More Vintage Cross Stitch Quilt Kits

My final search for overlooked vintage cross stitch quilt kits took place today and I think I have them all listed now.

Above is the lovely Paragon Whig Rose 01153 single bed size 70×103 and it comes complete with the matching ruffled and embroidered  bolster cover 0153B. There is a lovely, ample thread kit with it, as shown below:

PRICE: quilt top and bolster kits complete with thread kit     $165USD+ $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD

In addition, I found a finished top, carefully and neatly done and ready to be quilted following the wash out lines that are stamped on - it is sealed, so I will only open it to ascertain size and therefore price if someone enquires – this is a special find!  THIS LOVELY TOP IS STILL AVAILABLE!


Above is Paragon American Sampler #01171  – I have both the single size 70×103, and the double which is out of the package and barely started. Appropriate thread kits for each size and they are very ample. Peri Lusta stopped manufacturing 30 to 40 years ago and is simply not available at all any more.

PRICES: Single sized with thread kit $150USD +$25 shipping;   Double with thread kit $195USD+$30 shipping   BOTH KITS ON HOLD    SOLD



Bucilla Royal Heritage in single size 72×103 is started but only just. It is shown here in neutral colours but the thread kit accompanying it is royal blue and a somewhat lighter variegated blue. It has been started in very careful and nice stitching.

Price $175USD+$25 shipping   ON HOLD   SOLD


Above is Monticello -  by Bucilla #8026 – a lovely simple pattern in a single bed size. I might be able to supply threads depending on the colour chosen.

PRICE: $150USD + $25 shipping  ON HOLD  SOLD

Contact me for further info

4 Responses to “More Vintage Cross Stitch Quilt Kits”

  • Barbara Frost:

    I have this kit but it is for a single bed and I would like to purchase an additional panel in order to convert it to a double bed cover.

    Also I need information about the padding kit.

  • janet:

    Hi Barbara: Thank you for your comment. However, I’m not too sure which kit you are referring to – can you tell me that?
    Unless I happened to have a spare panel extra, I don’t break up kits in order to sell parts of them, and at the moment I have nothing like that.

  • Janet Stevenson:

    I have cross stitched and quilted by hand Paragon double bed size #01153 “Whig Rose”. I am looking for the bolster kit #01153B. I also have another Paragon double bed size quilt that my mother cross stitched. We bought the patterns at the same time in 1968 in New England. I do not have any information on that quilt but I can supply a picture of it. I have hand quilted it and am now looking for a bolster to go with it. The quilt has lots of different colors in it like blue, red, yellow, green, and the pattern is baskets.
    Any help you can give me to locate bolsters for these to quilts would be appreciated.
    Janet Stevenson

  • janet:

    Hi Janet: The Whig Rose pattern is lovely, isn’t it? I’m afraid I only once had the bolster in stock and sold it about a year ago, but I do currently have the quilt kit Whig Rose and a completed but unquilted top in stock.
    Please do send your pictures of the other Paragon kit quilt to me: and I’ll try to help you identify it.

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