Additional Pictures for Paragon cross stitch #01179 Renaissance

kit is in immaculate condition


I just took advantage of a slight break in the weather on this humid and drizzly spring day – everything is finally popping into bud and you can practically hear the grass grow!
reverse side of package insert Paragon Renaissance #01179

Unfortunately it was too wet to take this pristine quilt kit outside so I must apologize for the darkness and shadow in the pictures. I would rather have had enough natural light to avoid flash – but Hey Ho! what can you do? And we do need rain – smile.  

Paragon cs #01179 Renaissance 90x103 colour package insert


I hope the pictures do show the crisp and clean condition of this beauty! Fresh and sweet smelling too!  


I have just heard from the customer for whom I was holding this kit; she has bought the kit and tells me this story:

“I started that quilt when I was 18, back in 1971.  I did all the embroidery and my grandma did  the quilting. My goal was to do a quilt for each of my kids and this one was to be my daughter’s.  In 2006, the quilt was stolen in a home burglary.  After that, I did another embroidered quilt top to replace the Renaissance quilt, but always missed that first quilt.  I got the idea to look for a kit like the original one and found your website.  I was super excited to find one, only to learn that it was sold a week prior.  However, you looked for another for me and I am buying it now.  I can’t wait to get it and get started.  It will help me to feel whole again! 

By the way, a big Thank You!” 

I’m thrilled to have been instrumental in finding this lovely vintage kit for this lady!

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