Bucilla cross stitch double/queen Thistles
Bucilla Cross Stitch double/queen Thistles


 This is “Thistles” by Bucilla  #3226 in double bed size.I may be able to make up a floss kit, should you wish, depending on what colours you choose. 

Paragon #01171 American Sampler cross stitch double/queen w floss kit
Above is the very pretty Paragon 01171 American Sampler in double/queen size (90x103)which comes complete with floss kit in the preferred blue, green and bright pink
Paragon #01111 Cross stitch Traditional colours red, green, ochre
Bucilla #01164 cross stitch Remembrance
Progress #1553 Applique Majestic
Bucilla #1587 Appl Dogwood Blossoms
Bucilla #3128 Applique Dogwood
Bucilla Applique Pansy Garden in Rose colourway
Paragon Applique Garden Bouquet
Progress #1403 Applique The Iris
Bucilla #8099 Applique Island Song in olive green colourway
Paragon #00130 Applique Rose of Sharon - traditional 4 block applique, partially worked
Progress #1492 Applique Tree of Life


2 Responses to “VINTAGE QUILT KITS now in stock – SHIPPING IS FREE UNTIL JUNE 30!”

  • Amanda Fair:

    Hello, I am trying to find a vintage quilt kit from roughly the 1950s. It was stamped and then appliqued and had some embroidery on the flower centers and leaves. It had a big tree on it and pink flowers (possibly apple blossoms). My mom remembers two different pink tones and possibly two different green tones for the leaves. The trunk of the tree was quite large, possibly 8 inches across. We have come across the quilt called “The Tree of Life” and that is not it. The quilt was my grandmother’s and my mom has been trying to find it because it was taken by a relative and won’t be returned. Any help would be appreciated.



  • janet:

    I have never seen a quilt kit of the style Amanda desbribes, so I went right away to my great online source: Rosie Werner’s and saw some interesting entries, but again nothing to fit the description. I’ll keep looking – you never know – thanks for the interesting description, Amanda…..

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