Today’s post will feature vintage cross stitch quilt kits from Paragon, with one entry from Progress. Both Paragon and Progress have a fine reputation for quality materials and good design. In some cases I also have the original thread kits from PeriLusta and these are no longer being manufactured, so rarely show up on the secondary market. In some cases where there is no thread kit I may be able to help out with supplies in the large quantities called for and at a somewhat better price than the current nearly a dollar a skein that many stores are asking.         


Paragon cross stitch quilt kit 01167 Baltimore Bride's Quilt 90x103 with thread kit


Above is Paragon #01167, the very popular  and hard to source Baltimore Bride’s Quilt in a double/queen 90×103. It comes complete with the authentic PeriLusta thread kit which is almost never seen now.

Progress #1524 Windsor Rose double 90x103


Here we have the lovely Progress #1524 Windsor Rose in a generous 90×103 – a double/queen.               



Paragon #01171 American Sampler – several sizes available & blue/green thread kit


I want to tell you that I currently have the ever-popular Paragon #01171  American Sampler available in both double/queen and king sizs and have several thread kits in the blue/green colour choice which is the one shown in the large picture ab0ve shipping = $295USD SOLD


Paragon cross stitch 01175 Country Garden 90×103 double


Back after a little searching is this lovely cross stitch quilt kit based on the early 19th century formalized urn with floewers. This is Paragon #01175 Country Garden in the double/queen size of 90×103.     shipping = $245SD          



Paragon cross stitch 01169 Iris double 90×103


This lovely quilt kit is rare – I had not seen this one until I saw it  on the secondary market and snapped it up. This is Paragon #01169 – Iris Garden, again in a double/queen  90×103. I may have sufficient thread in the various colourways to supply you, but it will be DMC, not the vintage PeriLusta – we can discuss this.      




Paragon cross stitch 01153 Whig Rose king size 108x103


 So dainty and delicate and so so traditional, this is the exquisite Paragon #01153, Whig Rose and in the very ample king size 108×103, which turned the other way would fit a queen . Again I might be able to supply threads.          

PRICE: $ D + $20 USD Shipping = $270USD          


Paragon - cross stitch 01164 Remembrance - 72x103 thread kit in gold, brown available


Above is the single bed size (72×103) Paragon #01164 Remembrance. I have the brown and gold colourway thread kit, but personsally I find the red green and ochre colourway truer to the traditional 19th century quilts this kit is based on. Your choice.          

PRICE:  $200USD + $20USD shipping = $220, with vintage thread kit an additional $30USD*********************           


Paragon – 01193 cross stitch – Rosebud – partially completed with threads double 84×102


Here is a lovely vintage Paragon #01193 Rosebud sized for a double – 84×102. It has been about half completed and has with it all the thread (and more!) necessary to complete it. Like all quilt kits that have ben worked on, it has a few “beauty spots” that in my experience with completing several will lighten cpnsiderably on the firsat washing once quilted and on subsequent washings fade to the poinnt of disappearing.          



PRICE: $260USD + $20USD shipping = $280

Paragon 01199 Oak Leaf cross stitch vintage quilt kit double/queen with thread kitparagon cross stitch quilt kit #00172 Plymouth - double


Above  is Paragon #01199 Oak Leaf in a double/queen which is complete with thread kit  – a classic pattern ewhich has roots in the 19th century.          

PRICE: $275USD + $20USD shipping = $295          




paragon cross stitch quilt kit # 00172 Plymouth-double


 Above is the sweet Paragon #01172 cross stitch kit called Plymouth which again has 19th century design roots and comes in an ample double/queen. There is no thread kit but I may be able to supply floss in the quantities nneeded.          

PRICE:  $ 225USD + $20USD shipping = $245          


These lovely kits won’t last long: email me if you see something you like           


  • sandy:

    have progress roses partially done interested in kit sandy?????/ also have daffodils without placment sheet just the colored pieces yet to be cut out ?

  • janet:

    Hi Sandy: I believe you may have commented before regarding the rose kit and the partial daffodil kit. If you can send me pictures of both items I would be better able to know if I am interested. You can contact me :
    I replied by email, but you may want to check your spam filter, as notification of your comment wound up in my own spam filter too.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Liz Stefanics:

    I need to know how many skeins of red is needed for a rosebud quilt? Thank you

  • janet:

    Hi Liz: You will need 6 for the double and 7 for the king sized. Hope you enjoy doing this one – I am planning to finish the started kit myself, but I also have a pristine new old stock kit which I plan to sell. They are very pretty aren’t they!

  • Fran Gurka:

    I have a Windswept Daisy Progress Cross Stitch Quilt NO. 1549. I am looking for the working chart for completing the cross stitch. The quilt top is partically done and I am trying to finish it. I have been looking at what is done to complete the panels. I also would like any other information on this kit that is available.

