VINTAGE QUILT KITS ADDED TO INVENTORY: a spartex/doublestencil, Bucilla #8099 “Island Song” and Paragon #01130 “Rose of Sharon”


Spartex/Doublestencil antique white double/queen wholecloth quilt kit - Hagerstown Feather


Lovely vintage kits have been arriving almost daily and I have chosen three very hard-to-find and attractive kits for you to look at this weekend. Here it’s our first long summer holiday weekend and the weather looks like it’s improving! We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that one after two straight weeks of rain.   

My first offering is a quilt kit that helped to introduce the Hawaiian method of quilting to North America. It is “Island Song” Bucilla #8099 and was designed by Junereal Darlene Tom, a well known Hawaiian quiltmaker and designer of the time. The kit came in three colourway choices and this one is the Olive Green choice. The kit was produced in the early 1960’s and is based on the classic Hawaiian Hibiscus flower design. It was marketed through Herschnners – a mail order needlework firm still operating today.


Bucilla #8099 Applique - olive green colourway - Island Song - double 84x110


 When the kit arrives I will post better pictures for you – I have only the one rather blurry one at present.
Another great find that just arrived in the mail yesterday is this lovely vintage Paragon kit:#01130 Rose of Sharon in a double/queen size.
I had almost given up hope of finding this kit – it is an early one, I suspect dating to late 50’s or early 60’s and has been started. The work that has been done is very careful and competent

Paragon 01130 Rose of Sharon – cover picture – double     



Here are a couple of detailed pictures showing the lovely stitching and also showing the delightful double pink and green printed calico fabrics. Just the other day I saw this same fabric in a day book/sample book from an American mill dating back to the 1950’s – the double pinks have  had a long long period of popularity – this quilt kit is modelled after a quilt from the 1830’s in a museum collection. It would look lovely on an antique bed from that period, wouldn’t it?     



 And my last listing for today: for some time now I have been looking to find any of the classic Spartex/Doublestencil quilt kits that were based on museum collections of wholecloth quilts made in the mid 1800’s. They are not in production now so can only be found in the secondary market and not often.   

 WordPress is having issues at present so I cannot post the picture where I would like – please view the picture of Hagerstown Feather at the top of today’s post!      

 Hagerstown Feather – a lovely classic design that will add grace and elegance to any master suite or guest room. A practical choice too, as the classic 100% cotton wholecloths wash beautifully and can be carefully laundered as often as needed. Ties right in with the current trend to decorating using white or antique white (as this particular kit comes in) with metallic accent pieces, natural wood finishes and one or two subtle pops of colour.     


Contact me: to purchase any of these kits, or to enquire about others I may have.


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  • Donna Rohwedder:

    I have several Spartex double stencil items and am getting ready to put a queen size quilt in the frame. But I have a question. They are quite wrinkled when they come out of the package and I am leary about pressing them as I have had other brands of stenciled items that when pressing prior to washing resultedd in the stenciling being heat set and almost impossible to get out.
    Do you have any knowledge as to whether it would be safe to press this brand or not. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer. Donna Rohwedder

  • janet:

    Thanks for the questionj, Donna: Like you, I’m very hesitant to heat set something that you want to wash out – don’t do it!!
    I unwrap and unfold all materials to be used in sandwiching the quilt – the marked quilt top, the backing fabric and the quilt back and let them breathe and the wrinkles relax. This step is important. If you are agile enough you can use the floor, but I find that two of the portable banquet tables set side to side is a better solution. You can do this alone, but the help of a friend is better – place the backing on the table first and make sure all wrinkles are as smoothed out as possible and then the batting, same deal. Next making sure that fabrics are lined up so there is no ugly surprise if you run out of backing fabric on one side and have too much on the other, start pinning from the middle outwards. The batting I swear by is Quilters Dream 100% cotton in Request weight. This batting does not creep and once the three layers are satisfactorily positioned a few pins will hold it. I don’t put my quilts in a frame, but be absolutely sure that whatever you do – frame or no frame – that you start with the centre and work out evenly from there so that any extra can be worked out to the edges and not leave puckers or spare fabric. This works for me!

  • Pat McCabe:

    I sent an email a few weeks ago, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

    On behalf of my mother,I am writing regarding the Paragon Quilt Kit “Rose of Sharon”. My mother received the kit several years ago from a dear friend, but it only contained the fabric and didn’t have any instructions. Your website has helped her to see how the pieces are to be layed out, but other than that, she does not have any instructions to complete the quilt. I saw on your website that you are selling a partially completed kit. I do not wish to purchase the whole kit for her for $375 since she already has all of the fabric, and at age 70, does not want to complete both quilts; but I would like to get the instructions for her. Would it be possible to get a copy of the instructions? It wuld mean so much to both of us. I would be willing to pay a small fee and the cost of mailing it. Please let me know. Thank you. Pat McCabe

  • janet:

    Hello Pat: I have been attempting to contact you by email using the address you have given, but my messages have bounced back as denied delivery – sometimes the spam filter is set too high, or if it is an employment address they deny access to what appears to be a business. If you would contact me using an address that will accept my message we can work something out – I’m sure I have the instructions with the kit.
    Please contact me.

  • years ago i bought a grape wreath throw.Ilost my directions on how to do it.the no. on this is there anyway i can get directions for this?I hope so ive had it 20 yrs.and still not been able to do it.please help me. sue

  • The pattern will not wash out of the top. It has been quilted, bound and washed but the pattern is still there. I am looking for advice as to how to get it out.

  • janet:

    Good Morning Joyce: some time ago I devoted a post to this exact issue! If you use the search function on my front page and enter “washing out quilting lines” this should take you to the correct post> faint blue lines are taken by many collectors as a clue to the provenance of a quilt from a kit, and in addition are read as a sign that the quilt has not been washed frequently enough to remove these lines.
    I gues it’s all in your attitude to the remaining lines. Enjoy your vintage quilt from a kit.

  • janet:

    Hi Sue: Can you be more specific about this throw?
    Who put it out, is it cross stitch, applique or whole cloth?
    I hjave a grape wreath throw in a wholecloth pattern – could that be the one?

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