Vintage Applique Quilt Kits in Stock and Coming Soon….

 I have gone through my inventory and will today feature those remaining vintage applique kits I have in
stock. I will start with one that is a remarkable find.
Paragon Wild Rose Wreath – close up of one wreath
I may decide to finish this kit and present it for sale as a completed quilt at this coming fall’s Quilts at the Harbour show
It is a very early – perhaps mid to late 40’s and is completed by a skilled hand up to the point of adding the embroidered details. The floss to do so comes with the kit.
The size is double at 80×100 inches and the colours are lovely.

Paragon 01057 Wild Rose Wreath 80x108, overall view


Included in the package will be the cardboard box front shown below as this will authenticate  

Paragon 01057 original box cover included


 PRICE: $395USD+$30USD shipping= $425USD



Bucilla Tulips, double/queen unopened


 Shown above is Bucilla Tulips, a more recent double/queen quilt kit, dating from the early 70’s.
Lovely clear bright colours and immaculate.
PRICE: $275 USD + shipping
 SOLD   Feb16/11

Bucilla Dogwood 3128 84x103


Shown above, here is another vintage applique kit that is now hard to source. This is
Bucilla Dogwood #3128 size 84×103. unopened and everything clean inside ready for your hands!
PRICE $300USD + shippin
 SOLD  Feb 16/11

Bucilla Applique Fascination 90x103


 Above is a real treasure! Already started and worked beautifully this is Bucilla Fascination #8602 in clean condition and will be a stunning quilt.     

Bucilla 8602 90x103 detail


Above is a detail showing the work completed – threads need to be clipped and bastings removed.
PRICE: $275USD + shipping
SOLD  Feb 16/11

Bucilla Garden Poppy 8791, red colourway


Above: Bucilla Garden Poppies 8791 double size in the desirable red colourway shown in the whole quilt shown on the bed. This one too is getting hard to source as it is a favourite among quilt collectors.     

PRICE: $395 USD + $30 shipping  

 SOLD Feb16/11 

 BACK IN STOCK MAY 31/13    


Bucilla 8737 Colonial Chintz 80x103


And finally, above – Bucilla Colonial Chintz #8737 size 80×103, this has been started and I’ve checked and it appears it’s all there. This is perhaps my favourite, and is based on the Whig Rose pattern which was very popular in the 1850’s. If you decide to buy this one, you won’t be disappointed, but do be careful – it’s full of pins where the pieces are pinned on and ready to go.     

detail Colonial Chintz Bucilla 8737

                                                                                PRICE: $275 USD + shipping        

 SOLD Feb16/11     


In addition I have a large choice of Spartex/Doublestencil wholecloth kits, a few of which are embellished with applique – these are fun projects and the completed quilt is always striking. These also are vintage kits which are no longer in production. Ask if you need more details and pictures.     

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