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I’m sitting here at my desk this lovely late winter Sunday morning, the snow drifting softly down and not a sound to be heard. In my location 600 feet up on the North Mountain overlooking the rugged Bay of Fundy on one side and the lush agricultural Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia on the other, I am constantly reminded that my area is one of the oldest settled in North America, dating European colonization to the early 1600’s and First Nations’ settlement long before that. My home was built as the mountain land holdings of the New England Planters were opened in the early 1800’s. The style of the house is that of a “full cape” and is found throughout Nova Scotia as a legacy of the New England Planters who emigrated from the original 13 colonies from 1760 on to fill the void resulting from the expulsion of earlier Acadian farmers in 1755.

My intense interest in social and women’s history coupled with my high regard for built heritage and country antique furnishings has informed my work as a quilt artist, and over the past twenty years I have established a niche market in designing and completing quilts reflecting North American quilt history and heritage using reproduction fabrics and working entirely by hand using only fine 100% cotton materials. My quilts are in homes all over North America and Europe, and no two are alike.

The quilts I make vary in size from doll bed miniatures, through baby and toddler quilts, lap quilts and full sized twin, double and king/queen size; and run the full gamut from simple pieced quilts to complicated needleturn applique or a combination of the two.
A full range of colours and patterns is available for you to choose from if none of my finished quilts appeal to you. My huge “stash” of fine reproduction fabrics dating from the late 18th and through the 19th century is the envy of all my quilting friends and ensures that my quilts are one of a kind.

I think by the above information it is clear I am not making the sort of quilts that can be found just anywhere, but a unique one of a kind heirloom quality work of art that with proper care will last several lifetimes and will enhance your carefully chosen decor and your unique home and treasured belongings. My design skills and my colour sense assures striking and strongly patterned quilts, and my ingrained ethical business values means that no corners are cut in terms of quality.

Terms can easily be arranged to suit your budget. Quilts of this quality take upwards of 600 hours to complete but my feeling is that luxury like this can be affordable if I keep my prices reasonable and offer a choice of payment plans.

Attached are a few photos of current works both finished and in progress. Several have gone to their new owners but give an idea of the variety of my work. There is no obligation when you enter into pre-order discussions with me.

Above is an Amish style solid colours quilt measuring 60 inches square and reflecting the Amish love of bright colours combined in a bold and unusual manner. This quilt will be finished with very closely quilted feather garlands in a curving design that will complement the angular, geometric style of the quilt and will soften the bold colours.

This quilt “Flying Geese” was inspired by a quilt in the collection of the Pennsylvania State Museum which dates from the mid 1800’s. My client and I collaborated carefully on the design and colour choices and the quilt is entirely handpieced and handquilted. As you can see, all points meet with impeccable smoothness. This accuracy in piecing is my trademark as I do not tolerate inexactness in my work. It is a king/queen in size being 88×104.

Above: Janet’s Indigo Baskets, a small and very versatile quilt measuring 40 inches square – this quilt has a hanging sleeve to enable it to be used as a wallhanging, but would also make a lovely child’s first quilt, a tabletopper or would look nice thrown over the back of a chair as is shown here on my old porch rocker.
My own design, using assorted indigo reproduction fabrics along with carefully selected prints from the 1850’s. A truly unique quilt that subtly emphasises family summer holidays at the cottage.

Above is the very early stages of a quilt that will combine simple piecing along with complex needleturn applique in a subtly “folky” style – appliqued stars in the middle of the quilt, surrounded by an appliqued vining border of a basket of poppies and starflowers with perhaps a songbird or two. The fabric is muted flowers and paisleys and small geometric prints in soft reds, blues, beiges and tone on tones. Very understated fabrics to set of the naive and energetic design of the applique – the quilt will likely finish at around 75 inches square.


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