    Thank you in advance and if I owe you anything for the chart please let me know. I got the kit off of and I believe it came from Fort Wayne IN.

    Again Thank you.
    Fran Gurka

  • janet:

    Hi Fran: Thanks for getting in touch. What a shame the graph and instructions didn’t come with the kit.
    Unfortunately, at the oment I don’t have a graph for that particular kit in my files – I try to scan and keep a copy of all the instruction sheets that come my way, but so far this kit is one I haven’t acquired.
    Sorry to disappoint you, but will keep your request on hand and contact you shuld I find the sheet.

  • Paula McMullin:

    I have the kit for “Baltimore Bride’s” quilt. I have lost the instructions and I wonder if you could sell me a copy.
    Paulla McMullin

  • janet:

    Hi Paula: I have a very busy weekend upcoming, but will get an email off to you Sunday confirming I indeed do have this kit’s instructions on file, and we can arrange for me to send it to you. I am assuming it is the Paragon Baltimore Bride’s Quilt ki #01167? It’s a beautiful kit!

  • Tammy Richards:

    Hey there, I am looking for the color graph to finish a king size paragon new baltimore brides quilt top.

    I found the top at a local thrift store for two dollars and would love to finish it in the original color scheme proposed by paragon.

    Will gladly pay for the graph. email to

    THANK YOU!!! Tammy

  • janet:

    You found yourself a real treasure – it will be lovely finished! The kit could be done in one of two colourways, both choices are given in the instructions. I think I can help you out there with a copy of the graph and instruction sheet.

  • I am interested in the Paragon Whig Rose #01153 quilt kit. Is the king size 108 x 103 still available? Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Mary Blevins

  • I’m not sure if my original message went through, but I will send again just in case! I am interested in the Paragon #01153 Whig Rose Quilt Kit — King size 108 x 103. Is it still available? Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Mary Blevins

  • janet:

    Thanks for your interest Mary. I am sending you an email with details. In short, yes, U do have this lovely kit in stock and will put a hold on it expressly for you when you notfy me that you are purchasing it.
    Thanks again.

  • i really hope you can help me. my mom was given a lot of ceoss stitch quilts 30 years ago or less. she worked a lot of them but she passed away in 1989 and had 3 left . she was working on one to which i did finish it . i recently got the one called snowflower with the greens and blues working on it . i am down to last row of border and ran out of the green 390 . i need a whole green skein to finish this up. it makes me want to cry as i know how much she loved her quilts . please can u help me on this

  • janet:

    Snowflower was such a pretty kit!
    Have you found an adequate match yet?
    I’m afraid I can’t help you on that one but may I suggest you find a close match and just go head and finish it – this was done with needlework materials in the past when we didn’t have all the possibilities of the internet to help us in our searches and I think it adds rather than takes away from the authenticity of vintage handwork. I have hanging over the mantel in my bedroom a sampler that I completed as a child about 60 years ago and (like you) at the end I ran out of thread for the final corner flower in the border – and the only match I could come up with wasn’t even close! It makes the sampler all the more treasured in my point of view. By the way, skeins of floss were three for a dime at that time!

  • Brenda:

    I recently purchased a partially finished Paragon Rosebud Quilt top #01193. It is started in pinks. I would like many would like to finish the quilt in same colors and intent of the artist who designed and started the quilt. Can you help me with a color scheme and pattern to complete? I will be happy to pay for it or copy some of the embroidered quilt top patterns for you to add to your collection. I have Bucilla’s Rosebud, Flower sampler and bird sampler patterns new and in the package still.

  • janet:

    Brenda: the kit would have used peri-Lusta threads at the time – these threads are no longer manufactured. I currently have an original floss kit in the pink colourway in stock, and I could also photocopy the instruction sheet and colour choices next time I go to town. Let me know if you need either item and I’ll contact you by email.

  • Carlie Cooper:

    A friend of my sister’s passed away recently and my sister acquired a stamped king size quilt top which she gave to me. I do not have the pattern instructions. The quilt has a trellis design around the outside as well as in the middle with roses and butterflies. An 18″ length of the bottom is the only part which has been embroidered. The trellis has been done in rust and light gold. The rosebud is green and 2 shades of orange. I would appreciate any help you might give me so that I might complete this quilt. I can send a photo of the top if it would help. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  • Carlie Cooper:

    I forgot to mention in the post I just sent that there i a “No. 01101 – King Size Quilt” stamped on one panel. Again, thank you.

  • Help! I just completed the American Sampler…beautiful. Now, I can’t get the blue stitching lines washed out. What product and method should I use. I have tried Orvis and lukewarm water to no avail.

