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Smaller Wholecloth Quilt Kits plus a recurring question

It’s Sunday morning here on the east coast of Canada and the leading edges of Irene brought rain last evening and the storm will be starting in earnest later this afternoon. We don’t know yet how severe the weather will be but I’ve run off water in case my pump can’t do it in a power outage and will go pick up some more bread and tinned goods shortly. We had a category 2 come ashore in Halifax a few years ago and as a child living there there I also experienced several pretty significant ones.  All in all though the two nor’easters we weathered last winter did a great deal more damage than most hurricanes do this far north. Watch me have to eat my words! I hope not!

40x54 Anchors Aweigh by Holice Turnbow for Benartex


I’ve been talking to a lot of quilters lately who want to do a wholecloth quilt and I always encourage them to give it a try. I find the activity calming and helpful in getting me centred and more productive and it is certainly conducive to improving handquilting skills.   

If you haven’t tried a wholecloth before, my tip to you is to go for a smaller quilt to start – then you can move on to a larger one later.
The above wholecloth kit is one I sold to a customer recently, and because she lives in an area that has no quilt shop within 75 miles, I also sold her the 100% Quilter’s Dream request weight batting and threw in a high quality spool of YLI off white quilting thread – she only needs a needle and she’s good to go – the smaller kits come complete with matching backing and enough fabric beyond the design to supply binding. If you too have trouble in sourcing Quilter’s Dream at the Request weight, since I have a bolt of it in stock I can supply you, too.
I still have one of these lovley kits left.

40x40 traditional feathered pineapple by Holice Turnbow for Benartex


A classic treasure that I currently have in stock: this feathered pineapple design by Holice Turnbow has been a favourite among wholecloth quiltmakers for 200 years, and again is complete with backing and binding in an eggshell or ecru colour.   


Pennsylvania Folk Art II 43x47 as wallhanging - choice to do applique or just wholecloth
Above is the smaller version of the Doublestencil Pennsylvania Folk Art quilt kit – it is the one hanging on the wall behind the bed – and measures 43×47. I actually have the queen sized one as well. These kits are very versatile, offering you a choice of doing the quilt using the applique pieces provided, or you may choose to use your own fabric to suit your colour scheme, or you may decide to simply do the quilt without applique, thus producing a classic wholecloth quilt.
If you wish to purchase any of the above classic kits, get in touch with me: to put a hold on your choice, as these classic kits are scarce now and increasingly difficult to source.
Now to some tips about these quilts and in particular a response to a recurring query I’ve had lately about removing the coloured inked lines on both wholecloth kits and the classic vintage applique and cross stitch quilt kits that I sell.
Many quilters as they work on these kits tend to become obsessed with the question of whether they will be able to remove the ‘wash-out’ lines  printed on their kits. Some to the point where they start spot treating to see if they can and invariably such spot treating doesn’t work, and leads to more anxiety.
I want to reassure you that once the quilt kit is completed and quilted, and then properly laundered using an oxyclean washing agent all or almost all the lines will disappear on first wash. You MUST not use the coloured thick and gloppy  detergent based products you use for your regular washes.
Set your machine to gentle and do a soak of about 15 minutes first, agitate on gentle for just a few minutes, rinse out twice and then transfer, supporting the weight of the wet quilt in your arms, to the dryer on a warm and gentle cycle ending when the quilt is damp dry – dry on a covered porch or over your shower rail in the bathroom and keep turning and re-folding  the quilt until all portions are completely dry. On one occasion I was able to significantly lighten a blood stain the previous owner had put on the partially finished work and in my experience the blue lines have always come out too.

a small wholecloth quilt completed for a customer


For newbies, I offer a service of support, ideas and tips and I know you will be absolutely enchanted by your experience with wholecloth quilting techniques. Above is a shot I took of a customer’s small wholecloth “American Star” while I was quilting it for her. She was so pleased that she has ordered a queen sized one as well!  

Just think how lovely any of the smaller quilts would look as the christening blanket of that new grandchild!! Also keep in mind that since these quilts are eminently washable, they make the ideal baby quilt and also a lovely quilt to put down on the floor or the ground to protect your sweet baby! These are a very practical luxury!!!  


Doublestencil wholecloth quilt kit includes matching backing queen 90x103 in tea-dye

above kits  NOW SOLD!! 

A few posts back I promised to list my full sized wholecloth quilt kits and got distracted by a large fresh shipment of vintage quilt kits. I’ve finished oohing and aahing over them and stashed them away after posting about several of them. 

