Vintage Bucilla Cross Stitch Quilt Kits

Today’s post is a selection of vintage Bucilla cross stitch quilt kits, many of which come with their complete vintage thread kits. Others I can supply with suitable colours and quantities of floss from my large collection of both vintage and more recent floss. Savings are assured with my thread kits and floss since the most recent price increases affecting cotton has placed new skeins of floss in the $1 range.

Bucilla cross stitch #1974 Berry Patch 108x103


Above is Bucilla #1974, Berry Patch a double/queen at 90×103 inches.

Bucilla Cross Stitch #2299 Songbirds double 80x96 finished size


Here is Bucilla #2299, Songbirds, a king at 108 x 103 – so springlike!!

Bucilla cross stitch #8736 Liberty or American Eagle with red and blue thread kit 90x103 double/queen


Of all the vintage cross stitch quilt kits that have passed through my hands, I think this has got to be my favourite. This beauty was based on the design of an applique quilt from the 19th century which is in the Smithsonian Institution’s collection of heritage American quilts.
At 90×103 and complete with it’s vintage thread kit in blue and red this is fine value!

 SOLD May 25/11


Bucilla cross stitch #2889 Cameo Rose started with thread kit 90x103 queen/double


Above is a view of this pretty kit Bucilla #2889, Cameo Rose, 90×103 which will come to you already started in beautiful careful stitches and with enough thread kit left to finish this lovely quilt.
All you add is love!!! And you can help me out here, gals , because I’m so-o-o tempted to work on it myself!!

Bucilla cross stitch #2889 Cameo Rose started with thread kit 90x103



Bucilla cross stitch #3328 Thistles 90x108


Above is Bucilla’s #3328, Thistles. This is a kit I’ve been wanting to acquire for years now!
Althoigh this 90×108 comes with no thread kit, there are three suggested colourways from which to choose and I can provide the large quantities needed from my personal supplies. Let me know which colourway you need and I will advise as to quantities needed and the cost.dered will ship at no extra charge)

Bucilla cross stitch #3022 Williamstown 90x103 with cadet blue thread kit


Above is Bucilla #3022, Williamstown sized at 90×103 and complete with it’s vintage thread kit in cadet blue – lovely!

Bucilla cross stitch #2009 Spanish Rose 90x103 with thread kit in old gold


And finally: Bucilla #2009, Spanish Rose a double/queen at 90×103 and complete with the vintage thread kit in old gold. And don’t you love the retro room decor – a little funky, but lots of fun – I know I get a giggle whenever I see it! The kit you are reading about is the full sized one in the bottom right hand with three motifs across, which is a more balanced look that the single bed size in te large picture.  


Remember – I can be reached at for information about availibilty and answer within hours of receiving an email request. I can put a hold on a kit for you, should you wish. Payment by mailed personal cheque or by Paypal.  





12 Responses to “Vintage Bucilla Cross Stitch Quilt Kits”

  • Marie:

    Looking for copy of instruction sheet for vintage Bucilla English Garden kit. Need to know what floss numbers to buy.

  • janet:

    Hi: I’m afraid I can’t help you on that one – I haven’t had this particular kit in inventory over the years – possibly one of the quilter’s forums could help you on this……? Hope you find it.

  • Susan Steimle:

    Marie, I have that color/skein chart that you need for the English Garden quilt. If you can send me your email, I’ll gladly scan it and send it if you still need it.

  • Sandy Collison:

    I also have an English Garden quilt kit by Bucilla. I have the skein chart and general instructions but am missing the color chart that shows me how to stitch the flowers, etc. If you still have that available, I would be so appreciative and happy to purchase these instructions.

  • janet:

    Hi Sandy – it doesn’t appear that I have this kit in stock, but to be certain can you supply me with the number which is marked somewhere on the quilt top pieces or on the colour photo which is on the insert in the package. When you get back to me with that I can double check to be sure.

  • Rayna Daily:

    Susan Steimle & Marie: I also need all the instructions for the Bucilla English Garden. Would you please email me them. Thank you so much. I have been looking for them on the web for sometime now.

    Thank you again for your help

  • I have a paragon quilt ” Baltimore Bride’s, but I do not have color/skein chart. I would be happy to purchase from someone. Thank you

  • Lisa Kay:

    Hello! Can you be able to help me with this??? I am looking for Bucilla Jiffy Cross stitch Quilt– “The Americana Eagle” #8736. Any idea where I can purchase one? Many Thanks Lisa

  • janet:

    Hi Lisa: I have an Americana Eagle kit plus the floss for it, but it’s call number(#1615) doesn’t match the one you are using – is it this one?

    as you can see there are two “Americana Eagle” versions – one by Bucilla and one by Paragon
    Check the picture and ley me know back. I have another customer who has expressed interest in the Bucilla one………

  • Marie Benoit:

    Some people may like to know that within the past few years (we are now Aug 2016) DMC floss can be purchased for 0.44cents per skein on the 123 Cross Stitch website.

  • Dawn:

    Looking for the labeled photo page for Bucilla applique quilt Flower Patch #48757 kit.

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