  • janet:

    Hi Karen: a lot of people express frustration over this – I assume it is because these kits are vintage and the light blue dye has set. I have found that gentle machine laundering in orvis paste or other oxy based washes for delicate fabrics will lighten this dye considerably. On occasion I’ve had to wash a couple of times but find that a slight tint of blue often remains but will only be seen up close and by those who are looking for it. With vintage we can’t really expect perfection and this slight tint (to collectors) means that the quilt has been little used and helps to identify it as a ‘kit’ quilt.
    Hope that is helpful.

  • janet:

    Hi Carlie: I’ll try to poke around and research the quilt kit further – I don’t appear to have it in stock – but the ID number you added tells me it is a Paragon kit – email me a ohoto of it at and I;ll see if I can identify it.

  • Trudy:


    I am trying to complete a cross stitch quilt kit Progress 1431
    Colonial Rose My 90 yr old Aunt from St Louis Missouri was given one section and I have been searching online for a complete kit She belongs to a quilting club and I would love to find a complete kit for her Can you help

    Thank you

  • janet:

    Hi Trudy: I actually have two of these kits: One has been started and has sufficient thread to finish and the other, without thread and still factory sealed. Both are 72×103 inches – and very pretty indeed!
    The price is $175USD for either one and until March 31, shipping is free in North America – a saving of about $25USD.

  • Debby Strasser:

    Hi Janet. We just found Progress Quilt 1524 Windsor Rose at an estate sale. About 8 skeins of thread were included. We loved it, but there were no directions or color chart. Would you be able to help with either the chart or directions? We are happy to pay. Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

  • Debbie Abrams:

    Hi, Janet. I am delighted to find your website. I am fascinated by quilt kits also, and have purchased several. One of them is a Paragon Needlecraft No. 01109 junior quilt. It is incomplete. I purchased the central panel, with the animals and Noah and the ark, but there are apparently two side panels that are missing as far as I can tell, and there may be other pieces missing also. There are also two panels attached at the top and bottom of the central panel that the original owner embroidered with french knots, which I don’t think is correct. I think it is supposed to be the quilting design instead. I would like to know if you have ever seen this pattern, and if you might have seen what the finished quilt should look like. I’ve been searching, but have never come across anything like it. If you should happen to come across a kit for it, or even get the instruction sheet or a picture, I’d be willing to purchase the instruction sheet or a copy so I can complete the quilt.

  • janet:

    Hi Debbie: I haven’t yet acquired this kit but just now visited Rosie Werner’s site – to see what she has to say. Excellent information and photos are always available there and since Rosie’s material is copyrighted and is an income generating business I never reproduce her info or pictures, but instead recommend you subscribe to her site – it is a work in progress and always a source of fascinating material. Anyway – it would appear you’re right about the french knots – they need to come out! Perhaps you can add the missing side panels as I suspect they are simply plain white percale on which you can then copy more quilting patterns compatible with what you have. BTW – I have some plain white Paragon backing fabric – percale which is a good match and can also be used as binding if you wish – if interested contact me at

  • I have acquired a Paragon Traditional quilt No. 01111. It is 90x 102″ I would like to an embroidering chart for it. What colors was it originally done in?

  • Ruth Pavich:

    Found Paragon kit #01111 -Traditional
    Has no instructons or suggested colors for finishing the kit.
    Do you have the instructions for finishing?

  • Ruth Pavich:

    Found Paragon kit #01111 -Traditiona
    Do you have the instructions for finishing?

  • Do you have instructions for finishing Quilt #01111?

  • janet:

    Hi Ruth: I believe this is the quilt kit called traditions? I think I have it in stock and can send you a copy of instructions and graphs at a small charge to cover my costs in photocopying, gas, time and postage. Contact me.

  • janet:

    Hi Lonnie: I can supply you with the chart and colour options for a small charge to cover costs of photocopying, gas, time and postage.
    Get in touch should you need them.

  • janet:

    Debbie is another satisfied customer, having been able to discuss her needs and source from me fabric to complete this sweet kit.

  • janet:

    Hi Debby: I have that kit in stock and can copy the instructions and graph – I may also be able to help out with a floss kit – let me know…..

  • Cheri:

    I was just Googling an unfinished quilt that I have saved from the trash at an estate sale. I have the pieces of the quilt and the floss kit, but no instructions or graph. It is Cross Stitch Quilt Kit No. 01171, Double Quilt, by Paragon Corporation, called Log Cabin & Flowers. Please let me know how much this would cost if you have it. Thank you so much.

