progress #1403  The Iris, double sized finishes to 79×97. This is a lovely kit – very midcentury in feeling and showing lovely colour variations. This is the earlier version in cotton – the later one features 50/50 cotton polyester and is less desirable.  


PRICE: The Iris $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425USD  

To discuss details on any of these vintage quilt kits, or place a HOLD on one of them, contact me janet@novascotiaquilts.com. I am happy to accept mailed personal cheques and also am accepting Paypal these days. Shipping takes place the next business day after receipt of payment, and a tracking number is provided for your peace of mind. Contact me too about any requests for special orders you may have – I check the secondary market often and am always on the look out for kits for special requests.   

8 Responses to “100% cotton Progress Vintage Applique Quilt Kits for sale”

  • shari wassmann:

    I was given a complete (partially appliqued by stranger) kit for Progress Quilt no. 1404, Apple Blossom, in light green. Can you tell me how old it is? I just love it! My elderly aunt bought it at a thrift store many years ago. I am excited to finish it and would love to know more about it.

    shari wassmann

  • janet:

    How very fortunate you are to have this treasure Shari! I’ve yet to acquire one and it’s right up there on my wish list. I subscribe to a site that publishes loads of info about the classic old vintage kits and find it invaluable: http://www.quiltkitid.com/ and just checked this kit out – it was first available through Progress in 1954, and came in several colour choices – the light green included. In 1958 it appeared in the white, with pink binding version only, in Hershnner’s catalogue. Subscription to the site is very inexpensive on a yearly basis and I’d recommend it to any lover of vintage quilt kits. I’d love to see a picture when you finish – good luck with it!

  • Judi:

    I recently finished Progress quilt “The Daffodil” and thought you might like to see it. I doubled all the preprinted quilting lines so it is really intense. http://www.fibush.net/quilts/Daffodil-01.jpg

    Judi Fibush

  • janet:

    Hi Judi: Thank you so much for sharing that picture – I hadn’t seen that particular kit. It’s lovely, and you did a great job on it! What a treasure!

  • Nona Davis:

    I have a completed Progress 1349 appliqued Poppy Quilt top, purchased at a yard sale by my mom. The quilt top is in excellant condition. I am a long arm quilter and I am in the process of quilting this on my machine. My question is do the quilting lines, marked by small blue dots wash out? Can I be fairly confident that the red and orange poppy fabrics are color fast (in cold water)? Thank you for your response.
    Nona Davis

  • janet:

    Hi Nona: I have devoted a whole post to this issue, so if you use the search feature you should be able to find it. If you don’t, contact me.

  • Sandy White:

    Well I’ve tried to find your post on the subject of removal of those dots as you suggested to Nona and couldn’t find it. I too am interested in knowing if those dots can be removed.

  • janet:

    Hello Sandy – I found it last night: it was an add-on to another post and thus didn’t come up on the search tool for the site. Therefore I have re-written my thoughts on the subject aolng wth some tips and posted it today. Hope that helps all those who are concerned.

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