My inventory is complete and I am today starting to post the items I have currently for sale. I thought I’d start with these very desirable vintage applique quilt kits.
Please contact me immediately if you are interested in purchase as there is an eager group awaiting today’s post:

Above is Paragon #01147 American Glory. This is a factory sealed  90×103 (double/queen) kit in  traditional gold, green and red small prints and is based on a 19th century quilt in the Smithsonian collection. This is a rare treasure.   


SOLD May 25/11

but back in stock as of April 2013

PRICE: $395USD + $30USD postage with insurance

and tracking

CONTACT: to arrange






the fabrics included in the sealed package Bucilla Living Rose #3285


Above is a picture of the applique fabric for the Bucilla #3285 Living Rose kit.This kit is  seldom found in the secondary market these days – should you wish to see a picture of a completed quilt made from this kit, check out the picture on my previous post. I was fortunate to find this quilt from a kit and will be offering it as soon as I develop my inventory of completed quilts for sale.

Bucilla Living Rose Applique #3285 front package illustration


Above is the picture on the front of the kit package – unfortunately it is in black and white so doesn’t do justice to the lovely fabrics and embroidery.
PRICE: $400USD + $30USD shipping  = $430USD
The best find in many years is this kit  shown below: Bucilla #8814 Pansy Garden in the very desirable rose colourway – a generous 90×103 double/queen size.

contents all present in Bucilla #8814 Oansy Garden in rose colourway


Pansies seem to be the longtime favourite of women who make quilts from kits and have been number one over the years from the early 1920’s right up to the moment.

Bucilla #8814 Pansy Garden picture from package front, double size


At the same time I was negotiating for this kit, I saw a finished quilt made from this kit but in the purple/lavender colourway. I was unable to purchase that quilt as it was way over my price limit!! I guess you can’t win them all!
PRICE: $425USD + $30USD = $455USD
The kit below Bucilla #3329 Buds and Bows is another charmer.

Bucilla #3329 Rosebuds and Bows 90x103 - double/queen


This is a generously sized 90×103 double/queen with fancy quilting in the blank centre medallion and a big bouquet of pink and yellow roses in each corner. The drop has smaller bouquets with a lovely pink ribbon connecting them all.   

PRICE: $375USD + $30USD shipping = $405USD   


This is Bucilla #3128 Dogwood. This is a rare kit and seldom comes on the market.   

illustration of finished Dogwood #3128 from package front


The kit is composed of a trellis work of lovely two tone pink blossoms with green leaves and brown stems. The embroidery details suggested are very delicate and designed to enhance the effect.   

The drop is to be quilted – a simple and understated treatment that gives all the drama to the top of the bed.   

This kit has been started – in fact it’s close to half completed and by a sure and skilled hand. Your chance to pick up where the unknown  quiltmaker left off  some 50 years ago and complete a family treasure. The quilt will finish to an ample double bed size – 84×99.   

Bucilla #3128 Dogwood - actual kit in my inventory - double


PRICE: #425USD + $30USD shipping = $455USD for the unstarted, factory fresh kit 

if you are interested in the started kit, contact me  


Contact me:  for further information   

Until the next post – keep warm if you are on the northeastern seaboard and think  SPRING    

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