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Paragon Applique Quilt Kit – 80×100 Wild Rose Wreath #01057



WOW!! Look what I just found! It’s on it’s way to me as I write, so I haven’t yet examined this treasure to find out if there is a date on it anywhere. It seems to have come packed in a box with a black and white picture on the cover. This type of packaging indicates a quite early kit.

There is a minor amount of foxing that in my experience is likely to come out with laundering using a mild oxygen based fabric wash once the quilt has been completed. If it doesn’t come out completely it will be much reduced and lightened.

This is a very special find….. I have not had one as good in over two years of active searching. The applique appears to be complete and done by an expert hand. The embroidery has yet to be done and is clearly stamped and the floss to do the work is there. It is unclear whether the binding is present, but it will be easy to match if it isn’t.

Contact me if you wish to put a hold on it.

PRICE: $350 USD + $20USD shipping = $370

PARAGON REMEMBRANCE 01164 cross stitch quilt kit



As promised, I am starting to list the vintage quilt kits I have on hand to add to those already listed.
Remember, all my vintage quilt kits ship free anywhere in North America and we share 50/50 anywhere in the world other than North America.
A pair of twin sized Paragon Remembrance cross stitch quilt kits including vintage Peri-Lusta floss!!
Size 72×103 inches each 
 The Remembrance pattern is adapted for cross stitch from a 19th century traditional applique quilt in the red, green and ochre colours which were so popular at that time and spread throughout the United States as settlers moved west into the plains and the foothills of the southwest and northwest. This is a slightly folky, but still quite formal pattern and would look lovely in a guest room furnished in mid 19th c antiques. My fingers are itching to open these kits and start stitching, so please put a hold on them and save me from myself – hehe!!!
On counting up the skeins of floss it is apparent that the original buyer, who purchased these beauties in 1958 ( 52 years ago! receipt enclosed), was the careful sort and she purchased more than she would need. Peri-Lusta floss in these quantities is simply no longer available at any price so the new owner will be incredibly lucky not to have to substitute. Below is a picture of one of the  4 smaller bags of floss – as well there is a huge ziplock bag with as much again as all 4 together!!
My price for a set of two twin sized cross stitch quilt kits with a more than adequate supply of Peri-Lusta floss to complete both quilts is $350 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING
Remember, until December 31, 2010 shipping within North America is free and shipping elsewhere will be split 50/50 between the customer and myself. You will receive as a free bonus, a set of 3 lavender sachets/     Be sure to ask about layaway and gift certificates.

more than enough vintage Peri lusta threads


Be sure to check back often as I post still more lovely vintage kits in lots of time for Christmas giving. Free shipping!!   




Christmas is acoming......

Yesterday. I lit my woodstove for the first time this fall. This brought home to me the fact that summer is gone and Christmas is just around the corner.  I got to thinking about what I might do to pass on the spirit of Christmas to my customers and came up with two, no – check that – three ideas to make your shopping with me a great experience.

We all like a deal, and free shipping in these days of fuel surcharges and escalating postal fees is certainly a good deal! Until December 31, 2010 I will be offering free shipping to any destination in North America, and will go 50/50 on shipping anywhere else.

But that’s not all: with each purchase I am offering a set of three of my sweet smelling handcrafted lavender sachets at no cost – yours to keep or to pass on as a gift to a friend or loved one.

And……  This year I’m offering gift cards for sale denominated from $50 USD and up. Each certificate will come with a lovely quilt art card suitable for framing by internationally renowned quilt artist Laurie Swim, whose works hang in major collections in the US and Canada. Check out her website at:  I’m sure you will love her work!

So check out my website and check back often – starting tomorrow I will be listing some very special vintage quilt kits which seldom are seen anymore.


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