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Progress 1642 Majestic Poppy applique quilt kit as seen in Hersschner’s 1962-63 catalogue

Above is the cover picture for this lovely Progress 1642 Majestic Poppy applique quilt kit. Size 81×97 and in immaculate condition. It was listed in the 1962-63 Herschners catalogue and so is close to 50 years old!!! A rare find!
lovely white 100% percale cotton background fabric for Progress 1642 Majestic  Poppy
Above is a random scan of the lovely 100%cotton percale the Majestic Poppy pattern is printed on. The fabric has no stains or foxing.

Stitch and Placement guide for Progress 1642 Majestic Poppy


Below is the general “making up” instructions for this kit, seen on the reverse of the page from the stitch and placement guide which is illustrated above.

Progress 1642 Majestic Poppy instructions sheet 2


This last chart is a stitch chart that accompanied all applique kits.

stitch chart 1642 Majestic Poppy by Progress


The applique fabrics consist of two shades of yellow, an orangish/red, and two shades of brown. It appears the darker brown for the flower stems is missing, but possibly it was intended to embroider the stems in either dark brown or in dark green embroidery floss as I have seen done in other classic applique quilt kits.

applique fabrics for #1642 Progress Majestic Poppies


 PRICE: Progress #1642 Majestic Poppy applique quilt size 81×97 100% dates to 1962    

                  $425USD + $30USD shipping = $455USD       

contact me: to put a hold on this treasure!   


The Traditional Wholecloth Quilt – kits to create an heirloom

Recently I’ve had some inquiries about traditional wholecloth quilt kits, and at the same time I’ve been completing a new inventory of kits I currently have in stock.
It turns out I haven’t really promoted these lovely kits for several years now, and have quite a few in stock at the moment. Below I will feature two Benartex kit designs that I have in stock…

Benartex - Anchors Aweigh by Holice Turnbow 40x54, includes back and binding


Above is the lovely “Anchors Aweigh” crib or youth bed size wholecloth quilt kit by Holice Turnbow – this is such a versatile size for a quilt – it makes up fairly quickly, can be used in many settings and because it is an off-white or ecru fits well into many decorating schemes and is very easy to wash and keep fresh.  

It’s my understanding that the Holice Turnbow designed kits by Benartex are still available, if somewhat scarce, but I’ve not found any indication that the Spartex/Doublestencil kits are still being made. Occasionally one will turn up in the secondary market. My next post – next week I hope will feature some of these kits.
The machinery to produce the very wide printed tops is now vintage if not antique and it has become increasingly difficult to find or make parts for this machinery as it wears out.

Benartex - wholecloth - feathered pineapple - available 86x106 and 40x40


Above is a picture taken from the front of the Benartex package, showing the “Feathered Pineapple” design – a classic 19th century design I currently have available in both a king/queen size at 86×106 and also in a baby size at 40×40 - the smaller size would make a luxurious tabletopper for afternoon tea and of course would look lovely over the back of a sofa, thrown over a cupboard door or as a wallhanging. Picture it enhancing a christening robe for a darling baby!  


Keep in mind that I’ll be happy to provide tips to help you succeed in making yourself a lovely heirloom quilt that is true to 19th century traditions, and can also source wide backing material and the Quilter’s Dream cotton batting to ensure your quilt drapes beautifully. Contact me: to discuss shipping one of these scarce and lovely kits to you!  

Enjoy this long weekend coming up – summer is passing all too soon! Next week I will feature more wholecloth quilt kits, this time by Spartex/Doublestencil!  

Best regards ~ Janet  


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