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More vintage applique and cross stitch quilt kits

Seeing old friends back in inventory again is always great, but it’s even better when I find some items I’ve wanted to get hold of for years with little success because they so rarely appear on the secondary market: take a quick peek at what I have in stock and on its way to me


This one above – Cross Stitch American Eagle by Bucilla a double/queen kit is sometimes called Liberty on some packaging. This was a kit developed from a traditional pattern and was presented in time for the US Bicentennial in 1976.

PRICE: $225USD + shipping


Below is a picture of the wonderful vintage PeriLusta thread kit that goes with American Sampler

this beautiful Paragon #01171 double/queen cross stitch kit. I know the picture says it’s a single, but I just keep one picture on file. This kit is harder to find these days too, so I’m happy to have it in stock again.

PRICE: $265 USD includes the thread kit + shipping will be about $15USD


Above is the lovely Whig Rose  cross stitch Paragon kit back in stock – this time in a king sized kit – 108wide by 103 long – this will make a fabulous statement on your bed!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping


Above is “Acorn Harvest” by Bucilla #3218,  size 81×108 another traditional pattern based on 19th century heritage quilts.

PRICE: $200USD + shipping – SOLD Feb16/11


Another lovely vintage cross stitch kit by Bucilla – #2323 “Briar Rose” a double/queen at 90×103

PRICE: $200 USD + shipping   SOLD MARCH 5, 2011


Above another Bucilla #3022 Williamstown a double/queen too, 90×103

PRICE: $200USD + shipping  SOLD Feb16/11


Above is a rare find – this is the rarer version of two  applique kits done by Bucilla – this one is #1587 and is a double

As you can see, the  colours of the appliques are lovely vintage percale

PRICE: $300USD + shipping SOLD Feb16/11


After a bit of a wait, I have managed to replace my Paragon Country Garden #01175, 90×103 a double/queen – this one won’t stay in stock long, judging by my past experience!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping     


This kit is another Paragon cross stitch kit called Renaissance. It is a king size at 108 wide and 103 long. I had never seen this kit before and I’ve been collecting for years!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping  SOLD FEB 16/11


This is also a kit I had depaired of ever finding. Now, granted it came out of package with the front colour picture lost, but it has 4 pages on instructions, thread list and graphs and I think it’s fairly easy to see that it will be striking. It can be worked either in a two colour variation or in the traditional mid 19th century shades of two values of red, two of green and two of yellow. A treasure indeed!

PRICE: $225USD + shipping


And finally – nother that is new to my inventory. I’m thrilled to have this one. This is a Paragon cross stitch kit called “Iris” and is a double. The design and placement of the irises is very reminiscent of an applique pattern in te Mountain Mist Blue Book, and is very 30’s. I’m so tempted to hang on to this one and do it for myself. I need to be realistic though – too many quilts and too little time! Ah well.

PRICE: $225USD + shipping

So long for now – stay warm and safe – it was still  light way after 6PM today – spring is just around the corner.




I’ve been trying to find this lovely vintage quilt kit – Progress “The Iris” #1403 in a double bed size, and have finally scored!!

This is a picture of the fabrics to complete the quilt and although the picture is not giving us the true colour, one can see that there is a lovely variety and that the kit will be striking when finished.

PRICE: $300 USD + $20 USD shipping     SOLD Feb 16/11


The sweet and nostalgic figure of Holly Hobbie was on so many items for children and adults both in the 1970s, and there has recently been a fresh interest in these items……..

This kit at  36×54 is crib or wall hanging size, or if you decide to put a border or two on it you can bring it up to a twin bed size or slightly smaller for a youth bed or cuddle quilt. I have a plentiful variety of the sweet small calicos that will enhance this little kit, as they date to the same time period – therefore they are vintage too.

Paragon produced this darling kit under licencse from American Greeting Card which held the copyright. The package is sealed so you know nothing is missing and the kit has been well protected – it appears there is backing material, polyester batt, embroidery thread for detailing and even a needle. I did one of these kits up a year or two ago and by putting in a lot of quilting, it made it look really grat. The kit is dated 1972 on the selvedge edge of the quilt top panel and to assure its authenticity I trimmed it off and appliqued it to the hanging sleeve.

PRICE: KIT ALONE  $185USD + $20 USD shipping  – if you want some vintage calico, we can discuss that.

                KIT MADE UP TO MY EXACTING STANDARDS – 6 to 8 months lead time  $385 USD + $20 shipping, extra if borders are to be added.

SOLD: March 15/11


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