Today I have acquired three remarkable vintage  Bucilla Applique  quilt kits. Two of them I had not seen before. The third I had only seen once before when I picked up a partial kit a few months ago that was mixed in with several other kits all in a jumble. These are from the same source, have been well and carefully stored and are clean and intact except for one small  exception.

I am waiting for them to ship and delivery should be in a week to 10 days, at which time I will confirm their apparent excellent condition before completing a sale. Contact me to reserve any of them and I will put a hold on them,

I’m really thrilled with these items and can hardly wait to see them!

The first kit is Bucilla Fascination #8602 size 90×103. This kit was featured in “Living for Young Homemakers” magazine. Below is a sample of the fine workmanship on the finished panel – the other panels have all the appliques pinned in place.

This beautiful kit comes complete with thread, embroidery floss and lavender bias binding.

PRICE: $275 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a total of $300 USD  

Email me mailto:janet@novascotiaquilts.com to reserve this kit


Above is part of one of the blocks in Bucilla’s Colonial Chintz #8737  (90×103) which is based  on a Whig Rose design from the mid 1850’s. This vintage kit was featured in “Seventeen” magazine.

Two of the side panels are in progress, some pieces are pinned to the centre panels and the rest are all cut out and neatly sorted into envelopes. Complete with thread, embroidery floss, bias for flower stems  and bias binding to complete the quilt in yellow.

PRICE: $275 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $300 USD

email  at mailto:janet@novascotiaquilts.com to reserve this lovely kit



The last vintage kit for today is Bucilla  Pansy Garden #8814 (90×103) which is a classic. Again, part of the kit has been completed and the work is exquisite. The rest of the applique pieces are pinned to the unworked panels and I must note a small number may be missing. I can ascertain how many are not in place and matching the solid colour pieces should not be too difficult. I can do this or the purchaser may wish to do it. 

PRICE: $275 USD + $25 USD SHIPPING for a TOTAL of $300USD

Email mailto:janet@novascotiaquilts.com to reserve this vintage applique kit

That’s all for now, but check back as I have some lovely new cross stitch vintage quilt kits and some new doublestencil and Spartex wholecloth  kits to list later this weekend.


  • Janie Crosby:

    I found a vintage Paragon quilt kit. Dogwood blossoms and leaves, branches on a mint green background. Actually, not complete kit–all pieces have been basted in place, no directions. I know how to do the applique, but it also requires some embroidery and I am not sure of the color scheme. Have you a picture of one like this?

  • janet:

    Hi Janie: I am answering more fully by email. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this particular colour scheme – and haven’t seen a picture either. I can only hope I’ll be as lucky as you and find one some day!!!

  • janie Crosby:

    Hi Janet, just now getting around to seeing the response…home computer sick. I have not been able to finad anything on this one either, so I am just going to wing it…i figure that as long as I like the end results that all is well! thanks for the response. I found this one at a flea market/antique mall, at the bottom of a basket of vintage fabrics for $5!! All the pieces had been cut and basted in place. Needless to say I got a steal!!! If I should be lucky enough to find another will let you kniow.

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