  • Hi Janet. I have a Paragon Needlecraft No 01111 muslin quilt top that my grandmother embroidered in red Pearl-Lusta thread about 70 years ago, but then never finished. I can still see the faint lines for quilting and would like to add a batting and lower cover and hand quilt to finish this queen sized prize. But the fabric has yellowed in the meantime and has some dirt from the extensive handling during the stitching (and even what looks like a cofee stain). I’m wondering if the Pearl-Lusta thread is colorfast and whether I should put the time into finishing the quilt if it will turn pink when I first wash it.

  • janet:

    Hi: Paragon 0111 Tradition – is a lovely pattern.
    That’s a very hard call to make about colour running. As a rule of thumb, at the time that Peri Lusta threads were being manufactured, all quality threads were marked as being boilfast, and very hot water was used and harsher soaps than we now have access to. The processes and dyes used in producing the threads did not have the stringent ecological requirements now in place.

    I think if you have enough control over your washing machine, you should be able to do a gentle cycle lukewarm wash using an oxygen based product – no gloppy and heavily coloured detergents – try dissolving the soap powder first and then completely wetting the quilt and letting it soak for maybe a half hour, and then agitating it gently. repeat if needed.
    Then, drain the tub and spin damp dry. getting your arms under the quilt, transfer to the dryer and dry on warm to the point where it is damp dry only, then fold with no emnroidered sides touching and hang over a door that has had a large white towel draped over it first. good luck with this!
    Let me know how it works

  • Beryl Lamm:

    As a computer illerate, I am in need of assistance! I saw a lovely Paragon (I think) cross stitch quilt (folded) in a set of a number of quilts. I read you can offer this kit in Queen size. The pattern was an all-over snowflake, two tone, monochromatic. Offered in a sea green and two other colors options. I saw no number with which to identify it. I saw no cost. Have no idea if this is a new or vintage item (doubt that, since you offer it in King size also) My phone # is 1 210 655 8667. I am available after 10 most mornings. Thank you, very much!!

  • janet:

    Hi Beryl: I just tried to email you and had the email bounce back to me – is your acct or is it Briefly, I have both the snowflower double and the snowflower king in stock but no floss packs, although I can match with DMC in the quantities needed for the olive/aqua and the blue and cyclamen. I also noted that due to a marked hearing loss I don’t do well on the phone these days – I hope i can serve you by email – I will shortly take a colour photo of the package front – at the moment I only have a black and white picture.
    Hope I’m of some help….

  • Gayle:

    I have in my possession the following quilt top, but not thread. It is Paragon “Whig Rose” #01153. Since there doesn’t seem to be a place to obtain the floss, can it be converted to DMC, and if so, what numbers would I use and the quantity? Is it also possible to use three stands instead of 4?

  • janet:

    Hi Gayle: Whig Rose is a lovely pattern – you’re very fortunate. I have no floss kit in stock for this one, and although later Paragon cross stitch quiklt kits carried a DMC conversion, this one listed only the Peri Lusta skein nummbers. The colours, looking at my picture files, were a deep rose, a lighter rose and a mid somewhat olive-ish green. The numbers needed as listed for a single bed size were:21 and 38 for the roses, 48 for the green. I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess as to which rose was which. And it is indeed possible to use three strands instead of 4. It really won’t affect the look significantly. All success in finding your threads!

  • janet:

    Hi Gayle: I have emailed with specific answers to your questions, Whig Rose is one of the few Paragon kits that didn’t give a substitution for the now unobtainable Peri Lusta. At one time I had a floss kit for this quilt kit, but can’t seem to locate it now – I have the original Peri Lusta floss kits for many of the lovely vintage cross stitch kits by Paragon: ie Baltimore Bride’s Quilt, American Sampler, American Heritage, Rose Brocade etc – check with me if you are looking for the floss kits.

  • Hello, was wondering on some information on a vintage quilt kit.
    Baltimore’s Bride a 1847 inspired pattern by Mary Ann West.
    Here is the brief reason/story…I was given the already started quilt top just today from a friend that can embroider and knows how to quilt,that is so incredibly busy with other projects, SHE was given the quilt top a while back from a mutual friend that cannot finish the quilt top because of cancer and does not have much longer. SOOO now I happily own it, and was wondering on a list of colors used, and the brand like DMC or Peri Lusta ( hard to find this one in U.S) Anyway I was hoping to honor my ill friend and finish her quilt for her, just because I want to, and she is the sweetest most warm hearted person…every person she has met absolutely loves her, she has kept this special trait about her as she is soon to be gone
    Thank you for your time Debi

  • novascot:

    Hi Debi: How nice to hear from you – I want to email my reply to you in more detail – but briefly – what a great story – I can see how you want to pay tribute to your friend. This is a gorgeous quilt kit and the original colours are rich and very ppropriate to an album quilt.
    Watch for my email!

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