Today it’s time to return to my promise and list these lovely classic wholecloth quilt kits!
Wholecloth quilts have a long tradition in the quilt histories of several countries- Wales, northern England and late 18th century and early 19th century North America come to mind.
The kits I’ll offer you today follow closely those traditions, and especially that of North America. You can’t go wrong with these lovely kits – amply sized queens at 90 inches wide finished size and between 108 and 113 inches long. 100% ecru cotton, the one above even comes with a matching backing specifically made for it.
PRICE: Doublestencil Queen Anne Star and matching backing 90×108 $295USD + $35USD  – SOLD

Spartex wholecloth quilt kit - Hagerstown Feather queen in ecru


Above is Spatex Hagerstown Feather – a quilt kit derived from an antique quilt in a museum collection. Spartex quilt kits appear to be out of print – the firm, which was based in North Carolina is no longer in business, so the kits appear now and then in the secondary market only. This is a queen sized kit and is in an ecru shade. 


Doublestencil wholecloth quilt kit - American Star queen 90x113 ecru


Above is another traditional wholecloth pattern – it’s by Doublestencil and is called American Star. Measuring 90×113 this is a more than ample kit in an antique off whiute and is based on a quilt in the Smithsonian Institution collection. 


Benartex wholecloth quilt kit Welsh Beauty queen 90x108 ecruLast we have two Benartex wholecloth quilt kits, both of which were designed many years ago by Holice Turnbow - he was the foremost designer of wholecloth quilt patterns and based these two on traditional 19th century patterns. These kits are very hard to find these days .ABOVE: Welsh Beauty wholecloth quilt kit 90x108 in ecru $250USD + $25USD shipping = $275USDBELOW: Benartex wholecloth Feathered Pineapple 90x108 in ecru $250USD + $25USD shipping = $275USD Benartex wholecloth quilt kit - Feathered Pineapple - queen 90x108 ecru



In addition, I have one only Doublestencil quilt backing in tea dye colour  - 93 inches by 3.25 yards – these are hard to find and I have not seen any recently.  

Contact me: to put a hold on one of these great items – or get further details. 

Next post will feature some great vintage  Paragon applique quilts and after that I’ll list a collection of smaller wholecloth kits – exquisite as wallhangings, tablecloths or heirloom christening wraps! 

Fel free to contact me for your specific needs – I work at accessing special requests and may just have your wished for item in stock but not yet listed. 

Enjoy what’s left of summer! 

100% cotton Progress Vintage Applique Quilt Kits for sale

I’ve carefully examined and inventoried a large group of vintage quilt kits I’ve just acquired.
Here is the information on a group of six Progress Applique Quilt Kits, dating from the late 50’s and early 60’s – these are classic in design and range from the very subtle Progress #1462 – Majestic Poppy, which I posted about last time: click this link to view lots of derails on this beautiful kit – I am finding myseld so-o-o tempted to start this one, but I’ll hold off and give my customers first dibs!
The others  are  classics in jewel bright, glowing colours enhanced by touches of hand embroidery.

Progress #1492 Tree of Life 79x97


Tree of Life – #1492 is a perennial favourite, and is hard to keep in stock. I have it on hand again, and am offering it in sealed condition!  

PRICE: Tree of Life, double    $395USD + $30USD Shipping = $425USD

Progress #1496 Americana (Eagle and Stars) 71x97 finished size


The above quilt kit, is another favourite, being a patriotic quilt which has been available in one form or another since the late 1800’s – this is a winner as it’s a more subtle, traditional quilt than the red white and blue ones and will suit a period room so well!  

PRICE: Americana, double, $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425 USD  


Progress #1507 Garden Flowers 79x97 finished size


This one is absolutely breathtaking!! One that seldom appears on the secondary market – I had it only once before, and had pretty much decided I wouldn’t find it again. but here it is!  

PRICE: Garden Flowers, double 79×97  $395USD + $30USD Shipping = $425 USD

Progress #1553 Majestic 79x97 finished size


I recently sold the Majestic I had listed, but bonus! it appeared in the large group I recently acquired. So here it is again folks – it is based on the classic chintz palampores that came out of the Coromandel coast of India in the late 17th century, and took Europe by storm – they are still being manufactured by den Haan and Wagenmakker in Holland and I have my eye on one!!!  

Price: Majestic  double 79×97 finished size   $395USD _ $20USD Shipping = $415USD 




Below is Progress #1403  The Iris, double sized finishes to 79×97. This is a lovely kit – very midcentury in feeling and showing lovely colour variations. This is the earlier version in cotton – the later one features 50/50 cotton polyester and is less desirable.  


PRICE: The Iris $395USD + $30USD shipping = $425USD  

To discuss details on any of these vintage quilt kits, or place a HOLD on one of them, contact me I am happy to accept mailed personal cheques and also am accepting Paypal these days. Shipping takes place the next business day after receipt of payment, and a tracking number is provided for your peace of mind. Contact me too about any requests for special orders you may have – I check the secondary market often and am always on the look out for kits for special requests.   


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