Paragon Applique Quilt Kit – 80×100 Wild Rose Wreath #01057



WOW!! Look what I just found! It’s on it’s way to me as I write, so I haven’t yet examined this treasure to find out if there is a date on it anywhere. It seems to have come packed in a box with a black and white picture on the cover. This type of packaging indicates a quite early kit.

There is a minor amount of foxing that in my experience is likely to come out with laundering using a mild oxygen based fabric wash once the quilt has been completed. If it doesn’t come out completely it will be much reduced and lightened.

This is a very special find….. I have not had one as good in over two years of active searching. The applique appears to be complete and done by an expert hand. The embroidery has yet to be done and is clearly stamped and the floss to do the work is there. It is unclear whether the binding is present, but it will be easy to match if it isn’t.

Contact me if you wish to put a hold on it.

PRICE: $350 USD + $20USD shipping = $370

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